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Abbas hints at resignation
Published Wednesday 09/03/2011 (updated) 10/03/2011 10:39
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas hinted Tuesday that he would resign if an independent Palestinian state was not established by September.

Abbas' remarks came at a joint press conference with British Foreign Minister William Hague in London.

Responding to reporters' questions about his resignation, Abbas said all options were being considered.

US President Barack Obama set a September 2011 deadline for reaching a peace deal when he launched the last round of negotiations in September. The talks collapsed within three weeks over Israel's insistence on resuming full-scale settlement building on occupied Palestinian land.

In February, the Middle East Quartet -- the EU, US, UN and Russia -- reaffirmed its support for concluding negotiations by September.

Abbas told reporters in London that negotiations must comply with the international community's principals and lead to an independent state on 1967 borders and a fair solution for refugees.

He added that Israel's ongoing settlement construction did not help the peace process.

Meanwhile, Hague urged a return to negotiations and said the UK was committed to the two-state solution, establishing a Palestinian state on 1967 borders with Jerusalem as a shared capital.

The British minister welcomed last month's call by the Palestinian Authority leadership for presidential and legislative elections by September.

"I welcomed the recent call for Palestinian elections and I condemn the rejection of these by Hamas," he said.

"Hamas should not be able to stifle the democratic expression of Palestinian opinion."

Hamas -- which controls Gaza while Abbas's Fatah faction controls the West Bank -- has said it will not participate in elections without a reconciliation deal between the two warring factions.

For his part, Abbas said: "We are ready to have legislative and presidential elections and we leave the ballot boxes to speak for themselves... and whoever wins will take the helm.

"Without this we cannot reach a political solution without Palestinian reconciliation."

Britain confirmed Monday that it was upgrading the status of the Palestinian diplomatic delegation to London to the level of a mission, following in the footsteps of several other European Union countries.
1 ) Tobias / US
09/03/2011 00:38

Mr ABBAS is all "bluff", and he SHOULD RESIGN NOW,
SINCE NO independent Palestinian STATE WILL no BE ESTABLISHED
within the parameters he insists upon (67-borders & refugees) !!!

2 ) Malone / Hfx
09/03/2011 00:43
Resigning again???
How many times is this?
Just go! I doubt you'll be missed.

3 ) John / USA
09/03/2011 02:11
Resign now please! Take the entire PA with you. Hamas, please go with them. Enough of this nonsense.

4 ) John / NZ
09/03/2011 02:13
He's cried wolf too many times already, who can believe him now? But it will happen or he and his ilk will be booted out. Either way it will be a fresh start with new blood and better results for Palestinians just around the corner.

5 ) Mo / Canada
09/03/2011 02:48
Perhaps by actually engaging Israelis in discussions the peace process would not be at a stalemate. The truth is Abbas does not want peace. He realizes what happened when Egypt made peace 40 years ago. Hamas will ensure that any peace that happens is answered with blood. So, it's too bad. But he shouldn't blame Israel as Olmert and Barak were ready to offer him everything he wanted. And Netanyahu wants to offer concessions as well. The PA unfortunately dont concede anything and dont want oeace

6 ) Joe Hill / Belgium
09/03/2011 02:52
He is not even an elected president now

7 ) Fadel / Nablus
09/03/2011 07:42
he's already resigned several times lol

8 ) Outsider / EU
09/03/2011 09:05
In this case, Abbas is right. There comes a time when conclusions must be made.

9 ) elias / palestine
09/03/2011 09:57
more sense from the fateh leader.

10 ) Ali / Amman
09/03/2011 10:40
If this happens: Blame on Israel, the United States, the so-called Quartet of Middle East peace makers, the international community and the Palestinians -- yes the Palestinian leadersip for working so hard for peace. And the Palestinians for being so patient and passive, non-violent people.

11 ) Mark of Lewiston / USA
09/03/2011 11:00
This would facilitate the bi-national crisis that Bibi just realized is Israel's future if there is not a Palestine. The PA cannot have elections that are credible since Israel has to determine who gets to run and who gets to vote and most importantly, if the winner gets to govern - the opposite of free and fair.

12 ) Nour / Palestine
09/03/2011 11:23
Old trick, fools no one.

13 ) Kevin / England
09/03/2011 12:12
Usual British hypocrisy - blaiming hammas for "stiffling the democratic expression of Palestinian opinion." As I recall Hammas was the democratic expression, in free elections, of Palestinian opinion, which Britain colluded in quashing. What Abbas proposes will not be free, with both the PA arresting anybody with Hammas sympathy and Israel kidnapping and arresting its elected representatives. Nor are the elections about reconciliation. But, be warned people are not fools!

14 ) Omar / USA
09/03/2011 19:11
Time is up for the Criminal State of Israel! It's time to march to Palestine and demand our legitimate right to return. the Criminal State of Israel stole our homes and murdered thousands of innocent people. It's time to end this Criminal Experiment. All peoples of the world, Muslims, Christians and Jews should march with us and cleanse Plaestine of this evil cancer.

15 ) Moll / SA
10/03/2011 02:38
Is this a threat or a promise? Whoopeeee! Gone! Arafat had his billions, Abbas his millions! Whose hand will be out next for the proverbial welfare "handout"???

10/03/2011 03:08
good riddance... the sooner the better... he is nothing but a zionist stooge anyway and not in the interest of the Pals.

17 ) Bassem Khoury / Palestine
14/03/2011 23:53
We do not want to hear of Abbas hints. The guy should just leave.

He has done a lot of damage to the Palestinians.

18 ) Abdallad Dabdoub / Palestine
15/03/2011 21:27
Resigning from what ?

He is not even the Palestinian president. His term expired long ago. He has not been elected since.

He should be arrested
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