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12 killed in Gaza since sunset Friday
Unity deal 'next year'
Published Wednesday 14/03/2012 (updated) 16/03/2012 11:39
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Hamas' leadership in the Gaza Strip is unlikely to follow through on its end of the reconciliation deal with Fatah anytime soon, a senior party official said Wednesday.

The party's external leadership agreed in Qatar to implement the deal in a joint announcement by politburo chief Khalid Mashaal and Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, disappointing the leadership in Gaza.

But a top official in Hamas' leadership in Gaza said the movement is unconvinced by Fatah's assurances. For example, it continues to arrest Hamas members in the West Bank. This is in contrast to Gaza, he said.

Mashaal is trying to persuade Hamas in Gaza to agree to implement the deal, and that is why he requested a delay from Abbas, according to the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"The delay is so Hamas' leadership (in Gaza) can be persuaded. Abu Mazen knows that."

Asked about the presence of Hamas in Syria, the official added that the movement's time in Damascus is over. The chaos experienced by the country "is a threat to their lives," the Hamas official said.

He added that the movement is at odds with Iran's leadership after abandoning Syria.
1 ) ABE / USA
15/03/2012 00:15
Wow I didn't see that coming!! hahaha

2 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
15/03/2012 00:51
Palestinian "unity" NEXT year ??? ... It's only Mar., 2012, ... and so this year's hopes for Palestinian "unity" have already been SHOT TO HELL ??? ... Congratulations, Hamas !!! ... What a "party !!!" ... BEST "party" on OUR SIDE in the Knesset !!! ... Why ??? ... because that just feeds us political and diplomatic "ammunition" for our argument that the Palestinians are so damn divided we can't possibly deal with their hopes of recognizing them as a (second) Palestinian nation !!! MORONS !!!

3 ) Robert Haymond / Israel/Canada
15/03/2012 02:31
Hamas cannot control Gaza anymore as we have seen that the militant PRC and Islamic Jihad units are the more aggressive and the more violent. In the meantime, Gaza and the Westbank have been separated since 1948 and, for all intents and purposes, are, sociologically speaking, very different peoples. Besides, no land bridge will ever be constructed across the state of Israel. Too dangerous. So the aspirations of a unified government make no sense whatsoever.

4 ) Julie / USA
15/03/2012 03:29
i hope Pals everywhere start massive protests over the delay in reconciliation. this is totally inexcusable as both hamas and fatah are hurting all Pals by bickering like this.

5 ) The Whole / Truth
15/03/2012 13:11
Would Be More Like NEVER, and that goes for "PALESTINE" too,
because they can NOT compromise with each other or Israel !!!

6 ) Nour / One-State
15/03/2012 13:39
Maan, your mask just fell off. You are also nothing but PA/Hamas puppets, so in turn, puppets of "Israel" and the US. You censor my comment, which condemns the pathetic elements in our society, yet you publish Robert Haymonds' who fathers settlers and draws a wedge among our people by claiming to be a sociologist. Have some shame and stop censoring people who regard the PA/Hamas evil duo as the bane between us and our liberation. I'll say it again people: It's time to kick the PA/Hamas out.

7 ) Gustavo / Argentina
15/03/2012 16:20
Can anybody exply to me what do the palestine leaders and politics win delaying democratics elections and denyng to the people the posibility of a third option ? May be economical reasons? Namely the palestine political struggle is in hands of a band of thieves?

8 ) Nour / One-State
15/03/2012 16:34
#7 Gustavo, you are right. We are held hostage by a band of thieves. Our media and our civil institutions have so far shied away from real action geared towards mobilizing the masses to act and correct this vulgar situation through popular protests. Hopefully, this will change soon with Palestine's own revolution!

9 ) ABE / USA
15/03/2012 16:52
To #7 Gustavo, The Palestine "leaders" keep their own power and position. They do not really care about the Palestinian people.

10 ) Robby / USA
15/03/2012 17:00
6 ) Nour / One-State - Are you saying that Maan changed the content of your comments, or just didn't publish them? I've noticed some of my comments don't get published, but I don't think they are censoring them because of content.

11 ) Gustavo / Argentina
15/03/2012 17:56
Dear Nour : Power and money move the world, here in my country the people must choice betwen the actually corrupt party and the traitors to the watan in the opposition.Only difference is the time, the palestine people have no time to be lost, if you havent a determined fight you will lose the opportunity to have a Watan and the world will lose the opportunity to redemption.The world everithing will be guilty if the palestine people lose his freedom and self determination

12 ) Mohammad / Jordan
15/03/2012 21:57
Unity never will happen.if Allah wanted us to unity it would have happened.we Palestinians don't deserve it.when each side PA/Hamas both jail or kill each other.we steal from each other.we have become liars, back stabbing each other,everyone trying to eat the flesh of his brother,no respect,Muslim or christian.We walk over people's rights,we cheat people,we steal electricity,water,cars.Live in poeples homes and refuse to pay rent and if owner asks for what is owed,his life is threatened .

13 ) Mohammad / Jordan
15/03/2012 22:18
Part 2..when land is sold to the Israelis,and a lot of it was sold by plas.when plas take land of others.we can blem Israel,America,Jordan and others,but the real truth it's us.we have no freedom of speech.cant say a word about any leader with out getting arrested.theres much more.So Before we ask for change from others we need to change our selves .We need to stop and look at ourselves first.I hate Israel but inside Israel Arabs have a lot of rights (not full rights)but more then us.

14 ) Harhoos / UK
16/03/2012 01:15
Hahahahaha!!!! i just fell off my chair laughing! next year they will say the same... besides these hopes of unity were only that...wishful thinking...

15 ) 7/8 / rahman
16/03/2012 03:09
i find it funny when someone mentions a post from 10mins before on maans comments page .. get well

16 ) America / Usa
17/03/2012 01:20
I was once at a bar and it had a sign up all the time:" free drinks for everyone tomorrow."
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