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Troops, settlers force village to recite 'I love Israel'
Published Wednesday 30/05/2012 (updated) 04/06/2012 17:21
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Israeli officers ordered young men from the village al-Nabi
Samwil to sing, dance and say "I love Israel", a local
official said. (MaanImages/File)
JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces and settlers raided a village northwest of Jerusalem earlier this week, and humiliated and abused its residents, a local official said.

Residents of al-Nabi Samwil were working on their land on Monday when Israeli forces, accompanied by settlers, arrived and demanded to see villagers' ID cards, head of the local governor's office Mohammad Tari told Ma'an.

Israeli officers ordered young men from the village to sing, dance and say "I love Israel." When the villagers refused they were physically attacked, Tari said.

Village resident Eid Barakat said Israeli border police were behind the forced humiliation, which left a number of villagers with moderate injuries.

Meanwhile, a group of settlers drove around the village trying to run over youths, and assaulted 16-year-old Ahmad Barakat, Tari added.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the army had "no record of the incident," while a border police spokesman said he was looking into it.

Tari said Israeli settlers attacked the village most days, and that they wanted to confiscate residents' land. Around 200 Palestinians live in al-Nabi Samwil, located in the seam zone between Israel's separation wall and the 1967 green line bordering Jerusalem.
1 ) Alina / Russia
30/05/2012 18:42
One day will come and all Israelis will play Palestinian hymn and then will recite "I love Palestine"

2 ) ronen / israel
30/05/2012 18:48
#1 there is no palestinian hymn

3 ) Mel / USA
30/05/2012 18:53
Well heck IOF! Why don't you just cut their hair off & glue STARS to the Arabs clothing? Go home IOF,&ask your grandparents the psy-ops of racist/bigotted HUMILIATION? Ask the oldest among them,how they were made to 'dance" to the Nazi tune &kneel under the butt of a bigotted rifle?Hmmm? Or dare you not face your own demons?

4 ) Carlos / usa
30/05/2012 19:05
The behavior of the israeli soldiers and settlers is so immature but mostly evil. Is this the most moral army in the world? Maybe I dont understand what moral means. Massacring unarmed prisoners and civilians must be moral because israelis did that in 1948, 1956, 1967 and israeli army is moral. Logic dictates that. Nuttyahoo says settlers are not terrorists! Again I must not understand what terrorists mean because settlers run over children. Maybe unarmed children are terrorists!

5 ) ABE / USA
30/05/2012 19:05
Alina the fact that you believe this article tells me you are smoking to much marijuana!! You much are much to high.

6 ) matt / usa
30/05/2012 19:34
This is so bs. I have never heard of israeli soldiers doing this. Who is this LOCAL OFFICIAL? does he have a name??

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/05/2012 20:21
Based on this report, the IDF and other Israelites with them are TERRORIZING the Palestinians and committing VERY SERIOUS crimes against them. It's IMPERATIVE our IDF and/or Prime Minister's office immediately investigate these atrocities and, if true, PUNISH those who are guilty. Terrorism is terrorism no matter who commits it. It's sickening for the IDF/other Israelites to condone or be involved in this behavior in any way. Our sacred Torah laws prohibit, forbid and ban it. The (cont.)

8 ) Emile / USA
30/05/2012 20:24
We should really stop comparing Zionists to Nazis....they are worse.

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
30/05/2012 20:31
Palestinians MUST be given full apologies and full compensation for any damages or injuries inflicted upon them. There will have to be a joint IDF/Palestinian security effort immediately to prevent this from ever happening again. Had I been there, I would have immediately intervened and stopped this like hell. Assuming this report is accurate, there is absolutely no damn reason for the IDF to do or tolerate this, PERIOD.

10 ) Paul / South Africa
30/05/2012 21:17
Lets first get proof that this really happened. Maybe these people just had another wet dream.

11 ) Greyth / Palestine
30/05/2012 21:26
Filthy cowards. May God have mercy on them when we become a majority again. Lets pray that they have apologized for their crimes and that we will be able to forgive them for what they have done.

12 ) paolo / equador
30/05/2012 21:29
yo no amo israhell..odeo

13 ) Maureen / Australia
30/05/2012 22:21
And these thugs in uniform wonder why they are referred to as Zionazi!

14 ) Arnold / Canada
30/05/2012 23:19
This is a made up story if i ever heard one.

15 ) Bemused / New Zealand
31/05/2012 00:20
and Israel wonders why it is increasingly isolated by the international community?

16 ) Julie / USA
31/05/2012 01:09
like jews in the concentration camps were forced to yell SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL. not a coincidence!

17 ) christian palestinian / usa
31/05/2012 05:43
God will punish the criminal zionists as he has always done throughout their filthy 3,000 year history. They never learn from their many crimes and misdeeds.

18 ) Hilde / Palestine
31/05/2012 10:45
#6: "I have never heard of israeli soldiers doing this." Well, perhaps you need to get out more. Shit like this happens every day. And for the record, yes, there are Palestinian hymns. Ignorance, it's bliss innit?

19 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
31/05/2012 14:32
"Breaking the Silence", the group of dissident Israeli soldiers founded by Yehuda Shaul, has posted lots of testimonies like that by Israeli soldiers. Just google and on their website there are various reports on mishaviour by the IDF-thugs: making Palestinian civilians walking on their knees, barking like a dog is one of them, and in front of their children. Forcing them to drink their own urine is another. And again: these are all testimonies by ISREALIS. Stop wearing blinkers !

20 ) Mel / USA
31/05/2012 16:29
#14:Maple Leaf Arnie,LOL? Whether this singular report is true or false is immaterial to the OVERALL FACT that the majority Palestinian Arab nationals have been brutalized,humiliated,persecuted,expelled,murdered,detained,BOMBED,by ethnic persecution,since 1920,by white colonial ZIONISM,sponsored by UK/USG mandates.And Israel still continues a racist occupation,persecution of,& increasing apartheid against,ARABS,just like Hitler did from 1933 ! Nazi Zionism treats Arabs as their "Jews"!

21 ) Hu / UK
31/05/2012 22:54
All posters here are inciters and propagandists - maybe for agenda of wave trouble like in Lebanon, Tunis, Syria, etc? - Read many other newspapers -non-mention such a stupid story.! Get a life!

22 ) Max / Canada
01/06/2012 06:42
To those who attempt to dismiss these events as fabrications: Why use the defence of denial in face of military brutalization of the innocent? Anyone who has been to Occupied Palestine will not be surprised by this type of sadistic IDF behaviour. It is tragically all too common. As in the US South and in South Africa, the racist occupation of Palestine will have to end.

23 ) Kate / UK
02/06/2012 12:03
Remind you of Nazi Germany at all????

24 ) Mace / USA
02/06/2012 20:22
Call israhell by it's correct name, Occupied Palestine.

25 ) Duane / USA
02/06/2012 21:36
anti-GENTILISM is the problem. There is NO-SUCH-THING as "antisemitism". There is only the natural reaction of normal People to antiGENTILISM, which Jews CALL "antisemitism". Humanity did not sit around the campfire and just DECIDE to hate Jews, before they even knew what a Jew was, and then wait thousands of years for Jews to appear, so Humanity could pick on them for absolutely no reason. Jews codified hatred of all NON-Jews in their belief system, and then went on to EARN the animosity of the

26 ) Harry / USA
02/06/2012 21:37
If you apply for a disability claim from an insurance company or, especially, the government, you have to PROVE you have been injured, REPEATEDLY. The insurance companies and government do not just "take your word for it" and never question you again. When Israel began USING the Holocaust for Political Leverage and Monetary Reparations, Israel itself opened the Holocaust up to questioning. When Israel collected MONEY for the Holocaust, Israel SOLD THE STORY RIGHTS. So it is not just Our RIGHT

27 ) James / Italy
02/06/2012 22:59
To all the people who deny this happened, after it is proven what would your reaction be? Spinning like a jet engine? This is in line with the actions of the terrorists in the shitty little state. They are cowards and bigots, only good at killing women and children after starving them.

28 ) RudyM / USA
03/06/2012 08:30
In America, too, the Israel lobby forces U.S. elected officials to sing "I Love Israel," though the method is more subtle.

29 ) RudyM / USA
03/06/2012 08:33
"All posters here are inciters and propagandists - maybe for agenda of wave trouble like in Lebanon, Tunis, Syria, etc? - Read many other newspapers -non-mention such a stupid story.!" Since when does the mainstream media in the west concern itself with the everyday humiliation and oppression of the Palestinians? It's not unusual to read stories even in Haaretz that go unreported in mainstream U.S. media.

30 ) Zach / Occupied Palestine
03/06/2012 20:10
Hey I am living in Occupied Palestine and the Occupation is really the worst thing!!! I mean common!!! The Occupation has given me a job, protected my land, brought my brotheren back to the Promised Land for the ultimate redemption. So how can you say that being under Occupation is the worst thing when actually I can live better and be more connected to my people in Occupied Palestine!

31 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 08:53
To Arnold #14 'This is a made up story if i ever heard one.' Didja hear the one about how there was once a glorious Jewish empire in 'Israel,' and the Jews actually all come from Palestine, and somehow they have a right to it but the people who live there and have always live there don't? That's a good one.

32 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 08:56
To Yehuda Solomon #9 'Palestinians MUST be given full apologies and full compensation for any damages or injuries inflicted upon them. There will have to be a joint IDF/Palestinian security effort immediately to prevent this from ever happening again. Had I been there, I would have immediately intervened and stopped this like hell. ' Oh come on. Who are you trying to kid? Us, or yourself? You know exactly what you support, and what goes on.

33 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 09:00
I love Abe, Matt, Yehuda Solomon, Hu... When all else fails, when it's really just grossly and inarguably disgusting, when it can't be somehow rationalized, Israel supporters invariably fall back on plain, simple point-blank denial. The Holocaust didn't happen. It's like arguing at that level. How can you people seriously back such a vile cause? What is with you?

34 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 09:55
To RudyM#29 'It's not unusual to read stories even in Haaretz that go unreported in mainstream U.S. media.' The event isn't when it isn't reported -- it's when it IS reported. Papers like the New York Times do everything they can to avoid reporting anything negative about Israel.

35 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 09:58
To RudyM #28 'In America, too, the Israel lobby forces U.S. elected officials to sing "I Love Israel," though the method is more subtle.' Lol! That is so, literally, true. The one hopeful note is that there's a great deal of unspoken resentment. When Israel goes down, surprisingly few of the movers and shakers will be crying. They'll just be glad someone's finally let go of their private parts.

36 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 10:01
To Zach #30 'So how can you say that being under Occupation is the worst thing... ' You'll find out how it's the worst thing. Like your REAL brethren. The Japanese settlers in Manchuria. The Germans the Nazis planted in Poland. The French in Algeria. They all found out, and so will you.

37 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/06/2012 10:06
To James #27 'To all the people who deny this happened, after it is proven what would your reaction be? ' They'll just deny it anyway. Ever tried arguing with a Holocaust denier? People believe whatever it is they find it necessary to believe -- evidence is simply dismissed to whatever extent is required. And this ability is almost a prerequisite to being an Israel supporter in the first place. If they couldn't do this, they couldn't remain Israel supporters.

38 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 15:30
and the Arabs descend from Abraham, who descended from Shem, son of Noah) but anti-Semitism has historically been attached only to US. So don't give me your camel crap about us codifying animosity towards NON-Jews; you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Go STUDY the virtues of your American Constitution and you'll understand WHY we (as so many others) came TO America. @ 26) Harry/USA, We DON'T USE The Holocaust for political/any other leverage. Yes, we DO "use" it for (cont.)

39 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 16:20
@ 32) Colin Wright/USA, Nice try there, Colin, but don't patronize me and stop embarrassing yourself. I just love it when someone like you denies my sincerity and I prove them wrong. I've stated repeatedly and consistently in MANY articles that Ma'an News Agency has reported where our side is WRONG that those of us responsible should be punished and the (Palestinian) victims be fully compensated. Your assertion that my true and genuine comments in that regard belie my real (cont.)

40 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 16:30
intentions and motivations is false as hell. True, I DO want all Palestinians to leave Israel and ALL land west of the Jordan River. True, I DO support the expulsion of Palestinians to Jordan/Palestine or wherever else they can have the greatest of peace, prosperity and happiness ... but I DON'T want them, as long as they are where they are, to be the victims of our injustices towards them regarding their lives or livelihoods. I've so STATED many times. So go wipe the egg off your face.

41 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 17:20
@ 25) Duane/USA, We Jews throughout our 3000 year history and NOW are NOT "anti-gentilistic." As an American, 1 of the main REASONS we CAME to your COUNTRY was to GET THE HELL AWAY from persecutions, discriminations, pogroms and denial of religious freedom that we suffered in the damn European countries for CENTURIES simply because we WERE Jews. That's exactly what anti-Semitism IS. Yeah, the Arabs are also Semitic peoples (Semitic is derived from the Hebrew word "Shem" because we (cont.)

42 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 17:22
monetary reparations from GERMANY because it MURDERED 6 MILLION of us just because the Germans thought we WERE better off DEAD than alive simply because we WERE Jews (you getting that through your head, there, Duane/USA ???) That would have merit even IF Israel did not exist. Why in the hell do we have to be criticized for that ??? ... because we're playing the "sympathy" card with Germany at the poker table ??? You're insane. So regardless of whatever the hell "leverage" you're (cont.)

43 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
04/06/2012 17:23
talking about, The Holocaust DOESN'T render itself to questioning because of subversive/"ulterior" motives on our part whether connected to Israel or not. True, we DO "use" The Holocaust as a MAIN reason for establishing Israel but NOT for "cashing in" our "STORY RIGHTS" ... more camel shit. As far as that goes, we had damn good reasons to establish Israel even BEFORE The Holocaust. So we did NOT establish Israel to make the Palestinians "pay" or "sacrifice" for our sake. Get that STRAIGHT.

44 ) Mel / USA
04/06/2012 18:15
#38,39,40:Yehuda:LOL! Humpty-Dumpty!You're such a self-righteous,revisionist,fool! You sound like all deluded dictators,&exceptionalist ideologues that Zionism(Christian &Jewish)modelled itself on. Zionism, & Israel's expansionist,parasitic brutality-in the name of God-IS THE 'INJUSTICE',to morality,ethics,common-sense & pluralistic spirituality,since Hitler.When Zionism goes down,Muslim,Christian&Mizrahi,WILL have 'peace, prosperity and happiness',in ancestral Filastin/Paleastina,Palestine!

45 ) Mel / USA
04/06/2012 18:28
#28,#32:AIPAC's 'US elected officials' singing 'I Love Israel'(Uber Alles)? LOL! No kidding! It's going to get MANIC this year too,with elections pending,again!I wonder if our US POTUS's have to "volunteer" their lily-livered,royalist posteriors to have the Star of David tattoed on the right glute(instead of their forearms),B4 pledging their 'unbreakable bond(age)'with Fascist garrison Ziostan? It's shameful! Not to mention perjurious!

46 ) Joe Fattal / USA
05/06/2012 17:25
Well at least they didn't make them sing "I love the Jewish State". I guess you don't have to be an Israeli to be a Jew.

47 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/06/2012 08:27
To Mel #44 'When Zionism goes down,Muslim,Christian&Mizrahi,WILL have 'peace, prosperity and happiness',in ancestral Filastin/Paleastina,Palestine!' Sometimes I wonder about that. Just how much damage is all this inflicting on Palestinian society? Will it be like Russia in the wake of Communism, or for that matter, like Jewry itself in the wake of the Holocaust? Even when they are gone, the Zionists may leave enduring scars in Palestine.
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