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EU pledges extra 100 million euros for PA
Published Friday 14/09/2012 (updated) 19/09/2012 14:39
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EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton addresses the European
Parliament in Strasbourg during a debate on the situation in Syria
and justice in Russia, Sept. 11, 2012. (Reuters/Vincent Kessler)
BRUSSELS (Reuters) -- The European Union will double its aid for Palestinian development and the Palestinian Authority to 200 million euros in 2012, the EU executive said on Friday.

The development aid will be focused on water, sanitation and support for refugees. A further 100 million euros aid credits unspent last year will be also spent in 2012, the European Commission said in a statement.

"The decision shows our commitment to help the people of Palestine in the areas which are vital to their everyday lives," said Stefan Fuele, EU commissioner for enlargement and European neighborhood Policy.

The European Union has been critical of Israeli settlement building and curbs on economic development in the occupied West Bank. EU foreign ministers in May expressed "deep concern", saying that such moves made it impossible to create a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The ministers accusing Israel of accelerating settlement construction and demolishing Palestinian buildings.

Israel condemned that report as "biased", saying the report would do nothing to help promote peace in the region.

The funds announced Friday include 7 million euros in support for Area C, the 60 percent of the West Bank which is under Israeli control and where most Jewish settlements are located.

Area C contained natural resources and land "which are crucial to the future economic growth of a Palestinian state", Friday's Commission statement said.

"It is currently almost impossible for Palestinians and international donors to obtain building permits in the area, and community buildings and essential basic infrastructure (like rainwater harvesting cisterns) are regularly demolished," the Commission said.
1 ) Tibi / Tubas
14/09/2012 21:24
EU pledges extra 100 million euros for PA, but
where are the Arab League's extra pledges, and
7 million euros can NOT even be used, because
an Israeli construction permit will be needed,
but NOT given, for any work within Area C !!!

2 ) Malone / Hfx
14/09/2012 21:25
Right..the poverty stricken,Islamic infested,EU can afford to give 200 mil euros to the greedy,non working,welfare state of mythical "balestine"..give us a break....get a job..

3 ) Nour / 1-STATE
14/09/2012 22:15
Hooray...More borrowed time for the PA miserable virtual non-state of beggars.

4 ) some one / some where
15/09/2012 00:37
the money is siphoninig to corrupted government members and people wont see a dim of it beside that the commissioner said so for 65 years let them talk

5 ) Mel / USA
15/09/2012 01:59
Katy! U don't 'help the people of Palestine',by giving 100 mill Euros to a West-Bank-only FACTION(Fatah/PA)which acts as a proxy for Israel's ILLEGAL OCCUPATION! U end the OCCUPATION,BLOCKADE & Jewish-only colonies,first!Palestinians hold elections again.The world acknowledges/respects the ELECTED party.PAL factions form a united,regulated,organized govt structure that SERVES all the people.Take statehood then,to the ICC/UNGA thru' international law(not USG demands)& DEMAND your state&LAND back!

6 ) Tobias / USA
15/09/2012 03:47
The EU's extra pledges is like pouring good money, down a bad well, that will never again supply water.

7 ) @ Nour-3 / Tough Love
15/09/2012 03:56
You are absolutely right !! It is time for "Tough Love". It is TIME TO STOP supplying just "More borrowed time for the PA miserable virtual non-state of beggars", and tell the PA that they are on your own, being: - free to starve without further donations, and - free to be either displaced, or even deported to Jordan/Egypt. That will even get them back to negotiations, since theirs choices will be either getting something, though less than demanded, or nothing at all.

8 ) Tony B? / ME
15/09/2012 13:59
1) Tibi, the Arab league have realised their use of the Pals as a blunt instrument to bash Israel with isn't working. So they are not going to keep wasting their money. Israel has oil and gas now, so the league is more interested in what will happen if Israel starts an energy price war. They also want Israel to get rid of the Iranians. They will probably try a sneak attack on Israel while they are whacking Iran. They will lose as usual, but Pals will naturally lose the most. Ain't life a bitch?

9 ) Nour / 1-STATE
15/09/2012 19:48
#7 I see you've got your own delusions also. Quit day dreaming, we are here to stay, a thorn in the side of Zionists, and in spite of Fatah / Hamas duo corruption and short-sightedness! Rejecting the bankrupt platform of Fatah does NOT mean we give up on our full political and economic rights in our own land!

10 ) Israel / 1-Jewish State
15/09/2012 23:50
We will have one state, our state! Our One Jewish State!

11 ) @ Nour-9 / \ Tobias/USA
16/09/2012 00:05
I have NO "delusions", and know that WE BOTH "are here to stay," and FYI your "THORN in the side of Zionists" HARDLY PENETRATES Israel's Iron Dome and Security Fence anymore, and further, YOU ARE seriously DELUDED: - to think Israelis will surrender their security just because you make demands/claims for Jerusalem, borders, refugee return, or statehood without negotiations, and - to think the Palestinian "occupation" will improve, without a peace/security agreement with Israel !!!!

12 ) @ Nour-9 / \ Tibi/Tubas
16/09/2012 00:09

13 ) Nour / 1-STATE
17/09/2012 20:08
#12 You are already an apartheid state...so how does that not bother you? Or wait...The premise of Zionism is the establishment of a "Jewish State" on top of Palestine and the Palestinian people...So yes we are a thorn in your side, and will continue to be, until the world imposes economic sanctions and a full boycott, paving way for the democratic solution in the holy land...You might not like it, but democracy will prevail eventually..

14 ) @ Nour-13 / "Apartheid"
19/09/2012 05:23
1- You love applying the word "Apartheid" to Israel, BUT THE "SHOE DOES NOT FIT", since Israeli Arabs are NOT discriminated against, even to the extent of being part of Israel's government, and in fact they are favored, being exempt from Army service, and 2- UNLIKE Black Africans that had been part of South Africa, "Palestinian" Arabs were NEVER Israeli citizens, and Area C of the West Bank had NEVER been part of "Palestine" so their rights are protected by Israeli law in both areas !!

15 ) @ Nour-13 / The Democratic Solution
19/09/2012 05:35
1- "The democratic solution in the holy land" ALREADY EXISTS - ISRAEL, 2- Israeli Arabs already have more freedom than any Arabs in the Region. 3- The Israeli democracy has the same rights as any other state, including denying entry VISAS to non-citizens (including those calling themselves "refugees"), and denying CITIZENSHIP to Arab aliens in the West Bank, Gaza, and abroad !!
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