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Israel calculated Palestinian calories for Gaza blockade
Published Wednesday 17/10/2012 (updated) 18/10/2012 21:11
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Palestinians receive food aid from the United Nations Relief and Works
Agency at the refugee camp of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip
JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israel calculated the number of calories Palestinians would need to avoid malnutrition under its blockade of the Gaza Strip, according to a study which the Supreme Court forced the government to release.

"It was part of a research paper that came up in two discussions and that we never made use of," Israeli Defense Ministry official Guy Inbar said on Wednesday after the document was published by Gisha, an Israeli human rights group that petitioned to receive it.

Release of the document, presented in January 2008, shed new light on the thinking that helped to shape the blockade that Israel tightened in 2007 after the Gaza Strip was seized by Hamas.

Palestinians described the restrictions, which drew international criticism and were eased in 2010, as collective punishment stifling their economy.

The study, "Food Consumption in the Gaza Strip -- The Red Lines", estimated the required daily calorie intake in the territory at 2,279 per person.

The document said that "in order to maintain the basic fabric of life" in the area, Israel would allow in 106 trucks with food and other essential goods every day. Gisha said some 400 trucks delivered goods to Gaza before the blockade.

Last week Israel delivered 935 truckloads of basic goods and construction material to the territory which has a population of 1.6 million.

The calorie calculation was based on a model formulated by Israel's Health Ministry and was largely in line with average Israeli consumption. According to Britain's National Health Service, the average man needs 2,500 calories to maintain his weight and a woman requires 2,000.

Wikileaks has published diplomatic cables that showed Israel told US officials in 2008 it would keep Gaza's economy "on the brink of collapse" while avoiding a humanitarian crisis.

To circumvent the blockade, Palestinians have brought in tons of goods through smuggling tunnels dug under Gaza's border with Egypt.
1 ) carlos / usa
17/10/2012 14:22
israel never ceases to disgust me.

2 ) Julie / USA
17/10/2012 18:08
Carlos is right (as always), izrael disgusts true humanity.

17/10/2012 18:22

4 ) BDS / Canada
17/10/2012 19:22
This is beyond belief. Mass collective punishment of an entire peoples; of women, men, pregnant women, youths, children by limiting basic human needs to survive. There is no precedent in history for this inhumane and brutal Israeli occupation.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
17/10/2012 20:08
Gaza is Israel's vision for the future of all Palestinians. They're to be caged, given the minimum to sustain life, and killed at will. This is the Zionist dream.

6 ) shirley / australia
17/10/2012 23:25
this isa distorted view of the report the calorie intake was to stop starvation not malnutrition and it is totally fabricated and changed their was not that amount of calkories allowed and it would have not applied to children and women as this amount is above requirments for normal weightr retention this is fabricated and as nobasic protein eggs meat chicken no toilet paper no shampoo no coffee no sugar no herbs etc allowed in UN reported severe stunting and malnutrition in GAZA after blockade

7 ) Robby / USA
18/10/2012 05:22
There are two warring sides and the one with superior strategic and tactical power makes sure the other side does not suffer a humanitarian crisis by ensuring they get enough calories? I don't recall reading any such care for enemies or their own people in Libya, Bahrain, Syria or any other Middle East/African's conflict. If one of those other countries showed that much caring for their own people or enemies - well that would be news!

8 ) susan / usa
18/10/2012 05:30
why is nothing happening to stop this? They are killing my people

9 ) Ul Homi / Ecuador
18/10/2012 06:48
Israel = inhumane = it is not a country of this world

10 ) Rami / Palestine
18/10/2012 08:07
This has been known for awhile. Anyone who works in Humanitarian relief (sending supplies into Gaza), knows about this.

11 ) Mel / USA
18/10/2012 16:03
When Israel's not directly killing,torturing,humiliating indigenous non-Jews by overt offense,it continues(with a USG,UKG,EU,A/L nod)to do so,but COVERTLY. Or as Zionism says,'under the radar'of public,prosecutable,accountable scrutiny.It started in 1935.But especially whenZionist-vote-wary USG adopted Israel,postWW2.The 'special'deal,of "Do want U want 2 Arabs,just do it quietly,w/out drawing neg.media attention damaging our US"image"& showing our collusion in long-term collective WAR CRIMES!!!

12 ) Erna / USA
19/10/2012 01:18
Criminal Corruption and Shameful Hypocrisy have joined hands in the Partnership of U.S. Congress and the Zionist Israeli Military government --Billions of Dollars in Israeli Military Aid All on the backs of U.S. taxpayers and with the toll of the brutally oppressive lives of the Palestinian peoples! When will it all stop?!

13 ) Joe Fattal / USA
19/10/2012 02:05
Now Israel is in the weight watchers business.

14 ) @ BDS-4 & Homi-9 / USA
19/10/2012 20:48
You two seem to have NO world experiences, where:
- by calculating the calories required, Israel makes sure people don't starve, during a legally enforced blockade of Gaza, and
- Lybia, Egypt, & Syria calclated to bombs & bullets required to murder many 100s, and even 1,000s, but still
- You prefer to condemn Jews making sure that Arabs don't starve,
while Arab engage in mulitple Genocides of Arabs !!!

15 ) Rambo / Canada
19/10/2012 23:45
ohh zionists are not commenting on this one. How funny how they disappear when an article is against izrahell

16 ) Robby / USA
21/10/2012 07:00
15 ) Rambo / Canada - I responded, so did #14. And just how is this article against Israel?
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