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Arafat body to be exhumed in murder inquiry
Published Saturday 24/11/2012 (updated) 26/11/2012 10:33
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Allegations of foul play in Arafat's death - and of Palestinian involvement
in it - have long marked factional fighting among Palestinians.
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The body of late president Yasser Arafat will be exhumed on Tuesday in an investigation to establish if he was murdered, a Palestinian official said.

Tawfiq Tirwai, who heads the committee to investigate Yasser Arafat's death, made the announcement during a news conference Saturday in Ramallah.

Nov. 27 will be "the toughest day in my life for personal, nationalistic, symbolic and religious reasons. It is a painful necessity as we need to know the truth about Arafat's death," he said.

The Palestinians have "evidence which suggests Arafat was assassinated by Israelis," Tirawi added.

Israel denies any involvement.

The exhumation and renewed allegations of Israeli involvement could stir further tension between the Palestinians and Israel, which are observing a truce after a week of fierce fighting in Gaza.

Any positive results for polonium could rekindle Palestinian hostility toward Israel and suspicions that a local collaborator may have poisoned him under directions from Israel.

Allegations of foul play have long surrounded Arafat's demise. He died in a Paris hospital in November 2004, a month after being flown, seriously ill, from his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

French doctors who treated him in his final days said they could not establish the cause of death, and no autopsy was performed in deference to his widow's request at the time, when Arafat died at 75.

Eight years is considered a limit to detect any traces of the deadly radioactive substance, according to the Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics.

Tirawi said Arafat's body would be exhumed from its limestone mausoleum in Ramallah, away from the public or media presence, and separate samples will be taken by the French and Swiss forensic teams, as well as a Russian team of experts, who the Palestinians invited to help with the examination.

After the investigation "the body of leader Abu Ammar will be returned (reburied) in a military ceremony that is befitting him as a leader of the Palestinian people", Tirawi said.

Tirawi said results could take up to several months to be announced.

Reuters contributed to this report.
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
24/11/2012 20:48
Yuuuuuuuuuuk! A more useful forensic investigation would be to find what happened to the billions of dollars Arafat got, and nobody knows where they went.

2 ) Polonium / Palava
24/11/2012 21:21
I don't know why the PA is going through all this BS. Lets face it, the Israelis would have been bloody stupid NOT to have knocked him off. After his refusal of Slick Willy's peace plan, he became an international pain in the ass. All that will happen after you find Israel guilty (that being the obvious outcome) will be a few condemnations upfront, and a lot of glasses raised behind diplomatic doors. You'd be better of inviting Meshaal to a Russian tea-party.

3 ) Rashid / Palestine
25/11/2012 15:02
Comment #1 from a terrorist state. Comment #2 from a state no one has heard of. You both are not Palestinians and therefore you could never understand how important Arafat was to us, why he is so revered by our people, and why we need to know what happened to him. Whether you thought he was a leader or a terrorist, we do not care about your opinion. Especially #1, whose so-called "nation" is responsible for the misery or our people.

4 ) Robert / US
25/11/2012 18:34
May Yasser Arafat live in ALL OF US !!. Brian you should look at what your Jewish Terrorist groups did to these Peaceful Palestinians.. Its your history yuuuuuuuuuuuk !!!!!!!. It stinks to high heaven...Rashid more and more people by the day are seeing this Wicked Occupation for what it is!!!.Free Palestine !!!.

5 ) Ahmed / USA
26/11/2012 00:01
Comment #3 from a state that never existed and a "nation" that doesn't exist other than as a lie. Arafat was an Egyptian and a low ranking corporal in the Egyptian army. He found a "new career opportunity" and started a new business as an arch terrorist. He absconded with billions of aid money that should have gone to the people instead of luxury homes diamonds and expensive wines for his wife. So much for the pig.

6 ) naji / palestine
26/11/2012 22:41
theyll not proint this ..but dahlan and isreal mayve killed arafat.but still forget arafat.he was a great leader

7 ) Abdul-Rahman / Canaan
26/11/2012 23:37
Comment #5 is from a fraud pretending to be named "Ahmed" lol. And funny that this idiot is from the "USA"; you mean stolen Native American land?!! Also as for nation states they are all modern constructs from late 18th century CE Europe and in this itself foundational dates in Palestinian nationalism come at 1670 CE Mufti Khayr al-Din al-Ramli and 1834 CE Palestinian revolt as academic Baruch Kimmerling noted. Whereas the "First Zionist Congress" did not meet until August 1897 CE in Switzerland

8 ) Hosam / Palestine
27/11/2012 10:04
why no clues on palestinians assissaniated under strange circumstance ..ie naji al ali, abu jihad ,abu iyad,abu ali mustafa .........to name afew ... rip yasser arafat.. a great leader..

27/11/2012 10:31
May Allah bless u Palestinian..
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