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Palestinian killed in Israeli strike on northwest Gaza
Report: Jordan urges tourists not to perform Jewish rites
Published Wednesday 12/12/2012 (updated) 13/12/2012 15:57
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) – The Jordanian tourism ministry on Wednesday warned Israeli visitors against performing Jewish rites in the country, local media reported.

The ministry urged tourism agencies to notify their Israeli counterparts that Israeli visitors should not perform Jewish rites or wear religious clothing in public places in Jordan, following complaints by citizens and restaurant owners, the Jordanian daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm reported.

The ministry said performing Jewish rites or wearing Jewish clothing could be provocative in light of tensions in the region, according to the report.

In 2008 the Israeli news site Ynet reported that authorities at the Arava border crossing told tourists from Israel that they could not carry items with Jewish symbols into Jordan.

"The Jewish symbols will make it easier on terrorist elements to identify Israelis," a Jordanian official was quoted as saying.

Reports in Arabic media in June said Jewish visitors had come under attack in Amman, but Jordan's ambassador to the United States said the claims had been investigated and found to be false.

"I can assure you that Jordan takes such allegations very seriously and places great significance on promoting religious tolerance and interfaith harmony," Alia Bouran wrote to the head of an American Jewish advocacy group that had expressed concern about the reports.
1 ) Mel / USA
12/12/2012 19:26
"...places great significance on promoting religious tolerance and interfaith harmony,"...?O the irony,coming from an Arab state which also professes to be "allied" to bigotted,racist,THEOCRATIC Israel which COLLECTIVELY PUNISHES all non-Jews for trying to live-&practice-an Arab Muslim/Christian LIFE in Palestine for 65yrs,while Jordan is burdened with manyTHOUSANDS of Palestinian refugees who FLED persecution by Jewish-Zionists,in'47. Jordan should BAN Israeli-Zionists from entry. PERIOD!

2 ) Outlier / USA
12/12/2012 21:19
A sad commentary on changes in the Middle East. Instead of a move forward towards enlightenment, a move backwards towards violent intolerance appears to be underway.

3 ) Wow / Canada
12/12/2012 23:00

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/12/2012 23:45
The truth -- and Jordan knows this -- is that this is the thin edge of the wedge. If they aren't stopped, Zionists will use this to convince themselves they have a claim to parts of Jordan as well. First rites, then bogus 'religious sites,' then they'll cook up a fight, then they'll take the land. It's never going to stop. Like a cancer, Israel will always metastasize.

5 ) Jihane / Palestine/France
13/12/2012 00:04
Are Jordanians - particularly of Palestinian descent - allowed entering the State of Israel ? Jordanian collaboration goes back to pre-State Zionism. Revolution !

6 ) Chimo / USA
13/12/2012 00:28
Don't you ever get tired of promoting the same lies on top of lies day in and day out? I mean your a joke with all of you "Jordan being burdened with hundreds and thousands of palestinian refugees, so why don't they just make them citizens? Oh, that's right, then you wouldn't have anything to whine about. Most of Jordan is Palestinian, and it is Jordan that should be renamed Palestine, cause I guarantee you that Israel will never be renamed that ever again. 7 million Jews Call Israel home Amen.

7 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/12/2012 03:52
ATTA BOY, GRANDPA MEL !!! YOU SAID IT RIGHT !!! So be DAMN SURE and tell your grandchildren how bad Israel really is !!! After all, we sure as hell put all non-Jewish citizens of Israel in torture chambers and literally starve them to death for living and practicing !!! How's that for collective punishment of our non-Jews ??? RIGHT ON, GRAMPS !!! YOU THE MAN !!! WHAT A MAN !!! Now ... let me enlighten the rest of you ... Jordan/Palestine is totally within its rights to require (cont.)

8 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
13/12/2012 04:03
these restrictions. Jordan/Palestine is a sovereign nation and THE Palestinian nation, compromising approx. 75% of original, total (Ottoman Empire-bordered) Palestine. They have every right and reason to require ANY tourist to abide by "religious" (sectarian) restrictions in order to promote peace and security. Israelites (like anyone) are GUESTS in Jordan/Palestine and must comply with its demands. If you disagree, stay the hell OUT.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
13/12/2012 10:24
Mel, we all know that you and your fellow illegal occupation settlers should be immediately have your citizenship cancelled and be deported back to Europe. Your illegal occupation of America must come to an end. Mel - your history of crimes against humanity, genocide against native peoples, racism and theft are well documented. Why don't you act as the example and declare an end to your illegal occupation of America? Come on Mel - be a man and do the right thing.

10 ) norma lisa / amman
13/12/2012 14:33
why tell them.

11 ) Wendy (from) / W.E.
14/12/2012 00:32
#4: The half tribe of Manasha, the full tribe of Gad and the full tribe of Reuben, were given land east of, & along the border with, the Jordan River. The British military, in 1922 arbitrarily cut these portions out of the Mandate for Palestine. he Council of the League of Nations confirmed it on 24/07/22, amended 16/09/22 in the Transjordan memorandum & it came into effect on 29/09/23 following the ratification of the Treaty of Lausanne. The mandate ended 05/14/48 at midnite.

12 ) gabi / australia
14/12/2012 01:10
Yehuda Solomon - the books I have about the Ottoman empire refer to Palestine and Trans-Jordan. Two different entities. But what does it mean anyway? If a person was born in what you now call Israel, then he surely has the right to live there. If he was born in the occupied territories, he must be permitted to live there. You want them all shipped out to Jordan? Sounds awfully like ethnic cleansing to me.

13 ) Business / Israel
14/12/2012 04:29
I agree because i for one do not think muslim visitors to the west should be allowed to practice their religion either. Fair is fair.
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