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12 killed, more than 20 injured in Israeli shelling at Jabaliya
Israel's Lieberman quits after indictment
Published Friday 14/12/2012 (updated) 15/12/2012 19:29
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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaks at a Yisrael Beiteinu
party conference in Tel Aviv, Dec. 13. (Reuters/Amir Cohen)
JERUSALEM (Reuters) -- Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned on Friday after being charged with fraud and breach of trust, in a move that could have repercussions on next month's election.

"I have decided to resign my post as foreign minister and deputy prime minister and ... also to remove my (parliamentary) immunity forthwith so I can end this matter quickly, without delay and clear my name absolutely," Lieberman said in an emailed statement.

Israel's Justice Ministry said on Thursday it would charge Lieberman over alleged irregularities tied to the promotion of an Israeli diplomat who had leaked him privileged information about a police probe into his activities.

More serious allegations, including money-laundering and bribery, were dropped, but even the lesser charges cast a cloud over his political future and within 24 hours of receiving the ministry report, he decided to stand down.

It was unclear if he would still stand in the Jan. 22 general election, although Israeli newspapers have suggested he might be forced to sit on the sidelines as the judicial case moved ahead.

Lieberman's right-wing party Yisrael Beiteinu (Our Home is Israel) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud group have formed an electoral pact ahead of the ballot and opinion polls had predicted they would win.

An outspoken foreign minister and a powerful partner in the governing coalition, Lieberman is known for his nationalistic rhetoric, making it a key component of his election campaigning.

Without the Moldovan-born former bouncer near the top of the bill, some pollsters have speculated that the combined group will see a slippage in support.

An official in the prime minister's office said Netanyahu would serve as acting foreign minister until the election.
1 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
14/12/2012 17:58
So now all you Lieberman haters/bashers can BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE !!! AREN'T YOU HAPPY AS HELL ??? !!! No more Mr. BigMouth to kick around anymore !!! It looks like you can't throw darts at his image anymore and scream "GO TO HELL, LIEBERMAN !!!" every time he farts in your face !!! ... So now everybody can REJOICE !!! ... Everybody HAPPY ??? !!! ...

2 ) Amira / Canada
14/12/2012 20:21
Good ridance!

3 ) wjm / usa
14/12/2012 21:16
Keep in mind, Mr Solomon: you are living on Palestinian land. You are part of a European colonial enterprise aimed at the disposition the indigenous people and the taking of their land. Your licence to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people - God gve it to a specially privaledged people. Well, Mr Solomon, if there were a God, he would not be a racist as evidently you are. And the Zionists do not have a licence to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing which is still a crime against humanity.

4 ) shirley / australia
14/12/2012 21:38
Liberman was aracist and awar monger YES even jewish people who genuinly want peace can be happy he gave jews abad name and maldovans as he really was not jewish kust his family adopted the religion and he can move his illegal settler home out of the WEST BANKalong with his rabble of mercenerie settler followers pity americans dont do the same with OBAMAand we all know Evangelical BUSH is angry as hell abouta palestinian state something he did not support

5 ) Joe Fattal / USA
14/12/2012 22:39
Ya right I feel bad for his loss. Here goes the peace process.

6 ) carine / UK
14/12/2012 23:43
Oh my, Yehuda, you are not a happy bunny, are you? A hero of yours was he? Well you will be able to visit him in his cell. Enjoy!

7 ) Paul / USA
15/12/2012 00:02
Hey, yehuda,... calm down!!! dude!!! You still have Netanyahoo,... remember Gullivers travels!!!

8 ) gabi / australia
15/12/2012 00:25
you're right, Yehuda Solomon - happy as a sandboy.

9 ) Checkpoint / Promised Land
15/12/2012 00:57
Who is Lieberman? We will not be happy until Zionism rules no one.

10 ) Yousef / Sweden
15/12/2012 01:43
It just shows how the mind of extreme zionists and racists work, like mafia...corrupt.

11 ) Robert / US
15/12/2012 06:34
Yehida you are crazy !!!.

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/12/2012 08:05
To Yehuda #1 'Everybody HAPPY ??? !!! ...' Not at all. I for one want to see Lieberman in as prominent a place as possible, with ample scope to influence Israeli policy -- and international opinion. Here's hoping he stages a comeback. Prime Minister? He'd be almost certain to be the last Israel would ever have. In my book, he's Mr Israel -- expresses the spirit of the state perfectly.

13 ) Democracy as opposed to / Autocracy
15/12/2012 12:43
The contrast between Israeli democracy and Pal autocracy is something that silences the Israel bashers. If this had been a Pal politician Ma'an's doors would have been kicked down, and their journalists arrested for reporting it.

14 ) Emile / Palestine
15/12/2012 14:43
Vote Lieberman for Prime Minister! Vote Lieberman! He now has all the qualifications required for the post of head thief.

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
15/12/2012 21:39
To Democracy #13: 'The contrast between Israeli democracy and Pal autocracy is something that silences the Israel bashers' Actually, what stands out is the stunning hypocrisy and dishonesty of posters such as yourself. After all, Palestinian 'autocracy' is something enforced by Israel. What happens to democratically elected Palestinian leaders again? Oh yeah -- Israel locks 'em up. There's really no liar like a Zionist liar, is there? You're utterly shameless.
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