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PLO official sounds alarm over Likud deportation proposal
Published Wednesday 02/01/2013 (updated) 03/01/2013 18:10
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JERUSALEM (Ma’an) -- Senior PLO official Ahmed Qurei said on Wednesday that officials in Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu's party demonstrated the extremism and dangerousness of the government's position.

On Tuesday, Likud officials called for the annexation of the West Bank and deportation of Palestinians at a conference organized by pro-settler activists Women in Green.

Likud's Moshe Feiglin proposed that Israel should pay $500,000 to each Palestinian who leaves Palestine voluntarily.

Qurei said the calls "reflect the point of view of extreme hostility, which does not want peace and ends the possibility for a peaceful solution."

Such proposals from the heart of the ruling Israeli party are dangerous and will thwart any two-state solution, he said.

Netanyahu's coalition of his Likud party and Avigdor Lieberman's further right-wing Yisrael Beitenu are slated to win new Israeli elections on Jan. 22.

Officially, Likud accepts the two-state solution, but the coalition is being challenged at the polls by a party that outflanks it to the right, Naftali Bennett's Bayit Yehudi, which includes annexation of the West Bank in its official platform.
1 ) milad / .ps
02/01/2013 17:24
that's 500,000 U.S. dollars??

2 ) half a million dollars / is a Serious incentive
02/01/2013 17:33
many will take it and will go to America

3 ) Mel / USA
02/01/2013 17:38
"...should pay $500,000 to each Palestinian.."?? LOL! He really thinks PALESTINE is only worth that,to Palestinians,when LEGAL Right of Return is their PRICELESS RIGHT! Not including the accumulated interest,since 1947-67,in compensations under INTERNATIONAL LAWS,for stolen LAND/PROPERTY/LIVELIHOOD!? Dream on Zionism! REALITY CHECK! The Palestinians are going nowhere! And those in the diaspora,WILL be coming HOME,EN MASSE,to stay!! Right over might!

4 ) $500,000 / will take you a long way
02/01/2013 18:19
"Likud's Moshe Feiglin proposed that Israel should pay $500,000 to each Palestinian who leaves Palestine voluntarily."

Sounds like a great idea. It certainly makes more sense than all this two state bullsh@t. You should hold a referendum on the offer.

5 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
02/01/2013 23:40
For every Feiglin there is a Palestinian equivalent calling for holy war to kill the Jews. Feiglin is a jerk and is in the minority. We Israelis know that. He was also illegally on the Temple Mount this week in violation of rabbinic rulings. He pretends he is religious, but he's a crackpot. A dangerous one and Palestinians should stop strengthening him with stupid racist statements (like from Hamas leaders) about war and killing Jews.

6 ) gabi / australia
02/01/2013 23:51
Sounds like a lot of money - but don't be fooled. They'll get you to leave, probably even pack your bags for you, and then renege on the payments.

7 ) gabi / australia
03/01/2013 02:37
Brian Cohen - don't you read the papers? The suggestion that Hamas said anything about "killing Jews" was corrected. The same mis-translation that took place when Ahmedinejad said something about getting Israel out of Jerusalem, and that was interpreted as "wipe Israel off the map." That took some weeks to be corrected, by which time the damage was done. This time it took only a day or so. But you Zionists have to repeat the lies don't you? Makes you feel better about stealing land.

8 ) random / ps
03/01/2013 06:18
Agree with gabi Your not leaving palestine Your leaving your family, homeland, and rights behind No way to come back Exile is hard, when you get old you will cry

9 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-Gush Etzion
03/01/2013 07:43
No, Brian, Moshe Feiglin is a visionary who demonstrates how a Jewish warrior should act. In gaining ascendance to the Temple Mount, site of our ancient temple, holiest place in Am Yisroel, he is showing other Jews that we must be proud of ourselves and take back what is legitemately ours. Moshe Dayan foolishly gave it away (1967) when we defeated Jordan. Now Jews have to beg just to see it and our own government disallows us from praying on its grounds. Even a secular Jew should feel shame!

10 ) that is 2000 billion dollars / who has such money/
03/01/2013 08:45

11 ) Reader / from Edmonton
03/01/2013 09:40
Once again Israel demonstrates that their actions in Palestine are illegal. If Israel legally included all of Palestine (and parts of Lebanon and Syria), why would they need to buy it? No pretence of claiming the power to unilaterally annex land outside Israel's legal borders is sustainable. There is no legal document to back Israel's actions outside its 1948 borders. And they know that. Let them support their claims in the ICJ.

12 ) ali / .ps
03/01/2013 15:01
so its not 500,000 australian dollars?? where they got all that money

13 ) @ Robert-9 / USA
03/01/2013 17:15
Even this semi-"secular Jew does feel shame", in that Arabs can pray everyday on the site of Solomon's ancient Temple Mount, but Jews have to get special permission just to visit the site, and are arrested if they even seem to pray !!

The policy should be changed to either BOTH OR NEITHER being are to visit and pray of the site, with equal freedom, on "the holiest place in Am Yisroel",
and the same is true for the tombs of Joshua (Kifl Haris), Rachel (Bethlehem), the 6 Patriarchs (Hebron).

14 ) Robert Haymond / Israel-gush Etzion
03/01/2013 21:25
#11 and others: The Green Line, devised in 1948 and perpetuated in 1967, is nothing more than a ceasefire line, in 1967 between Jordanian and Israeli forces. There is nothing sacrosanct about it in terms of establishing a border between Israel and its Arab neighbours. In fact, Yehuda and Shomrun, east of the Green Line, contains many holy sites where ancient Hebrews once lived and roamed. In fact, all we are doing is returning to our legitemate ancient lands.

15 ) Tim Upham / United States
03/01/2013 22:25
First of all, where would Israel be getting the money to pay Palestinians to immigrate? From American aid through the United States Agency for International Development. I would like to see that clear the U.S. Congress, let alone the Israeli Knesset.
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