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Jailed Fatah leader: Streets must demand reconciliation
Published Sunday 06/01/2013 (updated) 07/01/2013 13:40
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BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti said Sunday that mass popular protests should be held to force political leaders from his party and Hamas to reconcile.

In an interview from his cell, distributed by his political office, Barghouti called for a "Palestinian spring" to end the five-year division into separate West Bank and Gaza governments.

"Youth of all persuasions in the West Bank, Gaza, and Diaspora should hold sit-ins in front of party headquarters until the split is ended," he said.

Barghouti was a signatory of the 2006 "Prisoners Document" -- in which jailed faction leaders set out a joint program for national independence.

The Fatah leader on Sunday said another such initiative was not what is needed, but rather political will to reconcile. However, he said there were ongoing talks among prisoners over possible steps, including an open hunger strike for reconciliation.

"Neither history, nor the people, nor martyrs, or prisoners of any party, will forgive any leader who puts obstacles in the way of national reconciliation," Barghouti said.

He insisted that the Palestinian Authority should not be folded in light of the absence of negotiations, but rather redefine its political program to ensure it is fully in the national interest, not to protect Israel and its settlement enterprise.

Barghouthi, convicted by an Israeli court for masterminding the second Palestinian uprising in 2000, was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council while serving five consecutive life terms, and was touted as a presidential candidate in 2005.
1 ) Tissa / Sri Lanka
06/01/2013 10:58
Palestine solidarity workers in Sri Lanka fully agree with leader Marwan. There is no future for Palestine without reconciliation.

2 ) WAS / UK
06/01/2013 14:46
How I wish he never withdrew his candidacy for the 2005 elections.

3 ) Around / World
06/01/2013 15:07
Terrorists should stay in prison – it will be better for everybody.

4 ) Prison / Jail
06/01/2013 15:10
It is time to put Barghouti's "political office" in jail also - they will be as close to their boss as possible and he will be able to share his thoughts with them right away.

5 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 16:20
Reconciliation will come only with removal of any clause that there must be recognition of Israel. Fatah/PA said "ok" to Israel to get UN support for statehood. Now, with Pal-Statehood, such wording is not needed. It should be removed. What I think of my neighbor has nothing to do with my rights within MY PROPERTY and BORDERS. Recon & go to ICC, ICJ, UNSC, UNGA. It is up to them to enforce their own international laws, etc. Israel must comply or be dubbed a rogue state like earlier Sadam/Iraq.

6 ) Big Mike / USA
06/01/2013 18:58
PA needs an armed military force. Make Hamas, Islamic jihad and the like militants a part of the official PA government to give authority to the military defence of the newly recognized state. Turn militants into legal military defence force, every country is entitled to such protection.

7 ) mohamed eden / kenya
06/01/2013 19:41
for the soliderity of Palestinian pple barghout must remain in jail

8 ) Big Mike / USA
06/01/2013 19:47
PA needs to enlist foreign troops from all countries willing to support the defence of the Palestinian State !!! Wealthy Arab oil producing countries should finance such troop enlistment.

9 ) to 5 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 20:00
"Israel must comply or be dubbed a rogue state" Should we all laugh now or later? Israel has always been a "rogue state" and deemed such by the majority of world's opinion. Do you really think Israel gives a sh_t what the world thinks??? get real... where did you get your law degree!?!

10 ) Ghaith Faisal / Us
06/01/2013 20:03
The PA needs to work towards securing the freedom of MR Barghouti.

11 ) Amin / The Netherlands
06/01/2013 20:28
Barghouti is a true leader that the national interest presupposes, stands behind his people and really struggling for their human reights. Therefore Israel sees a danger in him and he is still in prison.

12 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 20:28
So true 6): This is another reason any statements about Z-State need not be in any Fatah/Hamas agreement because Z-state says it will only recognize a "demilitarized Palestine". What a farce! What state is expected to exist without its own military and ability to defend itself. Again, ignore what Z-State tries to dictate. Follow UN and international laws and let UN and world back your democratic state. However, watch that Fatah/Hamas act lawfully as well, not giving Zs excuse to attack!!!

13 ) PA / PLO
06/01/2013 20:29
Mike #5 - please use your brain: wealthy Arab country first should provide promised safety net of $100 mil a month to PA. Then Palestinians will ask them to finance military force against Israel. Of cause Palestinians will not receive neither.

14 ) Big Mike / USA
06/01/2013 20:41
PDF sounds great !!!

15 ) to 12 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 20:52
"not giving Zs excuse to attack!!!"??? when did they ever need an excuse to kill people??? You seem to be very naive to what is really going on Mr. Eagle.

16 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 20:55
Response to 9): I agree with you. Zs have been rogue from the beginning duping the basically Christian/West into a belief that this return is the Promised Return of Israel in truth, hence securing support through USA & UN on Nov 29, 1947 for such move. My eyes are open and have been for many years as to this deception. However there is a difference now: Nov 29, 2012 UNGA PA Statehood. The handwriting is on the wall. Judgment soon will ensue. Zs rogue adventures will soon end. See Daniel 11:44-45

17 ) Big Mike / usa
06/01/2013 21:03
13 ) PA / PLO; For the most part I would agree however people can act independent of their Zionist intimidated governments. How about some people living in the 138 countries that voted yes at the UNGA last Nov 29 moving to Palestine and giving direct support. Numbers speak loudly especially when it's not just Arabs speaking.

18 ) to 16 ) LegalEagle / USA
06/01/2013 21:12
There you go quoting bible don't you know that Zionists base their illegal occupation of Palestine upon the same book. You are more naive than I thought.

19 ) LegalEagle to 15) / USA
06/01/2013 21:38
Yes, I am aware of Zs tactics all the way back to Stern Gang. Again, world, basically USA, has looked the other way, due to many West/USA/religious leaders in support of Zs because of these leaders belief that supporting Zs gets them a blessing from the Almighty. It has actually brought a curse because what they are supporting is not Seed of Abraham in truth according to Gen. 12, but rather a deception, antichrist to the core. UN will bring Zs demise with same laws used to establish Zs at first

20 ) Ashraf / USA
07/01/2013 04:10
No reconciling of good and bad. Its not fair to equate Hamas with Fatah. The israelis will release him when they see it is in their interests to use him as a counterweight against Hamas popularity.
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