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Report: Army warns Gaza's main al-Shifa hospital of impending strike
Abbas says Israel wants chaos
Published Monday 25/02/2013 (updated) 27/02/2013 17:13
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A protester throws a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers and
border policemen in the West Bank city of Hebron February 24,
2013. (Reuters/Ammar Awad)
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that Israel was seeking chaos as Israeli forces clashed with protesters across the West Bank for the second day.

"The Israelis want chaos ... We will not allow them to drag us into it and to mess with the lives of our children and our youth," Abbas told reporters in his office in Ramallah.

The death of 30-year-old Arafat Jaradat in Israeli custody on Saturday has sparked mass protests across the West Bank and Gaza. An autopsy revealed Jaradat died of extreme torture, Palestinian officials said Sunday.

"We lost Arafat Jaradat who was arrested and came back in a coffin and this cannot pass lightly," Abbas said. "We will not allow them to keep our prisoners in jails all their lives for crimes they didn't commit."

Abbas continued: "We are asking for peace which is built on justice and stopping settlements because we are a state under occupation and according to the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel shouldn’t change the nature of the land which it’s occupying and transfer people to it."

Peace means an independent Palestinian state on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, the president added.

"We will not accept less than international legitimacy and we tell all states of the world including the US and the Quartet that we are seeking peace."
1 ) AKeenReader / UK
25/02/2013 17:21
Mr Abbas, it seems no one is listening to the Palestinian people especially the US. No use of uttering such words because they have been falling on deaf ears. It's time that took this brutal, barbaric Israeli govt to the ICC. You don't have any other alternative especially after two decades of protests most of them peacefully. Call their bluff and then the world will be able to see them shit"ing in their pants.

2 ) shirleyS / australia
25/02/2013 17:56
again hew backs down instead of joining Geneva coinventions to pysh Red cross and UN and Isrteal just more talk resistence by any means is legal if you are occupiedABBASS would rather pals sit and be shot than fight back everyday people are injured and shothe is not screaming for sanctions at UNwhy notand why even mention the defunct quartet set up to stop apal state and he knows it quartet was made redundant even before the UN vote and Tony blair the war criminal should not be engaged in it

3 ) Outlier / USA
25/02/2013 18:24
Abbas hardly has an idea of what HE wants, let alone Israel.

4 ) Mel / Gaza
25/02/2013 19:08
His comments clearly are meant to silence the Palestinians. He is a coward who won't let Israel down!

5 ) lol IT IS Abu Mazen who wants / Chaos
25/02/2013 19:47

6 ) Ajibola Hasan / Nigeria
25/02/2013 20:43
@AkeenReader(1): my brother, millions of protesting, conderming and having peaceful negotiation with the Israel cannot solve the problems. Unless thd whole Palestianians leaders drop their personal agenda and fight together under the umbrella of new huge Intifida against the Zionist. If the Palestinians propose to sue Israel under the ICC, is still under waste of time.

7 ) Anne O'Nimmus / UK
25/02/2013 23:22
There is evidence from Palestine at the ICC.
It is the Chief Prosecutor who is dragging her feet.
Hmm. Who funds the ICC, and what pressures might be brought to bear?

8 ) Bemused / New Zealand
26/02/2013 09:08
Ajibola Hasan - you are correct

9 ) Mel / USA
26/02/2013 16:11
Abbas is right re:Israel wanting"chaos"tho'.Extremo-Zionist Israel is a delibarate brutal KILLING MACHINE(aided by USG,our US tax money,illegally)which WELCOMES chaos,& retaliation by AWESOMELY COURAGEOUS Palestinians.Zionism meant Israel 2B a constant Pitbull,while ACTING the'righteous' sheep,"victim"fending off "anti-Semitism",whilst committing its OWN anti-Semitic HOLOCAUST on Palestine,thru abuse of JEWISH/US POWER,& Jewish GUILT! Palestine has GLOBAL CONSENSUS!Real"cowards"are the USG&A/L!

10 ) Mel / USA
26/02/2013 18:00
Having said that,there's ALSO-deep in the true Jewish heart-a yearning for a peaceful life NOT founded on Zionist militarist terror &power(succored from foreign power).That's NEGATIVE peace,which'll NEVER TRUELY safeguard Israel,JEWS or USA!POSITIVE peace is for Israel to shake off its inhumane RACIST,BIGOTTED ZIONIST CHAINS,& stand with Palestinians in MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL PEACE &TOLERANCE.This is the Israel we want.Not a Nazi state like now.Palestine is part of us ALL too,since Jesus walked!!!

11 ) Peace & Freedom / Negotiations
27/02/2013 14:23
- Abbas says "No peace without freedom for prisoners", and
Israel says No freedom for prisoners without peace, and
- Obviously freedom and peace must be achieved simultaneously,
so it's time to stop making such statements and NEGOTIATE them,
or it's time to accept there will be no peace & no FREEDOM !!!!
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Report: Army warns Gaza's main al-Shifa hospital of impending strike
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