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160,000 Palestinian refugees below poverty line in Lebanon
Published Saturday 06/04/2013 (updated) 07/04/2013 22:32
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BEIRUT (Ma'an) -- Around 160,000 Palestinians are living below the poverty line in refugee camps in Lebanon, the ambassador to Beirut says.

Nearly 13,000 Palestinian refugees are living in extreme poverty in Lebanon, Ashraf Dabour told Ma'an.

Palestinian refugees are banned from entering 75 professions in Lebanon. "Practicing any of these careers is considered a breach of Lebanese law," Dabour said.

The Lebanese parliament amended a law restricting Palestinian refugees' access to work. "However, the Lebanese cabinet has not put that amendment into effect," the Palestinian ambassador said.

"We hear sweet talk from Lebanese officials about the Palestinian refugees' right to work and live in dignity, but in reality nothing is translated into action."

Dabour said the Palestinian health sector in Lebanon owed hospitals around $2 million. "There are some medical procedures which our health security program in Lebanon can't afford, and I hereby urge Arab and Palestinian businessmen to help our people in refugee camps in Lebanon."

Asked if Palestinian Authority projects to help refugees in Lebanon had eased peoples' suffering, Dabour said the Ramallah-based government was doing its best "but the PA itself is facing a financial crisis and that reflects on its role to help refugees in Lebanon."
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
06/04/2013 15:46
Certainly sounds like Lebanon is an apartheid country, with a separate law system and total discrimination against Palestinians. But why is there no BDS against Lebanon, despite the clear and factual presence of real apartheid there?

2 ) Michael Dar / Israel
06/04/2013 15:52
Why are the offsprings of the Arab refugees from parts of Palestine, several generations later, still considered as being refugees? Why do the following generation authomatically inherit their grandfather's refugee status? No such bizarre thing exists anywhere else in the world or in human history. Why did the UN created a special organization (UNWRA) just for those Arab refugees, independent of the UN Instances for world's tens of millions of other refugees?

3 ) to Michael / the answer is very Obvious
06/04/2013 16:45
The "Palestininas' WERE INVENTD BY ISLAM to destroy ISRAEL.

4 ) Robby / USA
06/04/2013 20:00
2 ) Michael Dar / Israel - Maybe because they are slow learners? It has been three generations of failure, perhaps in another 60 years they will learn.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/04/2013 23:33
To Brian #1 'Certainly sounds like Lebanon is an apartheid country, with a separate law system and total discrimination against Palestinians. But why is there no BDS against Lebanon, despite the clear and factual presence of real apartheid there?' Are you suggesting Lebanon is as bad as Israel?

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/04/2013 23:36
To Michael #2 'Why are the offsprings of the Arab refugees from parts of Palestine, several generations later, still considered as being refugees? ' Chutzbah points! The guy who drove the Palestinians out with fire and sword criticizes the shelter others afford his victims.

7 ) Amb. Creighton / USA
07/04/2013 07:35
Arab press must challenge every instance of statistics being used by local politicians or propagandists. There are no facts to support assertion that "160, 000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live in poverty." Shame on you, Na'an Agency for failure to provide scientific clarification of such data.

8 ) Robert Haymond / Teqoa, Israel
07/04/2013 19:53
At any rate, it's to the advantage of these disagreeable Islamic nations to keep Arabs from the Westbank and their offspring in poverty. The fury which the people would otherwise discharge against their own respective regimes can be focused on Israel. Furthermore, the UN and western nations provide them with welfare, much of which the leaders keep for themselves. Now that these selfsame nations are going bankrupt, there isn't the funding to go around. Financial dependence had to end anyway!

9 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
07/04/2013 22:40
@ 1), Very good point. Answer: ... because it's probably embarrassing as hell for any Arab nation itself (or other nations, generally) to call an Arab nation where other Arabs of different nationalities/ethnic heritages live as being apartheid and start BDS actions, even if true. (Ethnically ... I suppose this does make some sense ... but if an apartheid situation still exists in practice--and apparently in Lebanon it still does--it isn't understandable/acceptable in reality.) @ 2), (cont.)

10 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
07/04/2013 23:00
Also very good points. Generation-wise, I use the same principle to differentiate between how to think of us in Judea and Samaria (State of Palestine): Having lived there for 46 years, those of us there are NOT settlers anymore ... We're just normal Israelites (after more than 2 generations) just as those of us in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Teqoa, Haifa, Beersheba or elsewhere. @ 4), WELL-said. @ 5), Not too damn funny, really. @ 6), BAD historical kharma. Even if driven out (history), (cont.)

11 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
07/04/2013 23:14
why should that be a factor regarding how the diasporic Palestinians living in Lebanon are currently treated, for shelter or otherwise ??? ... Answer: It sure as hell shouldn't. @ 8), Hmmmm ... Possibly still, yes ... but although that thinking was definitely true 2 (even lest than 2) generations ago, I'd say that that thinking is less and less prevalent, esp. now since we do have peace treaties with (at least) Egypt and Jordan/Palestine. As far as welfare goes, yes, corruption is (cont.)

12 ) Yehuda Solomon / Israel
07/04/2013 23:26
(has been) always a factor but no, the UN and many of these donor nations (Western plus other Arab nations) are NOT going bankrupt; to the contrary, they ARE donating to the refugees (even though it may be damn slow in coming) but obviously a hell of a lot more needs to be done. Separately ... this damn Palestinian refugee problem is the curse of Palestinian prosperity. Only when they're all united in Jordan/Palestine can their hopes for true prosperity be fulfilled.

13 ) Ruth / USA
08/04/2013 07:39
Why are these people still refugees? Simple. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN ALLOWED TO GO HOME to what is now Israel.

14 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/04/2013 22:59
To Robert Haymond #8 ' Financial dependence had to end anyway!' Indeed. And when it does, you in Israel will be dead meat. Aside from the obvious, did it ever occur to you that technically, it should be you providing for the welfare of all four million Palestinians in the territories you exercise sovereignty over? No reason anyone else should pay the bill for you...

15 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/04/2013 23:02
To Robert Haymond #8 'Financial dependence had to end anyway!' It's kind of amusing to contemplate. Now, what's going to be the point of barring Palestinians from using their own water and then selling them water from tanker trucks at inflated prices when it's going to have to be you that gives them the money to buy the water in the first place?

13/04/2013 00:56
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