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Abbas to act against Israel at UN if peace talks fail
Published Tuesday 03/12/2013 (updated) 05/12/2013 09:52
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RAMALLAH (AFP) -- President Mahmoud Abbas has warned the Palestinians will take action against Israel through international bodies if peace talks fail, ahead of a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"The talks are going through great difficulties because of the obstacles created by Israel," Abbas told visiting Arab journalists late Monday at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

"If we don't obtain our rights through negotiations, we have the right to go to international institutions," he said.

"The commitment to refrain from action at the UN ends after the nine-month period agreed for talks."

US-brokered peace talks, which resumed at the end of July after a three-year gap, have already hit a deadlock over Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinians agreed to suspend action against Israel through international bodies for the duration of the talks, including at the United Nations, where they won non-member observer status in a landmark General Assembly vote in November last year.

Kerry is to return to the region later this week for talks with Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his eighth overnight visit to the region since he took office in February.

It will be the US top diplomat's first visit since Israel backed down on plans to build some 20,000 new settler homes in the West Bank.

But Netanyahu's government has already slated thousands of new settler homes for construction since the talks resumed in July.

Last month, Kerry warned the settlements issue could break the negotiations at the risk of sparking a third Palestinian uprising.

The Palestinian negotiating team has already tendered its resignation over the issue but Abbas has yet to accept it.
1 ) Outlier / USA
03/12/2013 18:15
A dumb threat (why telegraph the move?) and probably a strategy mistake; Israel does not embarrass easily and more serious (read dangerous) situations are drawing the world's attention currently.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
03/12/2013 20:38
Everybody knows that the negotiators and Abbas are backing out for reasons that have nothing to do with "settlements". A peace treaty would solve the settlment issue. The Palestinians will never sign a peace treaty that calls for anything less than the move to Israel by 5 million Arabs born abroad to Palestinian grandparents. Israel of course would never agree to such a ridiculous deal, but no Palestinian leader wants to go down as the one who told the refugees they are staying put.

3 ) Julian / Netherlands
03/12/2013 21:18
Palestine won full UN membership if it wasn't for the US zionist government b*llsh*t veto. If the jewish settlers can move in overnight, they can just as easily move out.

4 ) @ outlier-1 / USA too
03/12/2013 21:21
True the world has bigger fish to fry, particularly with several new wars,
and over a million new Syrian refugees. However, even if Palestine was the world's biggest issue, Abbas' words would still be more of an Empty Threat, than "a dumb threat" (just like his UN statehood bid - Is it a real state yet?).
But still it's the best he can do, and follow-through he must, so:
- Abbas' words will be met with an Israeli yawn, and
- his papers will be met with an Israeli joke and trash can !!

5 ) JoeUSA / USA
03/12/2013 22:26
The only objector to such action by the Palestinians are Israel and the USA who always insisted that a peace agreement will only be the result of negotiations , a euphemism for the USA not allowing any forced settlement on Israel . Now that negotiations had failed to produce any agreement in 20 years . To continue negotiations is obviously a dead end. Now the USA and israel will mobilize to object , block any Palestinians moves in International Institutions .Violence is the last/only option left

6 ) Outlier / Usa
03/12/2013 22:36
Do you live on maan.net? Your a tumor

7 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
04/12/2013 01:29
Abbas is doing it for domestic leverage. The PA's worst nightmare- after being swept from power- is to face unbiased international scrutiny. Abbas can manipulate ICJ Advisory Opinions all day longs but in actual open court he will be unmasked for the highly corrupt Holocaust Denialist he is- and he is the most appealing of the bunch now that Fayyad has set sail. Abbas is blowing smoke. He should shut up before Israel turns Ramallah into a strip mall.

8 ) Tibi / Tubas
04/12/2013 03:15
ABBAS IS always "acting", and ever since Oslo he's had only comic roles, LIKE "DAFFY DUCK or Wile E Coyote", and unfortunately from now on We should expect to hear laughter the every time he "acts" at the UN.

9 ) Real Help / European Union
04/12/2013 03:23
Finally the EU decides to help: - "The European Union is apparently fed up with the lack of progress in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and is THREATENING to take action against BOTH SIDES if the talks fail, and - A senior European Union official said Tuesday that the EU bloc was considering cutting its annual aid (300 million Euros) to the Palestinian Authority if the current round of talks fails to end in an agreement !!!

10 ) shirley / australia
04/12/2013 03:51
what apack of lies thgais dirty bought and paid for US slave and backer of USeu war criminals will not lift afinger the traitors only concern is keeping useless talks going to line the PA pockets and keeop this dictrator in power so hwe can destroy the palestinian cause and any chance of ending the occuypation orgetting pals justice and right of return all he will get is bastuans controlled by jordan money trapping pals is the only thing he cares about he has made fatal mistake starting talks

11 ) Rami / Palestine
04/12/2013 08:42
#2 It's called Aliyah and your Jewish friends from all over the world do it everyday even though they have no connection to Israel whatsoever.

12 ) southparkbear / usa
04/12/2013 13:07
abbas was democtatorily elected once and assumed twice, it may have got to his head the idea he can be popular

13 ) ian / australia
06/12/2013 02:02
#2 "The Palestinians will never sign a peace treaty that calls for anything less than the move to Israel by 5 million Arabs born abroad to Palestinian grandparents." The way to test that, Brian, would be for Tzipi Livni to offer the Palestinians withdrawal to the '67 border for TOTAL renunciation of the RoR. I think you know they'd accept. Because there IS no old Palestine for the diaspora to return to. It's all owned by Israelis. The refugees can no more "return" to their old homes than the

14 ) ian / australia
06/12/2013 02:03
(contd.) Lenape Indians can return to theirs in Manhattan. But of course, Tzipi will offer no such thing (precisely because it would be accepted) and because the Israeli plan is not an equitable solution with "compromises" from both sides, but the crushing of Palestinian aspirations, the despoiling of Palestine and a vicious kick in the groin for good measure.
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