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Barghouti: Mandela gave Palestinians hope for freedom
Published Friday 06/12/2013 (updated) 07/12/2013 13:59
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Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and former president of South
Africa Nelson Mandela wave to cheering members of the
Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza City on October 20, 1999
(AFP/File Fayez Nureldine)
JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Nelson Mandela's struggle for freedom inspired Palestinians to believe that their own liberation was "possible," jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti said on Friday.

His remarks were made in an open letter to Mandela sent from Cell 28 of Hadarim prison in Israel, which was published by the Palestine Liberation Organization a day after the South African liberation leader's death.

"You said: 'We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.'

"And from within my prison cell, I tell you our freedom seems possible because you reached yours," he wrote.

Barghouti still wields huge influence from inside prison where he is serving five life sentences for attacks on Israeli targets and has been dubbed "the Palestinian Mandela".

"Apartheid did not prevail in South Africa, and apartheid shall not prevail in Palestine," he wrote.

Mandela, who first visited Israel and the Palestinian territories in 1999, was an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause and a champion for Middle East peace.

Many Palestinians have taken inspiration from Mandela's successful struggle against apartheid in their decades-long struggle to end Israeli occupation.

"You are much more than an inspiration," Barghouti wrote.

"You carried a promise far beyond the limits of your countries' borders, a promise that oppression and injustice will be vanquished, paving the way to freedom and peace ... All sacrifices become bearable by the sole prospect that one day the Palestinian people will also be able to enjoy freedom."

A lifelong activist who supported the Oslo peace process in the 1990s, Barghouti was arrested in April 2002 and sentenced two years later.

Barghouti has since said he never supported attacks on civilians inside Israel and in recent years has thrown his support behind peaceful resistance.
1 ) LOL the blacks in S Africa / Pushed out the
06/12/2013 16:19

2 ) Goldie / US
06/12/2013 16:28
At this time of reflection upon the death of Mandela the hypocrisy of world leaders blind & mute stance in the face of the brutal occupation of The Palestinian people is intolerable. As I watch the speeches of apartiheid reverberate cross the world in the face of apartheid suffering Palestinians it show world leaders can only mimick but can never measure to men like Mandela. The Palestinian people too will be free it is not a matter of if just a matter of when!

3 ) Golden Dome / USA
06/12/2013 16:46
The grass roots boycott of SA pushed the ruling whites to make the needed changes. Until the BDS Movement is felt nothing will change.

4 ) Tabby / US
06/12/2013 18:15
@ 1 FALSE the Palestinians are the true descendants of the Israelites of the past. Who converted DNA PROVES THIS. The squatter European settlers are the decendents of non Semitic Khazars and most likely relatives of the boars and they to will be sent packing home to GERMANY!

5 ) Maureen / Australia
06/12/2013 19:17
Golden Dome@3: Boycott Israeli made goods!! Boycott the medical advances Israel has made in the Pimvanserin group. Allow your parents to die a long and miserable death, living there dying days with Alzheimer and other dementias, or Parkinson disease. Then boycott those Jewish neurology products.

6 ) Johnny benson / USA
06/12/2013 19:32
Goldie...the Palestinians seem to be free enough to kill..maim..and injure innocent Israelis...as far as having their own nation...they have Jordan...where most of the population are Palestinians....there never were such a people as Jordanians...there never was a place called Jordan...it was just made up by England ..as to pay back a WW1..war debt to a desert Arab tribal leader

7 ) Maureen / Australia
06/12/2013 19:48
#1 Why did the Jews run slave ships from Africa? Why was Israel a great supporter of the old White racist South Africa? And why do you still believe the old fairy tale re Judaism is race when Judaism is really religion and is being used today as an excuse to steal and plunder Palestine?

8 ) southparkbear / usa
06/12/2013 20:25
of the few mistake he made meeting with terrorists

9 ) Tibi / USA
06/12/2013 20:47
only abbas /barghouti spok\ about mandela??

10 ) deb / uk
06/12/2013 21:32
@5 So because of Israel's medical advancements we are to turn a blind eye to their apartheid policies and oppression of Palestinians and African labourers.

11 ) Tobias / USA
06/12/2013 22:11
The Black native's situation in South Africa was different from
the Arab people's situation in "PALESTINE", A DISPUTE LAND,
that was formerly part of a British Mandate and the Ottoman Empire.
The situation where Palestinians neither had a soverign state of their
own, nor are they entitled to citizenship of another state, such that If
** "MANDELLA GAVE Palestinians hope for freedom", it was a
** FALSE HOPE at best, and Palestinians are to blame for being fooled by their leaders.

12 ) southparkbear / usa
06/12/2013 23:20
wake up barghouti, palestinians never had problem to get a state. their problem is two folds: making sure it never comes so payment in kind continue and, coupling their own state with a pre-condition of destruction of other

13 ) Maureen / Australia
06/12/2013 23:59
#5 You need to use another name, for instance, impostor! BTW, it is already well known how some Israeli health authorities have carried out terrible medical experiments on their own citizens and Palestinian people. Such as radiaton experiments, organ theft, drug experiments...

14 ) Mel / USA
07/12/2013 01:52
1990:"Sanctions Now" on South Africa."Keep the pressure on(Little Steven)..ain't gunna play Sun City". Now,it's "keep the pressure on"Zionism & Israel. "Ain't gunna play" Tel Aviv or Haifa.SANCTIONS! Many European Jews prospered in South Africa under the South African Boer white apartheid,then moved to Israel,when 26 million black South Africans were freed.Bibi is just Israel's P.W.Botha.

15 ) gabi / australia
07/12/2013 03:47
# 12 - southparkbear - I think I have asked you this before? But, really, in relation to your statement about pre-conditions, have you read the Likud charter? Oh go on, won;t take long . . . .

16 ) Maureen / Australia
07/12/2013 07:27
#10 deb, @5 is an impostor.

17 ) Oliveland / Palestine
07/12/2013 07:37
Tobias & Southpunkbear , Jews of Europe came to Palestine and ethnicly cleansed , occupied natives land and Aparthied on and on . Jews with real ties to the hollyland where praying in peace in Jerusalem , respecting the locals .

18 ) Shlonda / Canada
07/12/2013 22:35
Peace bestow upon all of you.

19 ) southparkbear / usa
08/12/2013 17:53
#17 you forgot to mention that the reason they came from the west is because that's where the sun rise every day
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