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Israeli forces attack protests commemorating Mandela across West Bank
Published Friday 06/12/2013 (updated) 08/12/2013 21:01
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Dozens of Palestinians were injured and one detained as Israeli forces opened fire to disperse protests against the Israeli occupation and commemorating Nelson Mandela's death across the West Bank on Friday afternoon.

Protests against the Israeli occupation and separation wall took place in villages across the West Bank, including in Bilin, al-Masara, Kafr Qaddum, and Nabi Saleh.

Demonstrators raised slogans and posters of South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela in many villages, commemorating the legacy of the "freedom fighter" who passed away on Thursday.

Many Palestinian activists argue that the system of racial segregation in South Africa that existed until 1994 resembles the Israel treatment of Palestinians, referring to the current situation as "Israeli apartheid."


Dozens of Palestinians suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation and another was detained as Israeli forces dispersed the weekly protest in Bilin near Ramallah.

Palestinian, Israeli and international activists who participated in the protest raised Palestinian flags and posters of the late South African president Nelson Mandela. They chanted songs calling for unity, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and against the Israeli occupation.

This week's protest commemorated Mandela's legacy and his fight against apartheid in South Africa.

AbdulKadir Abu Rahma, 20, was detained during the protest.

Since 2005, Bilin villagers have protested on a weekly basis against the Israeli separation wall that runs through their village on land confiscated from local farmers.

Previous protests by Bilin activists have forced the Israeli authorities to re-route the wall, but large chunks of the village lands remain inaccessible to residents because of the route.


Israeli forces on Friday also dispersed a protest against the separation wall in al-Masara south of Bethlehem.

Protesters marched from the center of the village and raised Palestinian flags in the demonstration which was held in honor of late South African President Nelson Mandela as well as late Egyptian poet and social critic Ahmad Fouad Najm.

Hassan Brejia, coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall, said "since its beginning, the Palestinian revolution has gained its strength from other revolutions including South Africa and its symbol Nelson Mandela, who was always a help for the struggle and fighting of Palestinians."

Brejia also praised the position of a Druze man, Omar Saad, who went to jail this week after he refused to serve in the Israeli army.

Since 2006, the residents of al-Masara have protested on a weekly basis, demanding Israeli authorities return village lands confiscated in order to build the separation wall as it crosses through their town.

Kafr Qaddum

Two people were injured and dozens others suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation as Israeli forces dispersed a protest in Kafr Qaddum.

Spokesman of the popular resistance committee Murad Eshtewi said Israeli forces raided the village after the weekly demonstration started, firing tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets.

Nasser Barham, 43, and Bashar Eshtewi, 43, were struck by tear gas canisters in the arm and abdomen, he added.

Eshtewi said that today's demonstration was in protest against the recurrent raids of al-Aqsa by Israeli extremists, and in response to the "repression" suffered by the people in the village at the hands of Israeli forces.

Israeli forces erected a checkpoint at the entrance of the village in the morning, declared it a closed military zone, and prevented ambulances and journalists from entering the village until the demonstration ended.

Protests are held every Friday in Kafr Qaddum against Israel's closure of a main road linking the village to its nearest city, Nablus.

Nabi Saleh

In Nabi Saleh, Israeli forces dispersed demonstrators who marched throughout the village raising Palestinian flags as well as photographs of Mustafa Tamimi, who was shot dead by Israeli forces at a similar rally in 2011.

Israeli forces opened fire on the demonstrations throughout the day with tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets.

Protestors marked the second anniversary of his death by beginning the protest at the village cemetery and demonstrating in front of his house. They also marched to the site where Tamimi was killed two years ago.

In a statement, the village popular resistance committee also expressed condolences at the passing of late South African leader Nelson Mandela, highlighting his work as a "freedom fighter" who "fought against injustice" and stressing that his passing is a "great loss for humanity."

In 2004, the International Court of Justice called on Israel to stop construction of the separation wall within the occupied West Bank.

When completed, 85 percent of the wall will run inside the West Bank.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

1 ) Maisie / UK
06/12/2013 19:53
WAY TO GO ISRAEL! While the entire world, including your leaders, is mourning the death of Mandela, celebrating his life, business as usual goes on. You are so cruel, so arrogant to not even consider the possibility of international opprobrium you are courting. SHAME!

2 ) Jones / Us
06/12/2013 19:57
OMG I can't believe it Israel IS the true face of racism. It's days are numbered!!!!!!

3 ) Maureen / Australia
06/12/2013 20:03
Israeli forces attack people commemorating Nelson Mandella across the West Bank. That pretty well says everything there is to say about Israel! Israel just keeps on showing its true face to the whole world!

4 ) southparkbear / usa
06/12/2013 20:24
kudos to palestinians being first to turn Mandela in his grave seeing lifetime violent people using his name as a fig leaf

06/12/2013 20:31
I don't understand the title. they were " protesting that mandela died?

6 ) Paul / South Africa
06/12/2013 21:09
I have just come back from paying my respects for this great man outside his home in Houghton, Johannesburg. South Africa. A nation weeps, but with gratitude what this man has done by uniting all my people of my country into a great African democracy.it hurts my heart to hear about violent uncouth Palestinians violently attacking Israeli soldiers, while they hold up placards of the blessed one, Mandela-I truly feel insulted by these hooligans. They a disgrace and nothing in common with us.

7 ) deb / uk
06/12/2013 21:18
It's like Soweto in the 1970's and those Israeli soldiers look like the white Afrikaans who persecuted the black community.

8 ) Edward / USA
06/12/2013 21:33
The Palestinians are damned if they do and damned if they don't. When they're violent, Israeli apologists say, "see, they're genocidal; why don't they have a non-violent movement?" They've had large-scale non-violent efforts thru the years, most notably in 1936 and 1987. They take inspiration from Mandela. But that's no good to the Israelis either, hence these violent dispersals of Palestinian marches.

9 ) Arnold / Canada
06/12/2013 21:39
Posters 1, 2, and 3. All over the world people are commemorating Mandela the man and the way he peacefully got his work done for the betterment of his people. But no. In Arab land there is no peaceful protest. There is only confrontation . An example is the picture of the rock thrower. I will watch the BBC tonight to compare Arabs to the rest of the world in mourning. Shame on Palestinians for the way they are abusing the memory of Nelson Mandela.

10 ) Mo / Canada
06/12/2013 21:42
Wow, look at all these commenters above. They are so gripped by the luring headline they aren't even interested in the truth: PALESTINIANS WERE THROWING ROCKS AND BOTTLES AT ISRAELI SOLDIERS' HEADS! That's the ONLY reason why Israel soldiers fought back. They don't just shoot at protesters. In fact, look at the pictures, you geniuses! Ma'an is even showing you that people are throwing things, while the people who are peacefully protesting are in front of soldiers unharmed!

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/12/2013 22:01
to southparkbear#4: 'kudos to palestinians being first to turn Mandela in his grave...' Yep. I bet you were a big Mandela fan, too. Should I get you a poster for Christmas, or do you already have one?

12 ) Citizen ''Wolfie'' Smith / UK
06/12/2013 22:06
What a disgrace these Arabs are. Are they unable to bury someone, or in this case ''commemorate Nelson Mandela's death'' without resorting to throwing stones at their neighbours.

13 ) me / usa
06/12/2013 22:08
they were protesting the occupation, a true commemoration to his legacy

14 ) ELAINE / US
06/12/2013 22:42
Mandela spoke out against Israels actions in Gaza and the West Bank all the time, so NO he ISNT TURNING IN HIS GRAVE

15 ) Bo P.P. Sheppard / Greenland
06/12/2013 23:15
Looks like even the sheep weren't safe & got arrested, if the pictures are anything to go by. So glad the brave photo journalists are there to document this inhumane cruelty to animals. How can the IDF so brazenly take the sheep away like this. Where are the Animal Rights Brigades, to defend our defenceless sheep. The factions should unite & put an end to this indefensible behaviour. Look too how the IDF treat the Palestinians who are peacefully commemorating the death of a great man; N. Mandela

16 ) southparkbear / usa
06/12/2013 23:16
what i like about palestinians is there ability to turn everything their way. global warming..-yeah but the 'occupation' making it much more severe. tsunami...-oh if you only knew what tsunamis the 'occupation' is causing near nablus. unemployment in EU -gee if you only knew how 'occupation' checkpoint prevent palestinians from solving EU's problems

17 ) Nathan / UK
06/12/2013 23:30
Response to 'Citizen "Wolfie" Smith - I take it you do not truly understand he struggle of Nelsom Mandela and what he stood for. His life revolved around taking action against the oppressor (Israel) and this is exactly what the Arabs are doing. They are throwing rocks but Israel is throwing gas - which is worse? If you don't have gas then you throw stones. The Palestinians have nothing else to throw. So you think they should just go home hand end the demonstration because they have nothing but..

18 ) Nathan / UK
06/12/2013 23:32
...stones? Mandela had nothing but a VOICE and he used it every single day of his life to end the apartheid of his country. Put yourself in he shoes of these Palestinians. The fact you refer to them as "Arabs" defined as "disgraceful" just reflects what kind of person you are. It reminds me of how the whites in South Africa used to speak about the "blacks" so if ANYONE should learn to pay respect then it is not the Palestinians it is you. Peace

19 ) senojekips / Australia
07/12/2013 01:00
Recent developments with Iran has shown that Israel is losing it's preferred status in the US. I see "interesting times" for Israel in the next ten years.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/12/2013 01:00
Actually, Paul et al are displaying the purest hypocrisy. The ANC was on the US State Department's terror watch list until 2008. Paul et al merely object to resistance to THEIR apartheid.

21 ) @9 PAUL SA / USA
07/12/2013 01:01
we see you hymie :)

22 ) @12 wolfie aka hymie / USA
07/12/2013 01:04
yeah right you loved mandela and apartheid right you inbred creep

23 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/12/2013 01:04
Re southparkbear #16: 'what i like about palestinians is there ability to turn everything their way. ' This -- from an advocate of a nation that sends ridiculously token amounts of 'aid' to every high profile disaster from Haiti to the Philippines and then shamelessly milks it for every bit of P.R. that can be squeezed out of it -- is a bit much. 'America is rushing a carrier, here comes Britain with transport planes -- but wait. There's the Israeli consul passing out free juice paks!'

24 ) @southparkjew / USA
07/12/2013 02:17
you are everyone problem and always have been

25 ) @ the Editor / USA
07/12/2013 02:41
All the photos show Israelis in defensive mode, behind both full-body and face shields, and Palestinians throwing stones, both by hand and by sling, so the Title of your story is as usual inappropriate, and should be changed - from "Israeli forces attack protests" ..., - to "Protests attack Israeli forces" ...

26 ) MARTIN O QUIGLEY / Ireland
07/12/2013 03:18
“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians;”
President Nelson Mandela, 4th December 1997

27 ) gabi / australia
07/12/2013 03:36
#16 southparkbear, this is a bit rich. "What I like about the Palestinians is there (sic) ability to turn everything their way". Pots, kettles and black immediately came to mind when I read that. Well done, you! btw, are you aware of what Mandela said about the occupation? Look it up. #9 Arnold, read the report again. No mention of violence by the Palestinians. The photos are old ones taken at demonstrations when the IDF fired on the protesters, causing retaliatory rock-throwing.

28 ) Randa Srouji / Canada
07/12/2013 07:23
This is an answer to Paul/South Africa, please go do some reading and education and find some truth before you open your mouth!! Find out why these children and young guy fight back, because they have lost everything and nothing else left for them to lose....everyone of them probably lost their home, or the home was put down in front of their own eyes, how many of them his father or brothers are in prison, how many of them do not have heat or light in their shacks....if they have them!!!

29 ) Oliveland / Palestine
07/12/2013 07:26
Southugbear ! you just love the occupation dont you ? so normal for you , I wonder what package you have in your basement .

30 ) Randa / Canada
07/12/2013 07:29
This is a reply to Arnold/Canada. Please go and grab some education and do the truthful learning, you do not even know a thing or two about Palestine and you open your mouth and talk about a full armed army who is killing, putting houses down, stealing land, prisoning and killing children and pregnant women!!! You are talking about stones and ignoring the White Phosphorus that used on the Palestinians homes and children. These children lost everything and there is nothing else left for them.

31 ) Paul / South Africa
07/12/2013 08:05
Let me tell you all something honestly, as a Black South African who grew up under apartheid, during the Afrikaner regime here, the majority of the people in this country support and love Israel. our corrupt government here has been hijacked by the powerfull and very rich Muslim lobby who create anti-Israel feelings. They are traitors with an Islamic, not South African agenda. Truth is truth, we Blacks dont like this lobby and we tired of them exploiting us with their hidden agendas.

32 ) Citizen ''Wolfie'' Smith / UK
07/12/2013 10:11
@7 Deb/UK: You need to know cities on the West Bank like Ramallah look nothing like Soweto in 1970. Ramallah is a powerhouse of economical advancement.

33 ) Steve Masone / USA
07/12/2013 11:27
Hello Larry, I fully appreciate your agonies. I was hoping to send you a post but my response proved too liengthy for FB. Request you avail me you snail mail address as I would like to offer a reaction/response. SM

34 ) CRLO / Puerto Rico
07/12/2013 12:45
The other day, Netanyahu praised Mandela. However, he immoraly promotes what the IDF does in Gaza and the West Bank, and the pictures we see here are just an example of his government apartheid way of thinking.

35 ) Adam / South Africa
07/12/2013 12:59
Google images mandela and Palestine! You will find exactly what Mandela thought of the conflict. One of Mandelas profound statements: "“But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” Palestinians are doing what we South Africans did too-it's just unfortunate that the rest of the world is not responding the same way they did to aid end apartheid in South Africa!

36 ) jeremy hodder / canada
07/12/2013 13:45
wow the level of ignorance is astounding. If any of you ignorant morons were being pushed off your land you'd be throwing rocks at armed men as well. how could you just stand by while your way of life was destroyed by an invading country that was expanding it's borders. you could take the world palestinian out of most of your sentences and replace it with christian or jewish(thanks to israel) and not miss a beat when it comes to fanatical evil.

37 ) jane / PA
07/12/2013 13:57
Paul, Mandela was called terrorist by your USA and Israel as you called Palestiniens huligans and terrorist.

38 ) southparkbear / usa
07/12/2013 14:58
seeing is very subjective to muslim arabs. for many these shabbabiya terrorists looks like Madiba. Let's hope that somalis don't jump on that bandwagon although at least unlike palestinians they are real

39 ) Sherlock / USA
07/12/2013 18:26
Why would downtrodden slaves "escape" to a PROVINCE of their Master? Palestine/Syria was all subject to Egypt at the time of the exodus. Those were the banished from power worshippers of ATEN that left the center of power for the fringe of the Empire, hoping to someday return to power. It is not called a HOMECOMING or RETURN, as it would have been if the participants were SEMITES originally from Palestine.They THEMSELVES termed it an EXODUS. [EX out of, from, and HODOS, way]

40 ) Shane / USA
07/12/2013 18:27
The simple fact is that the days of Israel's free ride on US tax dollars are numbered. Before the internet, the Israel firsters could easily controll the narrative, throught the biased media. Thats no longer the case. Every day more people become aware of Israel's racist appartied policies and ethnic cleansing project. When enough Americans mobilize, the US congress will drop the Israel lobby like a bad habit. And no amount of paid internet trolls can stop it. Occupations days are numbered.

41 ) Shane / USA
07/12/2013 19:06
Heres a memo Nelson Mandela wrote to Thomas Freidman concerning Israel/ Palesine in 2001: http://www.keghart.com/Mandela-Palestine

42 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/12/2013 20:41
To Paul #31: 'Let me tell you all something honestly, as a Black South African who grew up under apartheid...' You're lying.

43 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/12/2013 21:08
To Sherlock #39: 'Why would downtrodden slaves "escape" to a PROVINCE of their Master? ' Judaism appeared -- in a variety of places -- with the rise of the Persian empire. Among these early proto-Jews were Persian garrisons in Egypt. Speculation is that 'the exodus' is a mistelling of the flight of some of these garrisons in the face of some Egyptian revolt against Persian rule -- say sometime in the fifth-sixth century BC.

44 ) @ Ed-8 / USA too
07/12/2013 21:28
You're correct about PALESTINIANS being damned (or cursed for cursing His people, see Genesis 12.3), "when they do, and when they don't", for: - "When they're violent, they ARE GENOCIDAL", and - When their "non-violent efforts" fail to persuade Israel to accept national suicide, they always return to GENOCIDAL WAYS.

45 ) pirotte nathalie / belgique
08/12/2013 00:38
la palestinne a la palestinne les juifs non rien a faire en palestinne il sont qom pharaon a arer jusqua la fin des temps car il on tray leur phrofete et dieux sla es leur punissios

46 ) brita / Norway
08/12/2013 03:25

47 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/12/2013 04:05
To @ #44: '"When they're violent, they ARE GENOCIDAL"' You really don't see anything ironic in a partisan of the Israelis accusing Palestinians of genocidal intent? You know those Zionists -- they'd be setting up the crematoria right now if they only thought they could get away with it.

48 ) zulu / south africa
08/12/2013 10:14
Paul from south africa get out of the hole you live in and come see what real sa is.you talk of a muslim lobby that dont exist,you reflect the view of pan african.you do not speak on behalf of a black community that excepted freedom in complete sense.we love our fellow citizen white indian or black and chinese.we detest oppression,invasionand occupation.you claim to love mandela then remember his first statement He said never never and never again will one group oppress another in this country.

49 ) Mehdi Husaini / UK
08/12/2013 15:25
Western Powers are complicit and behind maintaining the racist, apartheid regime in Israel. No threats from US, UK and other European Counties to Israel against the policies of Israel but economic blockade & threats are there for African, Asian Countries as is evidenced in case of Syria. Where is UN who is supposed to resolve the issue.

50 ) Mesut Shimshillewitz / Germany
08/12/2013 18:32
These pictures do speak. Maybe the language of propaganda, but they reveal the asymmetric character of the conflict. Mandela's policy was inspired by a sense for what is political possible and what isn't, and a 'black revenge' against whites didn't took place in SA. It's Israels part to stop the minority of ignorant zionistic fundamentalists. Mandela would have done so, thats why he could be an idol for both, Israeli and Palestinean. Peace.

51 ) Carl Hounshell / USA
08/12/2013 19:20
There are those of us in the USA that recognize Zionism for what it is. The gov't in Israel is Zionist in nature. Thus, the very warlike activities of Israel all over the world. Someday the bill will come due!

52 ) SouthAfrican / New Zealand
08/12/2013 21:22
What I find hard to believe is a nation still claiming injury for a holocast now perpetrating the same injury on another people. It beggars belief that these too views live so well in the Israeli psych. To paraphrase Mandela leave your anger and bitterness behind or you will always be imprisoned. For those condemning the protests...I say this...it is an indesputable human right to defend oneself. I note most who are denouncing Palestinians for this are from USA - check your constitution.

53 ) Andrea / USA
09/12/2013 00:02
You people need to go live there. You'd be horrified. In Israel & Palestine - the religious demographic you have 6 million muslims, 6 million jews, and 124,000 christians - mainly of arab descent. out of this demographic - the amount of persons in refugee camps in this bordered region excluding Jordan id 4,225,000 refugees- All Arab. Kids are shot and imprisoned daily. People are removed from there homes in droves and dumped in labor camps in Jordan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0T3jMRNwV8
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