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Israel's Lieberman says peace with Palestinians not imminent
Published Saturday 07/12/2013 (updated) 07/12/2013 19:53
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Avigdor Lieberman arrives at the Magistrates Court in Jerusalem on
November 6, 2013 before his acquittal in his fraud trial
(pool/AFP Emil Salman)
JERUSALEM (AFP) -- Israeli Foreign Minister Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are unlikely to bear fruit within the envisioned nine-month time frame but that dialogue should continue.

His remarks Friday evening contrasted with those of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who said peace was closer than it had been in years.

Speaking to the Saban Center for Middle East Policy in Washington and quoted on its website, Lieberman said: "Today the trust between the two sides is about zero. It's impossible to create peace if you don't have any credibility.

"I don't believe it is possible in the next year ... to achieve a comprehensive solution to achieve some breakthrough but I think it is crucial to keep our dialogue."

He said it was crucial "because, even if you are not able to resolve the conflict, it's very important to manage this conflict."

Kerry, speaking Friday at the end of a visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories and talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, was upbeat despite the negotiations he brokered having made little visible headway since they began in late July.

"I believe we are closer than we have been in years to bringing about the peace and the prosperity and the security that all of the people of this region deserve," Kerry said.

Lieberman is on his first trip to Washington since regaining his post last month after being cleared of corruption charges, and is there for talks with Kerry and with UN chief Ban Ki-Moon.

The right-wing leader quit in December 2012 after being charged with fraud and breach of trust.

His trip comes as Israel lobbies intensely for a tougher position from Washington in talks between major powers and Iran on its controversial nuclear program, which were buoyed by a landmark interim deal last month.
1 ) Ash / UK
07/12/2013 14:34
This mad dog European squatter doesn't want peace for Israel

2 ) southparkbear / usa
07/12/2013 14:38
he's the most honest man and we all know it breaks his heart to say this unpleasant truth

3 ) int. law and boycott / USA
07/12/2013 14:43
are imminent on the zio entity...palestine should not have to negociate with criminals....sanction the zio entity now!

4 ) Claudia / Italy
07/12/2013 15:03
Action Against Hunger, ActionAid, Amnesty International, American Friends Service Committee, CARE International, The Carter Centre, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Christian Aid, Cooperazione Internazionale, Cordaid, DanChurchAid, Diakonia, Euro Mediterranean Human Rights Network, Heinrich B?ll Stiftung, Help Age, Human Rights Watch, ICCO, The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, International Federation for Human Rights, Islamic Relief ,The Lutheran World Federation, ''will all express concern''.

5 ) Father Ignatius / Ireland
07/12/2013 15:18
@1: When you say ''mad dog European squatter''. Do you mean, and are you referring to by chance. Those ‘’wily Khazar euro trash Ashkenazi, Sephardic and, Mizrahi Jewish invaders’’? Those Jewish people that are willing to defend and fight for their land. Even though the Muslims in spite of them having fifty seven predominantly Islamic countries, are unable to, and choose not to co-exist with the sole Jewish State Israel, in their midst.

6 ) @phony father aka hymie / USA
07/12/2013 16:06
its all stolen land and no catholic father from ireland would talk the non sense you do

7 ) Dana / CH
07/12/2013 16:11
#5 Israel will not much longer coexist,the SA apartheid had also found the end thus will also,this man lives on stolen Palestinian land the parasite that he is,said today the trust between the two sides is about zero DITTO no wonder that the Palestinians can not trust him and his zio society anyway,they are Murderer,Occupiers,Thieves which for nearly seven decades terrorizing the Palestinians ethnic cleansing them and operating slow genocide on the Palestinian population in palestine and abroad.

8 ) Natalie / France
07/12/2013 16:36
No wonder the CIA predicted that "israel" is going to perish from within in 20 years !!

9 ) Larry Snider / USA
07/12/2013 17:22
I think that Foreign Minister Lieberman is right when he says; "Today the trust between the two sides is about zero. It's impossible to create peace if you don't have any credibility." I think both sides have to be led to invest in trust building measures on the ground: It is vital for the international community to finance and implement a large scale ongoing People to People Dialogue on Peace that must be formally endorsed by both leaders to encourage the development of trust by both peoples.

10 ) mohamed / somalia
07/12/2013 17:36
he have no clue what peace is about.

11 ) Naveed Minhas / USA
07/12/2013 18:56
The only way a settlement can happen is ,if USA P5 ( not to include Isarael and Palestine) come up with a plan, based on UN resolutions and historical facts, and tell the both sides to take it or leave it, with a commitment to back that up with guranttes of security of both sides, if they 'ACCEPT'; otherwise leave them lose, and just fight it out- Perhaps a third world war!!!!

12 ) azmuth / south africa
07/12/2013 19:12
This father Ignatius from Ireland doesn't know his bible or has been brainwashed from childhood like the other Christians into believing this crap about Palestine belongs to the Jews.I advise him to read the book titled CONFLICT OR RECONCILIATION BY SHEIK AHMED DEEDAT.THEY ALL ARE LIVING IN THE AMERICAN DREAM WORLD WHICH IS ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD.its all about the white race domination of world resources and humans.

13 ) Mel / USA
07/12/2013 19:22
The fact that this rabid,crooked,bar-bouncer critter is Zionist-led Israel's "Foreign Minister"speaks VOLUMES(of depravity)in itself! Oh USG-patronee Israel? Alas,have you fallen so LOW down on the human-chain as to give this microcephalic Zionist 'Il Duce' an iota of credibility? Avadickhead is quintessential Nazionist;not interested in equitable peace or mutual "trust"&compassion.Just TOTAL CONTROL&SUBJUGATION of non-Jews.Bub-bye Israel!It wasn't 'nice' knowing you!

14 ) jesse / usa
07/12/2013 19:24
Lets not forget what the PA wants. the PA wants all prisoners released no matter what, pre 67 borders no exceptions. Exactly what does Israel get in return??? zero. this is not negotiations, this is demands

15 ) jorge / argentina
07/12/2013 21:08
Jesse: palestinians rejected minimal security issues that Kerry demanded. It?s clear that they went to peace talks with the intention of lose the time. Don?t keep your breath till the day that palestinians really want peace.

16 ) Maureen / Australia
08/12/2013 00:25
#2 weepingheartparkbear, Evert Lvovich Liberman is no man of peace. Just another imported facist squatter.

17 ) Tibi / Tuba
08/12/2013 03:30
didnt they kill him yet

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/12/2013 06:35
"Today the trust between the two sides is about zero." This is definitely a news item -- the first honest statement from an Israeli cabinet minister since Netayahu said 'this is a good thing' when he heard the news of 9/11.

19 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/12/2013 06:37
To jorge #15: Said 'minimal security issues' including the Israeli occupation of part of even the one fifth of Palestine the Palestinians hope to keep. Howzabout if Israel just withdraws to the frontiers she accepted in 1947?

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/12/2013 06:40
To southparkbear #2: 'he's the most honest man...' This could well be true. However, it would be an indictment of the rest of Israel's politicians, not praise of Lieberman.

21 ) Rami / Palestine
08/12/2013 11:36
It's not imminent for Lieberman because he, himself, is a settlers squatting on Palestinian land in the West Bank and if an agreement is reached, he might have to pack up all his belongings, including his big collection of beanie babies and his tiny precious moments figurines and truck it all across the green line to a new home in Israel proper. He's not prepared to do that obviously.

22 ) mark west / usa
08/12/2013 18:35
so simple. just ask one arab leader to accept Jewish sovereignty over any part of Palestine. no muslim arab will ever agree to any Jewish sovereignty. that is why the peel commission failed in 1937, the UN partition plan failed in 1947 and all two state proposals are doomed to failure. abu mazen said that no arab will ever accept a jewish state in palestine.
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