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Factions meet in Gaza to discuss national Palestinian reconciliation
Published Sunday 22/12/2013 (updated) 24/12/2013 09:35
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A meeting between three factions was held in Gaza Saturday for a discussion about national Palestinian reconciliation, one of the factions' leaders told Ma'an.

Leaders from Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine were present, PFLP leader Kayed al-Ghoul said.

Hamas called the meeting to discuss ways in which reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority could be achieved, al-Ghoul said.

He added that the PFLP called for PA President Mahmoud Abbas to form a unity government and hold elections within the next six months.

The leaders also discussed a program for proportional representation of each faction in the legislative council, guilds, and other institutes.

Present at the meeting were leaders Ghazi Hamad, Sami Abu Zuhri, Abu Bakr Nofal, and Jamal Abu Hashim from Hamas; Rabah Mhanna, Kayed al-Ghoul, and Mohammad Touman from the PFLP; and Saleh Zeidan and Saleh Nasser from the DFLP.

On Thursday, senior PLO official Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the PA was ready for reconciliation with Hamas "at any price."

Earlier that day, Gaza government Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called on Abbas to meet with Hamas to discuss reconciliation in line with an agreement reached in Cairo in 2012.

The division between Fatah and Hamas began in 2006, when Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections.

In the following year, clashes erupted between the two factions, leaving Hamas in control of the Strip and Fatah in control of parts of the occupied West Bank.

The groups have made failed attempts at national reconciliation for years, most recently in 2012, when they signed two agreements -- one in Cairo and a subsequent one in Doha -- which have as of yet been entirely unimplemented.
1 ) Mel / USA
22/12/2013 19:35
It would also be a good idea to reassess,reaffirm,update& organize anew,the political ideology/cause of each faction. Because the agenda of today is not the same as 50yrs ago.The crisis to all Palestine is WORSE,Palestinians are poorer but wiser re:Zionism.Rewrite factional objectives & channel them into SHARED GOALS,especially NATIONAL UNITY,IDENTITY,HUMAN RIGHTS &LEGAL end to occupation.Agree to disagree on non-priority issues&unite,before ALL is gone &you've NOTHING left to fight over.

2 ) Bill / U.S.A
22/12/2013 19:43
Recconciliation is a national priority, however no other country in the world will recognize this Government that includes Hamas unless the swear off violence and recognize Israels right to exsist. I am for reconciliation because Palestinian Unity is a requirement in order for the Palestinians to gain their country, again however I am also for the right of the Israelis to live in peace and security. Hamas must adopt the policy of the P.A if it wants to be part of the government!

3 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
22/12/2013 23:19
Wonderful to read this news !

4 ) Howard Merchant / USA
23/12/2013 00:31
Bill, it would be nice if both sides swore off violence and both sides recognized he right of the other to exist. How about throwing in an international demand that Israel agree to destroy all Weapons of Mass Destruction as well and enforce an arms free Middle East. In reality there is no reason at all why the people of the Middle East cannot live together in harmony and benefit everyone. There is no problem between Jews and Muslims, only Nationalists and Zionists.

5 ) israhel has no right to exist / USA
23/12/2013 02:58
its all stolen from palestine and not a semite (arab) amoung the invading faux jew thieves from poland and russia

6 ) Stevemg / USA
23/12/2013 03:13
First impression about all those present, surprised Israel did not send in a drone to bomb and kill them all. I hope "at any price" doesn't mean giving away your soul?!

7 ) Johnny benson / USA
23/12/2013 03:21
That will be the day....elephants will fly...the cubs would win the World Series...the sun will rise in the west.....in order for this to happen...well maybe?...the fatah would have to turn honest...Hamas would recognize Israel ...and put away their hate speech and rockets..then who knows?...nope...no chance whatsoever...sorry mel

8 ) Julie / USA
23/12/2013 03:22
@2 Bill - "swear off violence" ??? hamas renounced suicide bombings years ago, back in 2003. and for your ignorant information, ARMED RESISTANCE against the ILLEGAL izraeli occupation/siege is LEGAL per INTERNATIONAL LAW. get with the real program, and try even just a bit of authentic, legitimate research. or are you against educating yourself?

9 ) ben.barka(at)india.com / Tanzania
23/12/2013 08:42
"recognize Israels right to exist" Has Israel ever recognized the right of Palestine to exist - de facto or de jure?

10 ) Sander / The Netherlands
23/12/2013 09:57
Without reconciliation Palestinians will remain Loosers !

11 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
23/12/2013 12:19
Hey #5 ... if you're talking about living on "stolen" land, what are you doing in America? And, of course, why do you want to send millions of Jews who were kicked out of Arab countries and Iran to Poland and Russia? They happen to be the majority in Israel. Jews do indeed come from Palestine. You, on the other hand, are clearly an illegal occupier on stolen native American lands. You should be the one going back to England where you came from!

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
23/12/2013 12:22
Julie - you are nothing more than a dupe who aids and abets war criminals. International law clearly states it is illegal to blow up buses (yesterday) and shoot rockets at civilians (last night). It is a fact that Hamas has not renounced any violence. Their leaders say they only put suicide bombings on the back burner because the security wall has made it too hard to carry them out. You seem to hate America and Israel so much, why don't you go live in Gaza? You'd be happier there, no?

13 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
23/12/2013 12:45
Hey Julie, here is an undeniable fact: Twenty-eight Israeli citizens plus one Thai guest worker have died by missiles and rockets indiscriminitely fired from Gaza. You're quick to cuss out others but you never add any real information nor recognizable analysis to this forum, just your constant low-level messages of hate.

14 ) ani ma'amin / UK
23/12/2013 13:18
@10 Arabs generally despite their enormous natural wealth, have remained ''losers'' on the international stage. And the 57 Islamic states, also have appeared to be ''losers'' creating little on the UN global platform, with the exception of passing and, adopting resolutions against Israel The United Nations requires seven million blankets for the Arab refugees displaced due to the civil war in Syria, please send as many as you can spare. Thank you

15 ) spb / us
23/12/2013 13:24
Take your time. Another 25 years to think it over is ok

16 ) Mel / USA
23/12/2013 20:14
#2:Bill:"...no other country...will recognize...Hamas...? Why not?The world,1948,"recognized"Israel's 'rights'after its factional Jewish-Fascist terrorists set of IED's,sent tar-balls of flames down on DEFENSELESS Palestinian villagers &children,before displacingMILLIONS & executing them,bombing hotels filled with local/foreign nationals&looting banks of local/foreign money,stealing properties&WARCRIMES.RESISTANCE is a "recognized"human RIGHT of all,versus brutal colonial Zionist occupation.

17 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
23/12/2013 23:19
Bill, many countries do recognize the legitimately-elected Hamas government - in my part of the world, both Switzerland and Norway. There are also Israelis who urge their government to dialogue with Hamas : http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/feb/15/hamas-gaza-israel-palestinians . Exclusion is no solution for putting pressure on Hamas - with inclusion will come demands and the need to compromise.

18 ) Outlier / USA
24/12/2013 00:11
I sometimes think the only things to which the Palestinians should reconcile is that they will reject a reasonable peace deal deal only to eventually accept an worse one. Hubris is a terrible thing.

19 ) Rene / US
24/12/2013 10:57
Hubris doth go before Israel's fall.

20 ) Outlier / USA
24/12/2013 23:46
19., Rene, I am always happy to introduce a new word to the discussion. Though both sides are guilty of hubris, I daresay Palestinians suffer more as a result of their chronic - at least so far - case.
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