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Report: NBC cancels plans to film TV series in East Jerusalem
Published Monday 23/12/2013 (updated) 24/12/2013 10:48
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Israeli riot police walk at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque during clashes
with Palestinian demonstrators on March 8, 2013. (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The American media and entertainment company NBC has responded to Palestinian pressure by saying it will not shoot a new television series near the Old City of Jerusalem and in Palestinian neighborhoods as originally announced, Israeli media reported Monday.

After a Palestinian outcry against plans to film the show on illegally annexed land, NBC told the PLO delegation to the US that they in fact had never planned to film the series "DIG" in East Jerusalem, according to Haaretz.

"There was no plan made to film the series in the City of David National Park or in the village of Silwan, furthermore, location scouting and planning will not begin until February 2014, and any decisions regarding possible production sites will be made with respect for all concerned parties," NBC was quoted as saying.

But an earlier NBC press release said that "the project would be shot in the City of David and present the exciting history of the Old City."

The upcoming drama 'DIG' is an action-adventure series set to be filmed entirely in Jerusalem. It was developed by Keshet Media Group, an Israeli media company, and will consist of six episodes due to be aired in 2014.

The show was also to be shot in the Silwan neighborhood of annexed East Jerusalem.

Earlier in December, PLO official Hanan Ashrawi told Ma'an: "Such a production will legitimize the annexation of Jerusalem and the destruction of the authenticity and character of the occupied city."

"Any business or organization that deals with Israel in occupied Palestine is in flagrant breach of international law, conventions, and consensus, respectively," Ashrawi said.

"The choice to film the series in Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem is designed to endorse the occupation and the bitter reality experienced by Palestinian Jerusalemites."

East Jerusalem, including the historic Old City, was occupied by Israeli forces in 1967 and later annexed in a move not recognized by the international community.
1 ) Mel's Mom / USA
23/12/2013 12:56
PLO official Hanan Ashrawi's introspective attitude is regrettable. As the international exposure, would have been a huge aid to tourism and hotel rooms occupancy rate Palestinian areas. Another home goal.

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
23/12/2013 13:01
Another blow to the East Jerusalem economy, inspired by the Palestinian "leadership" that is willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep their well-paid (by Euro taxpayers) jobs. Ashrawi is doing a great job of keeping E Jerusalemites miserable and poor so that they look appropriate in news reports and back up claims by her corrupt Fatah of evil this and evil that.

3 ) spb / us
23/12/2013 13:27
Gewalt now only Cbs fox Bbc and Abc will

4 ) Palestinian / Palestine
23/12/2013 14:09
Brian Cohen, unlike you, our claims and rights should be viewed from a legal and humanitarian view and not an economic one. Filming there would have set a presedent of normalcy, which is against existing procedures. Also, with regarda to the economy, the benefit would be minimum if not non-existent as the hotels wouldbt benefit, so that well-prepared argument falls on and of itself. Try seeing the world from a legal and humanitarian point of view, bot only what can garner you the most money :)

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
23/12/2013 14:44
Even if the Palestinians of the Westbank are very poor without hope and run by a man whose date of expiration was about four years ago, at least they possess some remaining dignity in refusing to take part in a damned American television production. Well, I know the average Palestinian didn't personally turn this TV series down but their leaders like Hanan Ashrawi and probably Mamood Abbas did and good for them even if their constituents will remain in misery.

6 ) Haifawi / Israel
23/12/2013 15:28
uh guys...this was designed to showcase a JEWISH site, and JEWISH homes. People would stay in JEWISH-owned hotels across the wadi. There was nothing that would be beneficial to the Palestinians here at ALL

7 ) Johnny benson / USA
23/12/2013 17:50
Always cut off your nose to spite your face......the self defeating Montra goes on

8 ) Maureen / Australia
23/12/2013 17:59
Well there ya go! What a victory for the Palestinian people! And what big let down for the manipulating Zionist propergander machine that works so hard to present Israel as the opposite to what it really is.

9 ) Mel / USA
23/12/2013 19:04
Good!NBC is in deep sh** re: integrity,dignity,standards & ratings already,w/out filming in Israeli-military OCCUPIED zones with Israel controlling ALL aspects of filming,editing,scripts,sites,people,content etc with ridiculous BIAS.NBC lives in fantasy-land already,airbrushing Israel's extremist regime & normalizing brutally ABNORMAL Zionist deeds,since B4 1947.There's ZERO glamorous,'normal',moral,about extremist-led Israel &its war crimes,all of which pro-Zionist-infotainment-NBC,ignores.

10 ) BDS & Dignity / Works
23/12/2013 19:47
#6- Well Haifawi, looks like Hanan Ashrawi's argument was convincing and now NBC are practising BDS against Isreal too. The comments from 1, 2 & 3 were to be expected, and well said 4 & 5.

11 ) Mel / USA
23/12/2013 21:00
I'd be more impressed if NBC would seek to document REALITY instead of fantasy & permission of Hamas to film a human-life series in Gaza,just allowing the Gazan people to speak freely.Film it from entry thru' Rafah& inside Gaza Strip. W/B & E/J are totally controlled by Israel &brutal Zionist checkpoints not to mention Israel's proxy 'GoodArab' unelected faction,the PA!Palestine is GAZA too.Or maybe NBC can't face that unbiased human truth?

12 ) Tariq / Indonesia
23/12/2013 23:33
@5 ''but their leaders like Hanan Ashrawi and probably Mamood Abbas did and good for them even if their constituents will remain in misery''. Yea right on, let them remain in misery, then we can continue blaming the Juice for their misery.

13 ) Robert Haymond / Israel
23/12/2013 23:34
BDS & Dignity/Works #10: And what sacrifice have you made? Wait a minute, you don't reside in the Middle East, you don't have to sacrifice. What's that, the false deeply-yearning patriot syndrome of spoiled North American college students. Okay, I get it.

14 ) Mike Tragesser / USA
24/12/2013 16:29
It would have been nice to see the show and learn something first before making judgements from phony political postures. How can politics be permitted to obstruct archaelogy, history, a wonderful education, that the whole world is very interested in? This is why nobody would trust the PA with control of Jerusalem.

15 ) Samer / Palestine
24/12/2013 20:08
@Brian Cohen / Israel: it is Israel that hinders any progress in the occupied sector of East Jerusalem. Israel gradually steals lands and prevents Palestinians from progressing. BTW, you are doing a great job by electing corrupt and sex maniacs from presidents to ministers of Labor and Likud; it is not enough for them steal Palestinian lands, but they have time to become sex addicts and thieves.

16 ) spb / us
25/12/2013 06:50
Love Palestinians dignity especially that floats in gaza
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