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Israeli leaflets warn Palestinian parents of their 'terrorist' kids
Published Monday 23/12/2013 (updated) 24/12/2013 13:44
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- In an unprecedented move, Israeli forces on Sunday night put up posters in a refugee camp near Hebron featuring photos of locals Israeli forces claim are the fathers of those who commit "terrorist attacks."

The Arabic-language posters were put up at al-Arrub refugee camp and targeted the parents of "teenagers who attack Israeli vehicles."

Israeli intelligence posted pamphlets on walls at the entrance to the camp with photos and names of five residents of Al-Arrub refugee camp.

Ma'an obtained a copy of the posters, which warn the alleged fathers that their kids are involved in "terrorist attacks" against Israelis.

"We hereby notify you that your children are involved in terrorist attacks against citizens of the state of Israel. Practices by those young men endanger innocent citizens, and if they do not stop what they do, the IDF will have to take action to stop these practices."

It was unclear whether the poster refers to incidents of stone-throwing which target vehicles driven by Israeli settlers in the area, or if it referred to attacks on Israeli military vehicles.

The pamphlet is undersigned by Abu Salam from the IDF command. It includes names and photos of nine fathers of young men who allegedly carry out attacks against Israelis.

The names are Amjad Mousa Younis Titi, Ahmad Muhammad Hasan al-Hasaniyya, Khalid Salamah Muhammad al-Jundi, Zuhdi Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Aziz Mahthouth, Khalid Abdul-Fattah Abdul-Aziz Jawabrah, Musallam Muhammad Musallam Abu Sal, Zein Addin Atallah Hammad Jawabrah, Taysir Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Titi and Abdul-Rahman Hasan Ibrahim Abu Sal.

"Stop them before it's too late," the pamphlet concluded.

Al-Arrub refugee camp is located on the Hebron-Jerusalem road, immediately south of the Gush Etzion Israeli settlement block and beside an Israeli checkpoint.

There are 19 refugee camps in the occupied West Bank, within which live about a quarter of the 771,000 registered refugees in the territory.

More than 760,000 Palestinians -- estimated today to number 4.8 million with their descendants -- were pushed into exile or driven out of their homes in the conflict surrounding Israel's creation in 1948.
1 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
23/12/2013 20:12
This is sooooo sick!

2 ) Tobias / USA
23/12/2013 21:04
Terrorists' families often have the family home demolished,
as a result of a successfully murdering Jews, and now
These 9 families ahave been warned in advance !!

3 ) ani ma'amin / UK
23/12/2013 23:29
@1 Politically correct it ain't, but neither is having your child's arms and fingers blown off in a ''work related incident''. Do you not have these problems and situations, that your government wishes to pre-empt, in the Netherlands with your Belgium neighbours?

4 ) Peter Hindrup / Australia
24/12/2013 00:34
Throwing stones, a 'terrorist' activity? My these Israelis are tough!!!!! Wait until they actually get armed with weapons that can stop a tank, or bring down a chopper/drone!

5 ) Carlos / usa
24/12/2013 00:50
israel often has bad information. It doesnt care if the information is wrong because they enjoy making families homeless. israel is terror murder and hatred.

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
24/12/2013 04:13
To Tobias #2: 'Terrorists' families often have the family home demolished, as a result of a successfully murdering Jews, and now These 9 families ahave been warned in advance !!' Technically, the only 'terror' occurring here is that being employed by the UDF.

7 ) jOSHUA / Baker
24/12/2013 07:43
These parents need to be sent to parenting institutions, and these kids need to get their ass whooped, and sent to a place where they will learn how to be a kid, juvenile prison will will make them more angry, making their stay in the prison, a lifetime journey.

8 ) myra / canada
24/12/2013 14:16
These innocent children. they see only what is around them.walls, tanks and soilders with guns.they see their parents struggling day after day.do people really wonder why children throw stones.occupation for them must be such a hopeless life to live and witness day after day.

9 ) Pebbles / UK
24/12/2013 16:08
UK has problems with bored youngsters throwing rocks onto the motorway. Maybe PM would consider 'naming & shaming' in the UK as a preventative measure, although we haven't gone as far as to call it a 'terrorist' activity yet ....

10 ) Hamid / Indonesia
24/12/2013 17:05
@6 ''UDF'' what has the Ulster Defence Force got to do with this issue?

11 ) Maureen / Australia
24/12/2013 17:33
#7 joshua1Baker Well now, wouldn't that be nice, send "these kids" to a place where they will learn how to be a kid. If Israelis got their asses out of Palestine "these kids" could live the life of children, and not be subjected to the oppression of the elitist Zionist occupiers of Palestine!

12 ) Joshua / Baker
24/12/2013 21:58
@11, funny how israeli kids are raised to build multinational multimillion dollar companies, and are so successfull all around the world, still under constant rocket attack from terrorists in Gaza, and Lebanon, yet these palestinian kids cannot.....build your own little nieche and develop life there, and then we will talk. No wonder why palestine is a slum, they have nothing to contribute to humanity,whereas israel is known for the world's best technological advances. thank you.

13 ) Maureen / Australia
25/12/2013 19:47
#12. Joshua/Baker And thank you for your response, and yes isn't technology marvelous nowadays. No longer can warmongering, money loving parasites control world media/history books. We, the little people, are able to see and read world events in real time. As for "Israeli kids raised to build multi national companies," Moses would turn in his grave if he knew that even today the. Golden Calf is worshiped in Israel!

14 ) Reality Check / World
25/12/2013 20:37
Its a backwards mentality. The real truth of why there can be no peace and in turn prosperity for Palestinians is because of their religious beliefs, Islam wasn't and still isn't willing to accept a Jewish state in the Arab Middle east. This ideology existed before Israel "occupied" the West Bank in '67. The only thing that can save Palestinians is secularism. The middle east is a tinderbox of fundamentalism and radicalism, only modernity can save you, or just keep blaming Israel for everything.

15 ) #11 / seriously...
25/12/2013 20:44
Tell me you don't really believe the nonsense you spew. Are you trying to say that if Israel disappeared tomorrow, Palestinians would magically be placed in a utopian world of gum drops and lollypops? Do you know that children next door in Syria are chopping peoples heads off? Civil war is raging in Lebanon and Iraq, and the Entire middle east is going to sh*t. Palestinians probably have one of the highest standard of livings even in their refugee camps than most in the middle east.

16 ) Maureen / Australia
26/12/2013 20:45
# 15 You should not have to be told of the Rothschilds/Zionist plans for the ME way back WW1 and now Zionist warmongering/Western colonialism/some multi nationals/ agenda for divide and conquere is causing the whole world to "go to sh*t."
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