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Erekat: Israeli airstrikes a 'criminal Christmas gift' to Gaza
Published Wednesday 25/12/2013 (updated) 26/12/2013 14:24
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A senior Palestinian official on Tuesday condemned Israel's recent airstrikes on Gaza, calling the incident a "war crime," a PLO statement said.

"We condemn in the strongest terms this new Israeli war crime against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip which aims to initiate a bloody escalation," Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat said in a statement.

Israel's "criminal" attack on the Gaza Strip was a "Christmas gift to our isolated civilians," Erekat said.

Erekat said Israel was responsible for the death of 3-year-old Hala Abu Sbeikha and injuries sustained by her mother and brother as a result of the airstrikes.

"We hold the Israeli government fully responsible for the consequences of this new act of aggression against our occupied civilian population."

Erakat called on the United States, European Union, Russia, United Nations, and Arab countries to pressure Israel to stop its "aggression" toward Gaza.

"Today the Israeli government proved to the entire world that they have an agenda of war, not for peace and are only interested in committing crimes against our defenseless civilians."

Israeli air forces launched airstrikes across the Gaza Strip Tuesday, killing a 3-year-old Palestinian child and injuring her mother and brother, after an Israeli Civil Defense worker was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper at the border in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon.
1 ) Brian Gaza / Israel
25/12/2013 14:18
Erekat shows the world what a barbaric thug he is. What is the gift his beloved Palestinans gave Salah Abu Latif yesterday? What is a Palestinian bullet in the heart? Is it Erekat's wish to Abu Latif's family for a happy new year of Palestinian inspired death? I thought he resigned. He should go away and stop bothering the civilized world with his fascist philosophy.

2 ) spb / us
25/12/2013 15:55
Well your so call Bedouin brothers asked to return a favor

3 ) Omar / Venezuela
25/12/2013 17:23
These crimes committed by the White Racist Zionist Colonists must stop now. Humanity should find a way to hold those war criminals responsible for their crimes. Do yourselves a favor ! Do humanity a favor ! BDS the pariah State of IsraHell now !!

4 ) Outlier / USA
25/12/2013 19:37
Erekat needs to remember every act has consequences. Don't like the consequences? Don't do the act. Simple.

5 ) Arnold / Canada
25/12/2013 20:03
I would ask the Palestinians themselves why their militants decide to assault Israel every year about this time. From Cast Lead till this year just look it up. Palestinian militants cause trouble each year this time.

6 ) Reality Check / World
25/12/2013 20:08
What a cowardly game these guys are playing. Snipe an Israeli soldier, Fire off a few rockets, plant a bomb on a bus, stab an Israeli policeman, have Islamic Jihad and Hamas representatives congratulate these terrorists, and publicly push for a third intifada all within a matter of 3 days, then condemn the Israeli response as a "war crime" an "escalation" and that it was a "Christmas gift to our isolated civilians". Pure cowardice, and propaganda..

7 ) Camilla / Windsor, GB
25/12/2013 22:42
#1 - Apologies Brian, but I am a little uneducated in these matters, I believe I read in an online publication called 'Haaretzz, that the unfortunate young man was not wearing a helmet or bullet prrof vest, when tending to the border fence. Why would he be sent out like that, when it is known to be a dangerous area? Was it an error of judgement. At all events may God have mercy on his soul. Sincere condolences to the family, in what are tragic circumstances.

8 ) shirley / australai
25/12/2013 23:34
what bout t5he man shot first by isreal snipers no mention from the killer zionists and there pathetic apologists full of hate and bigots same old dirty nazi excuses from isreal that he was trying to atack them with akiller tomatoe or pals shot in the back were trying to run away or children gunned down in front of their homes playing football where is maan news and pa telling all the truth of isreal deliberateesculation you allow this zionist propaganda you enforce it you never support gaza

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
25/12/2013 23:50
To Brian Gaza #1: 'Erekat shows the world what a barbaric thug he is. What is the gift his beloved Palestinans gave Salah Abu Latif yesterday?' Only an Israeli could murder a three year old girl as an act of random retaliation and then feel self-righteous about it. You judge yourselves with your own remarks.

10 ) shirley / australia
26/12/2013 07:37
i suggest the fake pa and fatah shut their mouths about hamas and mB and remember fatah is also designated aterrorist group and US is hell bent with Isreal on reviving war on terror and allowing bush and blair to escape war crimes ask why blair is still waliking around the UN and wants to destroy truth what they did to LIBYA abbas should have stopped talks after arrafat death and reconcilled and not with fatah demanizing hamas in egypt and beyond and cheer the terrosist egypt army illegal coup

11 ) shirley / australia
26/12/2013 07:49
the MB have been set up by US Isreal when are the pa going to stop colluding and stop demanizing and dangerous labels on people and drive the knife in those that helped this bomb was done outside egypt and isreal secret meeting with isreal in europe this coup bought and paid for by US and abass and fatah demanizing hamas there is al qeada in syria and malaiki spewing hate against sunnis after visiting IRAN beware what you sow you will be the victom us wats to escape war crimesstop labelling peop

12 ) Rene / US
26/12/2013 09:16
"Israel" is a sin and a crime. Why do these people claim to be God's most loved when they have never loved God and never obeyed God? Nobody believes them and know them to be lunatics except other lunatics.

13 ) Ghassan / Palestine
26/12/2013 14:20
Always, Israelis enjoy torturing and murdering the Palestinians people since 1948 until now and at the same time they ask for "peace"!?

14 ) @ Reality-6 / USA
26/12/2013 17:46
Your comment is so great, I wish I had written it myself. The Arab "propaganda game these guys are playing: ( First Commit War Crimes ) - Snipe an Israeli soldier, - Fire off a few rockets, - Plant a bomb on a bus, - Stab an Israeli policeman", and Then ( Blame The Victim ) - "Condemn Israel's response as a war crime and an escalation."

15 ) Andy / UK
26/12/2013 21:06
@ Reality Check #6 (such an apt pseudonym) Cowardice is pointing guns at unarmed civilians. Cowardice is holding civilians at check points for hours on end to inconvenience them (especially if they are in urgent need of medical treatment). Cowardice is bulldozing ordinary Palestinians homes. Cowardice is Operation Cast Lead . Cowardice is supporting the people that do this. Congratulations, you are a fully fledged coward.

16 ) Outlier / USA
26/12/2013 23:38
15., Andy, exactly what caused these acts? Why missiles from Gaza and bombers from the West Bank. Yours is a list of consequences of the missiles and the bombers, and the Palestinians have themselves - and ONLY themselves - to blame.

17 ) Reality Check / World
29/12/2013 07:11
#15, You prove my point even further, everything you mentioned is a direct result of Palestinian terrorism. Listen, I calls em like I sees em, If your gonna call for Israel's destruction openly, and refuses their right to exist openly and amass weapons to try and terrorize and menace them, then don't go running to the civilized world, accusing Israel of "aggressing" you. And for the record If supporting Israel right to exist makes me a coward to bigots like yourself, then I am proudly a coward.
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