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In video: Brother of Gaza man killed by Israeli sniper speaks out
Published Thursday 26/12/2013 (updated) 12/01/2014 11:53
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Raddad Hamad describes how he and his brother were shot.
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The brother of a Palestinian man shot dead by an Israeli sniper last Friday spoke out against the killing in a video released by the Institute for Middle East Understanding on Thursday.

Raddad Hamad, 22, and his brother Odeh, 27, were collecting scrap metal and plastic on Friday, December 20 when Odeh was shot in the head by Israeli forces, killing him.

In the video, Raddad explained that the two were around a kilometer away from the Israeli border fence when his brother was suddenly hit in the head by an Israeli bullet. Raddad was shot in the hand at the same time.

Raddad stressed that the area in which they were shot is regularly frequented by Palestinians looking for bits of metal and plastic to sell.

"We go everyday to collect plastic, to earn a living."

"What crime did he commit for them to shoot him?" he added.

Raddad said that after being shot he fell into a ditch nearby, and although he called out for his brother, Odeh did not respond.

He said that he then crawled for a half hour even as Israeli forces continued shooting in his direction.

He finally managed to crawl far enough and call an ambulance, but once the ambulance arrived Israeli forces would not allow it to cross to get his brother, Raddad said.

"I said we have to get to him, he's dying. My brother is dying inside there. Odeh is dying."

"They didn't let the ambulance enter."

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said in a statement following the incident, "Israeli forces used excessive force and directly opened fire at them, although it was clear that the two civilians were collecting steels and plastics from the landfill near the border fence."

An Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma'an at the time that "Palestinians caused damage to the northern security fence" and "fired a mortar shell" into Israel, adding that they "rioted and hurled rocks at soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip, and neared the fence in an attempt to enter Israel."

On the same day, four other Palestinians were also shot near the borders of the Gaza Strip, in a major escalation of violence against Palestinian civilians.

On Tuesday, when a Palestinian sniper shot an Israeli Defense Ministry employee working at the border fence, Israel responded with air strikes against the Gaza Strip, killing 3-year-old, Hala Abu Sbeikha while she was playing in the yard of her home in al-Maghazi refugee camp, and injuring her mother and brother.

Four other Gazans were also injured in a series of Israeli attacks on that day.

Israeli forces frequently shoot at farmers and other civilians inside the Gaza Strip if they approach large swathes of land near the border that the Israeli military has deemed off-limits to Palestinians.

The "security buffer zone" extends between 500 meters and 1500 meters into the Strip, effectively turning local farms into no-go zones.

According to UNOCHA, 17% of Gaza's total land area and 35% of its agricultural land were within the buffer zone as of 2010, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of more than 100,000 Gazans.

The Gaza Strip has been under a severe economic blockade imposed by the State of Israel since 2006.
1 ) Mel / USA
26/12/2013 20:00
Dear Raddad! We recognize that you are victims & Israel(under Zionism)is the torturer &oppressor.That you must resort to collecting garbage,metal &anything else you can sell,to feed your family.is proof of Israel's brutal Nazi collective punishment,which remains a WAR CRIME.Blessings on Odeh &stay strong,for him & for a free Palestine.Zionism is dying out.USG knows it's an unsustainable dead-end(literally).This is why Israel's 'allies' are jumping Zionist-ship fast & counting all COSTS&effects!

2 ) jesse / usa
26/12/2013 20:04
I would like to see the video of the Palestinian sniper who shot the israeli. or maybe this guy should share his feelings on that shooting.

3 ) Paul / Kenya
26/12/2013 21:43
The video certainly shows how the Gazan people eating & drinking away, quite well dressed are starving due to the so called Israeli blockade. What a farce.

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
26/12/2013 22:23
To Jesse #2: 'I would like to see the video of the Palestinian sniper who shot the israeli. or maybe this guy should share his feelings on that shooting.' Don't be shy. What you would REALLY like to see is video of that three year old girl getting killed by an Israeli shell three days ago, or video of that seven year old being run over by a Jewish settler today. After all, that's what you love about Israel, isn't it?

5 ) gabi / australia
27/12/2013 00:52
jesse / usa - you miss the point entirely. It's no use saying "well look what they did" without understanding the whole of the issues and how they arose.This is a case of a far, far superior state, both in manpower and weaponry, exercising its ability to terrorise a much smaller lot of people who have been put in a prison, which is what Gaza is, by the larger state. Then the larger state complains and acts disproportionately to any resistance - and those acts are supported by people like you!

6 ) David / USA
27/12/2013 08:03
Jesse, one violent act does not justify another. Where's your conscience?

7 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
27/12/2013 10:42
Sorry. Doesn't add up. Knowing the operational procedures there is no way the man was shot 1 km from the border fence. . Also, no mention at all of the constant actions by Palestinian militant who place IEDs on the fence - a direct cause of the itchy trigger fingers on the Israeli side.

8 ) shirley / australia
27/12/2013 10:44
thank you finally maman for telling the whole story not the zionest western version alwys omitting the start of the violence that suits their victom propaganda stories and condolences to Raddad and his family for their loss and his brutal traetment this far fetched zionist story reaks like all their lies palestinians are nothing but target practice to them well proven many times in videos shooting people and ongoing in west bank palestinains will soon be living in freedom and all rights restored

9 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
27/12/2013 11:23
Why, Jesse ? They had nothing to do with each other, or can you please explain the link you perceive.

10 ) ian / australia
27/12/2013 13:03
#7 "...a direct cause of the itchy trigger fingers on the Israeli side." "Itchy trigger fingers"? And you claim you're not American!

11 ) @ Dave-6, Shirley-8 & Carol-9 / USA too
27/12/2013 16:57
6- You are correct that "one violent act does not justify another",
but the first one does justify self-defense !!
8- You may be confusing "telling the whole story" with telling only a half-truth, or an out-right-lie !!
9- Without the whole story and with both sides spreading so many
half-truths and lies, Nobody should "link" or "perceive" anything,
except that

12 ) Maureen / Australia
27/12/2013 22:44
# Brian Cohen, remeber this, God is watching. The Zionist cruelty and double standards will one day swing back and knock Israel clear off its invading feet.

13 ) Johnny benson / USA
28/12/2013 00:16
Pure propaganda...to feed the hate of the Israel bashers......as though it needs feeding

14 ) Maureen / Australia
28/12/2013 18:05
#13 Johnny benson, Israel is its own worst enemy.

15 ) RealityCheck / World
29/12/2013 05:13
#5 Dear Gabi I actually thought you were going to say something intelligent after that opening... This "far superior state" wasn't always so "far superior" they started off as the underdogs, and in pure Jewish style they persevered through the horrors of the holocaust, to build a nation on garbage land, where they were outnumbered and aggressed by Arabs, that were fundamentally opposed to a Jewish state in a Muslim middle east. After surviving every war over 65 years they became "Far Superior"

16 ) RealityCheck / World
29/12/2013 05:26
To #12, If God's been watching then he knows no one but the Jews are supposed to be in Israel and I mean all of it "Palestinian territories" included. Do yourself a favor and don't try to support your racist view with religion, because I don't know which god you pray to, but ive read the Torah, Bible and the Quran and all pretty much state God gave Israel to the Jews.
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