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Lack of fuel grounds Gaza's sole power plant
Published Friday 27/12/2013 (updated) 28/12/2013 14:39
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A Palestinian man walks past a power station in Gaza City on
Nov. 2, 2013 (AFP/File Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (AFP) -- Lack of fuel from Israel brought Gaza's lone power plant to a halt on Friday, days after it was fired back to life following a seven-week shutdown, the electricity company said.

"The plant stopped working on Friday morning due to a lack of fuel caused by Israel's closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing," said a company official.

Israel closed the crossing to the besieged Palestinian territory on Tuesday following a series of violent cross-border incidents earlier in the week.

The official said the closure of the power station means that electricity supplies to Gaza would be limited to six hours a day as opposed to the usual 12 hours a day.

The plant, which supplies some 30 percent of Gaza's electricity needs, had previously fallen silent on Nov. 1 as stocks of diesel ran out.

The power station returned to life on Dec. 15 after receiving a delivery of fuel purchased from Israel by the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority using funds donated by Qatar.

The PA helped facilitate the delivery via Israel.

The Kerem Shalom crossing was closed on Tuesday following a series of cross-border exchanges between Israel and Gaza militants after the fatal shooting of an Israeli Civil Defense employee engaged in maintenance work on the northern Israel-Gaza border fence by a Palestinian sniper.

Israel responded by launching air strikes against Gaza, killing a 3-year-old girl.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
1 ) Horace Butterworth / UK
27/12/2013 13:12
No surprise there is there? No forward planning at all. Have Hamas never heard of strategic implementation planning. Does Hamas actually have a development strategy. Targeting and striking Tel-Aviv with rockets really does not count.

2 ) shirley / australia
27/12/2013 13:31
yes and whos to blame the nazi state of Isreal and their cohorts and US stooges in egypt this is awar crime both EGYPT AND USREAL engaged in while ashton laps it up the complete hypocrite with the illegal maassacring gov in egypt the EU paltyed its dirty part in this illeagal coup the EU and US wanted suileman in power no elections and US deemed MB aterrorist oRG the day morsi elected democracy US EU styleMB not the only ones revolting jashton will soon be hounded like blairdeceiver extrordinary

3 ) Hamas cannot run a STATE / they spend all the money
27/12/2013 13:57
on war machines, cemented tunnels, fire arms, Rockets... But could not care less about the WELFARE if the CiTIZEN OF GAZA How long will the GAZANS stand such FAILING GOVERNMENT???

4 ) Henri. / France > Israel
27/12/2013 15:04
Sending rockets on Israel, and asking for fuel deliveries ??? NONSENSE

5 ) Tobias / USA
27/12/2013 15:07
Israel needs a better policy, to counter stop being shot at from Gaza,
where instead of shooting back Israel should just

If Hamas continues to impose the closure (collective punishment)
upon the people it governs in Gaza. then the world should join Israel,
in trying to replace Gaza's government !!

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
27/12/2013 15:22
Maan ususally doesn't mention that the fuel crossing was attacked by Islamic Jihad (with Hamas endorsement and approval) in 2008, killing two Israelis. If Gaza needs electricity, ask yourself why Gazans would attack the fuel supply in order for it to be cut off. And, of course, if Gaza gets REALLY desperate for electricity, they could force Hamas to abandon its policy of only war - no peace. If Hamas rejected war and accepted the peace process, Gaza would have electricity.

7 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
27/12/2013 16:04
In November Hamas officials were giving victory speeches how they beat the IDF. Meanwhile Hamas was unable to provide electricity to its population. Then it had a dispute with the PA and even less electricity was provided to the people. Then Qatar gives the PA 10 million to the PA who arrange for Israel to ship fuel to Gaza. Then Hamas starts up the war with Israel again with border bombings, shootings and rockets. Then they wonder why the crossing is closed? Amazing stupidity.

8 ) jesse / usa
27/12/2013 17:02
Your arab brothers are in control of SO MUCH fuel. cant they give you some?

9 ) it is same fight between / HAMAS AND FATAH
27/12/2013 17:27

10 ) Actually / Truth
27/12/2013 18:04
Actually it is the "Lack of" PEACE that
"grounds Gaza's sole power plant",
and Hamas is responsble for both:
- the lack of Peace, and
- the little girl's death too !!

11 ) Outlier / USA
27/12/2013 19:35
2., Sorry Shirley, but your comments defy all logic. The cause is stupid, STUPID Hamas priorities.

12 ) Mel / USA
27/12/2013 19:43
WOW!The mad push to blame all on Hamas,in order to TURN Gazan's away from a democratically-elected party(like it or not).All pro-Nazionist bullies in the angry-mob to distract focus from Israel's ongoing WAR CRIMES-collective punishment/blockade on Gaza,endorsed again by Egypt's revised US-client junta.U've no need to even LIKE Hamas or M/B,2B aware of Israel&Egypt collaboration in punishing 1.8 MILL civilians 4 resisting Zio-brutality & who can't pay x2 or x3 hiked-prices for fuel to eat&heat!

13 ) Outlier / USA
27/12/2013 21:14
12, Sorry Mel, cause and consequence trump politics here. Hamas is entirely to blame because its priority is not the basic needs of the people of Gaza. It decided the struggle against Israel - and against a secular Egypt - is more important and the people of Gaza are suffering the consequences.

14 ) Mel / USA
27/12/2013 22:41
#13:"It decided to struggle against Israel"?? In other words it chose to follow its RIGHTFUL,legal path to resist against invaders,occupiers &oppressors,rather than lay down passively &accept Israel's graduated destruction & theft of Palestine & was elected for THAT! Maybe you've never served your country or been a POW?If so,you'd know that ALL POW's or collectively punished civilians have a LEGAL RIGHT TO RESIST unjust oppression.

15 ) Boils / Romania
27/12/2013 22:48
Love the power station photo, it looks like it should be easy to attack six of its transformers, which would put it out of operation.

16 ) Outlier / USA
28/12/2013 02:39
14., Mel, yes Hamas chose this fight. Israel left Gaza, but Hamas decided to fight Israel by launching missiles and mortars across the border rather than work with Israel to achieve common ground. So Gazans suffer and Hamas is to blame.

17 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/12/2013 07:32
Gosh, Mel - you mean I can come help the native indians kill you? Face it, what you're saying is that there is a "LEGAL RIGHT TO RESIST unjust oppression" and that clearly means the occupation of native America by white nazisettlers like you. "Collective punishment" - those are the indian reservatons you pushed the survivors of genocide onto, Mel. You're a war criminal, Mel. Get out of the occupied Sioux Huron Mowawk Cherokee and other nations! Go back to Europe where you came from. You settler!

18 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
28/12/2013 17:11
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