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Fatah and Hamas officials announce unity deal
Erekat condemns Israel's bill to annex Jordan Valley
Published Sunday 29/12/2013 (updated) 01/01/2014 12:07
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A chief Palestinian official on Sunday condemned an Israeli committee vote in favor of a Knesset bill that would annex the Jordan Valley, placing it under full Israeli sovereignty.

Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said the decision destroys all efforts for peace with Israel, showing the Israeli government's "indifference" toward international law.

In an interview with Ma'an, Erekat said the Palestinian response should be to seek statehood recognition by the United Nations and other international bodies.

He called on the international community to hold Israel accountable for such a decision.

Israel's Channel Seven reported Sunday that the Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted in favor of a bill that would annex the entirety of the Jordan Valley.

Four ministers approved it and three opposed it, the report said.

Among those opposing it was Tzipi Livni, Israel's minister of justice, who appealed the vote.

"The government is tying its hands and the hands of the prime minister," Livni said, according to the Israeli news site Ynet.

"A profound debate must be held on such issues. You can't ratify such populist proposals ... which cause great damage to the State of Israel and render it isolated in the world."

Livni is charged with overseeing the current round of peace talks with the Palestinians.

The majority of the Jordan Valley is under full Israeli military control, despite being within the Palestinian West Bank.

Over 94 percent of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea area is prohibited for Palestinian use, with the land either declared a closed military zone or reserved for illegal Israeli settlements.

Israel has always insisted that a continued military presence on the frontier would be vital for its security for some 10-15 years after Palestinian statehood.

Palestinians reject the idea of an Israeli military presence, but have said an international peacekeeping force would be acceptable.

More than 500,000 Israeli settlers live in settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.
1 ) Tibi / Tubas
29/12/2013 20:00
Israel's bill to annex Jordan Valley condemns Erekat too, and Neither condemnation will affect what the other !!

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
29/12/2013 20:37
Yea, just love the rhetoric used in this article: 1-no mention that the "Palestinian territories" used to be sovereign Jordan, not Palestine. 2-no mention that Jews legally lived and owned land in the wb before being ehnically cleansed in 1948 3-no mention of any of the multitude of Palestinian violations of international law. And, of course, Erekat resigned for the Nth time and is a known fibber, so scyooz us if we don't pay attention to him.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/12/2013 20:40
Kerry's coming back. The Israelis love rubbing America's snout in it like this. It's fun to humiliate your friends. That this means you ultimately wind up with no friends doesn't seem to dawn on Israel.

4 ) Outlier / USA
29/12/2013 21:15
How does this man look in the mirror and not wince? Were he a true negotiator, willing to make difficult concessions as well as take tough stands, peace might already be at hand and this would not be an issue.

5 ) Dr. Moshe Israel / Israel
29/12/2013 21:23
You use the enemy's terminology. First of all 'west bank' is Judea and Samaria. It is the big lie that Jews live in Judea and Samaria in contravention of 'international law'. The Levy Report and others have dispelled that foolish notion spread by the Jew haters and Israel's enemies. The Jordan Valley is critical for Israel's defense. It should never be given over to the thugs of Ramallah or from hamas for that matter!!

6 ) mohamed / somalia
29/12/2013 21:46
good bye for peace welcome one state with hebron, jenin,gaza, napolis,tulkarem,east jerusalem,jordan valley all the palestinian enclave under total idf control.

7 ) Palestinian / occupied Palestine
29/12/2013 22:00
why dont you and your naser lahham, who acts so patriotic on mayadeen, report on the IDF parading with PA security in manger square in Bethlehem??? lousy site, i swear even zionist haaretz has more decency than you!!

8 ) spb / us
29/12/2013 22:45
Saeb, remember your town was destroyed in biblical time because there was not a single decent law abiding person there? since the situation has not change having israeli army near you is like an insurace policy that it will not happen again

9 ) 3 Conditions / Palestine
30/12/2013 20:15
According to Israel's PM, "we will sign an agreement only if it stands up to the test of these needs:” -1- “Israel must be recognized as a Jewish state". -2- "Palestinians must surrender (both) --a-- the 'right of return,' of descendants of those who fled in 1948", & --b-- their other demands for additional parts of the Land of Israel, beyond what is agreed in a final-status deal", and (lastly) -3- "an agreement would have to ensure that Israel could properly defend itself, by itself".

10 ) ian / australia
31/12/2013 00:32
#5 "You use the enemy's terminology." With all respect, Dr. Moshe Israel (well, none actually), what a litany of Zionist BS! It might be YOUR enemy's terminology (so I don't know who you're addressing) but for the rest of the world it's the legal consensus. What is NOW the West Bank may have been Judea and Samaria in ancient history, like Gaul was Roman or New York Iroquois but since UNGA Res 67/19 (138 votes to 9) it's sovereign Palestine. And the Levy Commission, tortuously justifying

11 ) ian / australia
31/12/2013 00:33
(contd.) the outposts, has been dismissed as eccentric nonsense by more than "Jew haters and Israel's enemies". And the Jordan Valley is self-evidently NOT "critical for Israel's defense" as Israel could obviously protect itself MORE effectively on its LEGAL borders and indeed, have NOTHING to protect itself from if it withdrew to them. And of course, though you don't like it (why should you?) it belongs LEGALLY to "the thugs of Ramalla" (and "hamas for that matter!!") So your post is actually

12 ) ian / australia
31/12/2013 00:35
(contd.) baseless assertion of demonstrable lies in the service of the criminal Zionist agenda. Isn't it?

13 ) Claims vs. Negotiations / Failure vs. Success
31/12/2013 02:51
The Abraham did Not call himself "Palestinian", and neither did Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, etc., etc., and if it was "Palestinian land" in 1948, why did they Not say so, when Egypt stole Gaza, Jordan stole the West Bank, and Syria stole the Golan. The Answer is Simple: - It Was Not Palestinian Land in 1948, just like - It Is Not Palestinian Land Now, and - Claiming the lands that Jordan/Egypt stole in 1948, & later lost in 1967, will Not make it Palestinian Land Ever !!!

14 ) Michael / USA
31/12/2013 17:56
King David was born of Ishmaelite descent from Ruth the moabitess

15 ) Giacomo / USA
31/12/2013 23:00
"Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace. Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world." - Eric Hoffer

16 ) ian / australia
03/01/2014 21:47
#14 "King David was born of Ishmaelite descent from Ruth the moabitess" Not exactly, Michael. The Moabites didn't descend from Ishmael. They descend from Terah, the father of Abraham through Lot, his nephew. Here is how it goes: Noah begat Shem (the eldest of three sons, all on the ark, who repopulated the world after the Flood!). Shem begat Arphaxad and eight generations later, Terah, the father of Abraham and his brother Haran. Abraham begat Ishmael and Isaac, and Haran begat Lot

17 ) ian / australia
03/01/2014 21:47
(contd.) (who came to Canaan with his uncle). Lot and Abraham had a falling out over sheep and Lot went to live EAST of the Jordan, excluding himself from the Covenant (!) An incestuous fling between Lot and his eldest daughter produced Moab, ancestor of Ruth, the Moabitess. (The Moabites were wicked and performed human sacrifice to Chemosh which is why the pious Ruth switched to Jehovah worship.) From there we get Ruth and Boaz begetting Obed who begat Jesse, the father of David

18 ) ian / australia
03/01/2014 21:48
(contd.) and ultimately Jesus. So David is not of "Ishmaelite descent" though with a convert great grandmother there may be some sticklers who would deny he's Jewish! Of course, NONE of this is what you'd call historically TRUE being concocted by Levites from the House of Judah as political self-aggrandisement and the consolidation of power. So, it seems there's a LONG tradition of cooking the books and Zionist contortions like #2, #5 and #13, are the modern version.
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