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Gaza teen dies of wounds after Thursday border shooting
Published Friday 03/01/2014 (updated) 05/01/2014 15:57
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian teenager died early Friday of wounds sustained by Israeli forces the day before in the northern Gaza Strip, medics told Ma'an.

Palestinian medical sources identified the teen, who was shot Thursday at the Israeli border near Jabaliya, as 16-year-old Adnan Abu Khater.

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the emergency services in Gaza, said in a statement that Abu Khater died of his wounds after soldiers shot him in the leg east of Jabaliya, according to AFP.

Medical sources originally told Ma'an that Abu Khater was 18.

On Thursday afternoon, the youth was shot and injured by Israeli forces after he "was damaging" the border fence, an Israeli army spokeswoman said at the time. She said that after he refused to stop, Israeli soldiers hit him in the leg with live fire.

The Israeli news site Ynet reported he was "throwing stones" at the separation barrier.

The teen's death came as Israeli airstrikes targeted the Gaza Strip, hitting agricultural land near al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, the town of Beit Hanoun in the north, and another neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, Palestinian sources said.

No injuries from the strikes have been reported.

The Israeli army said the airstrikes were in response to a rocket from Gaza that hit southern Israel, causing no injuries or damages.

On Dec. 20, a similar death to Abu Khater's was documented. Two Palestinians were collecting scrap metal and plastic in the northern Gaza Strip -- nearly a kilometer away from the border -- when 27-year-old Odeh Hamad was shot dead by Israeli forces, his brother said. An Israeli army statement said Hamad was shot because he tried to lay an explosive device at the border.

Israeli forces frequently shoot at farmers and other civilians inside the Gaza Strip if they approach large swathes of land near the border that the Israeli military has deemed off limits to Palestinians.

The "security buffer zone" extends between 500 meters and 1500 meters into the Strip, effectively turning local farms into no-go zones.

Last week, an upheaval in violence in Gaza left two dead and several injured. On Dec. 24, Israeli airstrikes killed a 3-year-old Palestinian girl and injured several others after a Palestinian sniper killed an Israeli Civil Defense employee working at the border.

Two days later, two more Palestinians were injured in Israeli airstrikes, after two rockets fired from Gaza hit open Israeli areas, causing no injuries or damage.

On Saturday, Israeli tank fire injured two more Palestinians in central Gaza in an attack that was unconfirmed by the Israeli army but nonetheless made international headlines.

An Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement was reached in November 2012 between Palestinian factions and Israel to end over a week of fighting which left over 170 Palestinians dead and more than a thousand injured. Six Israelis were also killed during the fighting.

Since the agreement, Israeli forces have shot dozens of Gazans in border areas, and have launched frequent incursions.

The Gaza Strip has been under a severe economic blockade imposed by Israel since 2006.
1 ) humza / usa
03/01/2014 14:00
so he threw stones at a fence and Israel thinks that deserves death. God is watching and soon you will see his wrath.

2 ) j / usa
03/01/2014 16:02
yes he does. 16 y/o should go to school and not throw stones. yeah god is watching and saying no state for palestinians. they terrorists. until now he is pro israel

3 ) Security / Barrier
03/01/2014 16:31
How many times palestinians were told : do not go near that fence, do not clime on that fence. But palestinians do not understand words. Bad mistakes.

4 ) Paul / Kenya
03/01/2014 16:41
So you were there, Humza & believe everything you read.

5 ) matt / usa
03/01/2014 16:43
How was he shot in the leg, and he died?

6 ) Saburah / Misri
03/01/2014 17:26
"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un" - "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return" - To the Palestinian people all that can be said is remain patient & wait for the reward of Allah - #1 - Humza, just being a Gaazan is enough, never mind trowing stones or as they (IOF) put it 'destroying a fence'. Ayat Al Kursi (The Throne Verse): Surah Al Baqarah 2:255 tells us that Allah doesn't sleep, He sees everything.

7 ) Bubcuss / Usa
03/01/2014 17:48
Rest in peace, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

8 ) Sarloff / USA
03/01/2014 18:13
Hey, those stones could have seriously damaged the paint job on that wall! He had to die!

9 ) Carlos / usa
03/01/2014 20:56
Unfortunately the punishment in israel for Palestinians is death for anything. Dr Khalil Salah was guilty of being a University professor and israel not only murdered him but then summarily executed his son Mohammed. May Adnan Abu Khater rest in peace and may the sleazebag who murdered him get his just desert. Anat Kamm and Uri Blau, Jewish israelis, exposed israels murder policy and were arrested for it. There is no peace or justice for Jewish israelis either.

10 ) Julie / USA
03/01/2014 21:03
he threw stones...damaged the separation barrier...all this according to izrael, the murderous zionazi regime. i say, where is the UNEDITED film from the many security cameras izrael installs to prove he was doing anything wrong???? this will show the truth! it's more likely he was murdered in cold blood the same as so many innocent civilians....just for being Palestinian.

11 ) Presston / Canada
03/01/2014 21:17
@4- Paul, you also seem to belive everything you read, except this is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict being reported here. Some of your previus comments show you to be a little lost, it was Al Shubuub that destroyed your Mall, sad as it was. Stop labelling people.

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
04/01/2014 01:32
Ever notice how Zionists ALWAYS applaud the deaths of Palestinians -- regardless of the circumstances? That's because in Israel, to kill gentiles is a good thing.

13 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
04/01/2014 08:39
Farms that lie within the Border Zone are provided with permits, personel they employ are vetted so Ma'an's claim that "farms are turned into no go zones" is false. Julie: As an American you have no business pointing your bloody finger at anyone. Clean your own house first. Carlos: See above.

14 ) Jorge / Argentina
04/01/2014 10:16
That?s how it works. First, a child destroys the defensive wall. If israel stop him, israel becomes a children killer. If Israel rebuild the wall, then a sniper kills the worker. But if the wall remain broken, several terrorists infiltrate israel. That?s the reason why palestinians let him die just of a leg injure.

15 ) Ahmed / Gaza
07/01/2014 07:34
I read comments made by some people. I am surprised. This fence is illegal and even the child did not throw stones. I hope one thing, Do not make judgements till you see the Israel's terrorism upon palestinians.
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