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Tulkarem area man crushed to death inside Israeli checkpoint
Published Monday 06/01/2014 (updated) 09/01/2014 09:34
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TULKAREM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian man died inside of an Israeli checkpoint in the northern West Bank while en route to his place of work in Israel on Sunday.

Witnesses told Ma'an that 59-year-old Adel Muhammad Yakoub from the northern West Bank village of Balaa died as a result of extreme overcrowding inside the Ephraim/Taybeh checkpoint.

They highlighted that some 10,000 Palestinian workers cross through the checkpoint every day and that inspection procedures at the checkpoint go very slowly causing dangerous levels of overcrowding inside the checkpoint.

The victim left behind a wife and seven children, aged 11-16. He is reported to have suffered from heart disease.

Israeli forces maintain severe restrictions on Palestinians' freedom of movement in the West Bank through a complex combination of fixed checkpoints, flying checkpoints, roads forbidden to Palestinians but open exclusively to Jewish settlers, and various other physical obstructions.

At any given time there are about 100 permanent Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, while surprise flying checkpoints often number into the hundreds.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.
1 ) Mel / USA
06/01/2014 17:48
Oh bless him! Poor guy,crushed in a crowd like cattle on the way to a Zionist slaughter-house.Obama?How can U DARE let Israel treat human beings like this?As a human,American &black guy,how can you SEND billions in our taxdollars to Jewish-fascists like these,occupying Israel?Why don't you just donate straight to NEO-Nazi groups,or AIPAC,like the white'Christian'Zionists do?It's not just blessed Adel.It's MILLIONS of humans daily who're forced to do this,just for NOT being white or Jewish!!!!!

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
06/01/2014 19:29
This poor guy is another victim of the intifada and Palestinian policy to carry out a multi-year illegal terror campaign against Israeli civilians. Before the Fatah leadership came from Tunis, over 100,000 Palestinians worked in Israel. There were no checkpoints and Palestinians could drive just about anywhere. Then, instead of a peace treaty Fatah and Hamas decided to attack Israeli civilians, brutally butchering over 1000 civilians. Israel responded with checkpoints and the security fence.

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/01/2014 22:37
To Brain Cohen #2: 'This poor guy is another victim of the intifada and Palestinian policy to carry out a multi-year illegal terror campaign against Israeli civilians.' Oh that's utter B.S. and you know it. How many Israelis have been killed within Israel by attackers from the West Bank in the last five years? If Israel cared at all about such a threat, they wouldn't let in workers at all.

06/01/2014 23:41
Colin I have one correction to your comment, Brian Cohen is his name. One should never confuse this guy with a brain, or with having a brain. I am very proud not to be israeli. I would be very proud to be a Palestinian though.

5 ) blake / iran
07/01/2014 00:34
To Colin Wright: "If Israel cared at all about such a threat, they wouldn't let in workers at all." Or they still want the people to have jobs and put up extra security, like they actually did.

6 ) Brian COhen / Israel
07/01/2014 00:44
Colin - your hatred and uncivilized attitude towards Arabs shows how depraved your politics are. Too many Israelis have been killed by attackers from the WB period. You fools play numbers games but the only number that counts is the date the peace treaty is signed. Your justification of your occupation of America is sick. After 400 years you gave the natives a passport. Why didn't you give them their own country? Our goal is two states for two nations. Your goal was domination. You won.

7 ) Carson / Canada
07/01/2014 00:44
He was crushed by other Palestinians, yet disgusting animals like Mel blame Israel. How pathetic people like you are. Hey Mel, Colin, can you please enlighten us as to why checkpoints are there ?

8 ) Brian COhen / Israel
07/01/2014 00:48
Bless you Mel. You and Colin successfully committed genocide and pushed the surviving Indians onto reservations, while you stole their continent. Instead of giving them back their land, after 400 years you gave them an American passport. You kept the spoils and you do not have a Sioux or a Huron or a Navajo passport. Now from your conquered lands you call us names. Ok big guys - put your money where your mouths are. Divide American and give them their own countries back. Cowards.

9 ) Andrea / Usa
07/01/2014 02:59
Curious, why does a 59 year old day laborer have 7 children the oldest 16? I am 57 and all my kids are with jobs already. It's just a population play.

10 ) DC / Israel
07/01/2014 08:39
Brian - There is no connection between the checkpoints, the Security Barrier and Israeli security. The hundreds of checkpoints are in the Palestinian territories! None of them act as a border inspection. The Security Barrier is entirely in the West Bank and in no way even separates between Palestinian and Israelis in the West Bank or Israel. Their purpose is to control Palestinian freedom of movement and confiscate land.

11 ) Rachamim Dwek / Israel
07/01/2014 10:28
There are a total of 10 internal checkpoints-only 1 of which is 24/7. Border Crossings are NOT checkpoints.All nations have border controls. The deceased was working within the Greenline.That isn't a right.It is a privelege. If crowding is too much go work in a KFC in Ramallah or build homes in Rawabi.Stop blaming Israel for each and everything. ColinWright: You are right, not many Israelis have been killed by terrorism lately BECAUSE checkpoints prevent it.Grow up.

12 ) shirley / australia
07/01/2014 13:54
beacause palestinians have little or no control over their economy they are forced to work in isreal as slave labour and idiot palestinians that talk of giving isrealis jobs instead of doing all in their power to create jobs pals areludicrous and should attend this mans funeral along with the despicable paris agreement totally illegal and destroying the pal economy with isreal getting all the benefitswhile Isreal staels all palestinians resources from water to gas along gaza border etc etc

13 ) Madeleine / Madagascar
07/01/2014 17:51
Could you post an actual journalistic story about this man? if he didn't have a good life before, he should at least be remembered well after his death. What was his life like? who is he? Can we see his children and wife, maybe if they have old photos.

14 ) Madeleine / Madagascar
07/01/2014 17:59
@Rachamim Dwek: They are not Border crossings but checkpoints if they exist on internationally recognized occupied territory. Besides Israeli checkpoints admit with or without knowledge hundreds of Palestinians (thousdands in some occasions) into the green line, if the Palestinians wanted to play "terrorist" they could have plenty of times!! Checkpoints are to make Palestinians lives a living hell so they would leave the country, they are by no means a way to "protect" israel from "terrorists".

15 ) Vuvuzela Khasindu / Kenya
08/01/2014 00:44

16 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 03:19
To blake #5: 'Or they still want the people to have jobs...' Yep. Israel's loving concern for her Palestinian neighbors has long been evident.

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/01/2014 03:22
Re Brian #6: '... Your justification of your occupation of America is sick. After 400 years...'#8: '...you stole their continent. Instead of giving them back their land, after 400 years....' Brain is getting worse. Now he repeats within the same thread.

18 ) BDS / Canada
08/01/2014 04:07
Checkpoints are part of the brutal and vicious occupation and the zionist policy of ethnic cleansing. The BDS is an effective and growing movement to highlight these systematic zionist horrors against the peoples of Palestine and a way for those of us who care about human rights to stand with Palestinians.

19 ) James Atemba / U.S A
08/01/2014 08:43
No comment but I am so sorry for what's happening

20 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
08/01/2014 10:27
DC get your facts straight. "hundreds of checkpoints"?? Really? No border inspection? Are you a total moron? Of course there are border inspection crossings. I dare you to meet me at one of the Jerusalem crossings that do indeed keep suicide bombers out. You don't like the checkpoints or the security fence (it's 90% fence, not wall) - then tell the Pals to declare a total end to terrorism. It is a FACT that Hamas and Jihad declare their policy is violence and their goal is to kill and kidnap.

21 ) Mohammad / Jordan
09/01/2014 11:11
Brain .. First of all its called Palestine and these people you are talking about are just normal people who got disparate from all your acts of brutality against them .. it was always their land and then u came with guns and weapons and took it from them and now u call them terrorists for fighting back .. ?!?!!?!? since when is defending your own country an act of terrorism ?! and putting as much people in one place is an act of brutality and a simple declaration of hate towards any human !!

22 ) Imran Lakhi / Uk
10/01/2014 22:57
Brian your moronic attitude is second to none I fail to understand why you would even contribute to this discussion. Anyhow the problem with Israeli apologists like yourself is first they feel Israel is justified to pursue its barbaric behaviour towards the Palestines just because it's undersigned in the name of security. Secondly you clearly ignore the facts and just rant with opinions that hold. I value to this debate.

23 ) Imran Lakhi / UK
10/01/2014 23:30
@Rachamim #11-. Don't you think if the the opportunity arose for these Palestinians to seek employment elsewhere they would, you're talking 10,000 each day. How dare you talk about privileges and rights: your country has stolen lands from the Palestinians for decades as if it was their privilege. PS if checkpoints serve to maintain security, why do Palestinian women have to give birth in an ambulances at checkpoints. GROW UP.
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