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Palestinian man shot dead by Israeli forces near Ramallah
Published Wednesday 29/01/2014 (updated) 30/01/2014 15:48
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man near the Ramallah village of Ein Siniya on Wednesday.

A Ma'an reporter identified the victim as Muhammad Mahmoud Mubarak, 22, from al-Jalazun refugee camp.

Israeli forces in the area denied Palestinian ambulances access to the body before medics were eventually allowed to transfer the man to Ramallah Medical Complex.

A Palestinian official in the military liaison department told Ma'an that Mubarak was shot dead by a soldier positioned in a military watchtower.

"A Palestinian terrorist opened fire at an IDF (army) post near Ofra. The soldiers responded immediately in order to eliminate the imminent threat to their lives and fired towards the terrorist, identifying a hit," Israel's army said.

Eyewitnesses in the area told Ma'an that Mubarak was a laborer working with the al-Tarifi company on a USAID funded project to refurbish the main road in Ein Siniya.

Earlier, he had been directing traffic in the area with a handheld sign.

"While he was doing his job, a number of Israeli soldiers arrived and started to harass him," witnesses told Ma'an.

"They forced him to take off his clothes, then put them on again. Then they ordered him to take a few steps forward, then walk back, and finally they shot him and left him bleeding preventing ambulance and medics from reaching him."

Coworkers and an executive from the al-Tarifi company were close-by when the shooting took place.

Last year, Israel's army killed 27 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, according to UN statistics.

1 ) Me / Here
29/01/2014 13:33
This is a B.S. cover up story. That kid was not a "terrorist" and the Israelis are covering up that soldier's war crime as usual. I'm sitting in Ramallah watching youth clashing with Palestinian police whom are shooting at them with live ammo and acting as a buffer between Palestinians and the IDF.

2 ) palestinian / occupied palestine
29/01/2014 14:03
is this all you were able to write on this cold-blooded murder? why don't you mention the details of the crime you have in your arabic article? or are you afraid to lose your european governmental funding if you report in english on israel's war crimes??!!!

3 ) Palestine / Rammallah
29/01/2014 17:06
Cold-blooded murder and massacres committed by the Israeli soldiers reflects the nature of the Israeli occupation that lives on blood and murder of the Palestinian people, ... no peace with these killers.

4 ) Carson / Canada
29/01/2014 17:29
@ Palestinian and Palestine: He opened fire on soldiers at an army post. IDF returned fire. What's the problem here?? The title of this article is complete crap

5 ) Returned / Fire
29/01/2014 17:38
He opened fire at Israeli solders - he was killed by returned fire. The lesson is - do not start fight with Israelis and you will be alive.

6 ) Rafael / USA
29/01/2014 17:43
Even in the picture here if you look by his head of the dead guy you will see his rifle. Self evident that he was shooting at Israelis and got killed for it.

7 ) The guy started shooting / at the soldiers
29/01/2014 18:18
you can see the gun in his hands stop your filthy lying!

8 ) E / Usa
29/01/2014 18:42
to #1, 2 ,3 yeah yeah yeah keep telling this lies to yourself. You all know well, you are the problem

9 ) wjm / usa
29/01/2014 19:37
The fact is that Israel army personnel can kill Palestinian Arabs with complete impunity. Even in the most egregious case of murder, an Israeli Jew will never suffer serious punishment for killing a Gentile. That is an unwritten law, but it is persistent and is frequently verified. It underlies the Zionist attitude that Jews are a superior race.

10 ) echo / UK
29/01/2014 19:50
Gunman Mohamed Mahmoud Mubarak's, shooting spree against Israeli cars on the 465 highway outside Atarot, northwest of Ramallah, was cut short. An Israeli force arriving on the scene shot the gunman dead before anyone was hurt on the road.

11 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/01/2014 20:10
Waitin' for the Zioliars to show up...if you're a REAL Israel-lover, no crime is too blatant.

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
29/01/2014 20:15
The Israelis really should offer 'meatcations' to well-heeled foreign tourists with a yen to shoot the ultimate game. Where else in the world can you kill someone, in perfect security, and even from an air-conditioned stand? Getting your trophy back home might pose problems, but I imagine photos would be doable. The Israelis could easily charge a million a 'hunt' -- and their expenses would be negligible. I'm sure there are many wealthy Israel supporters who would leap at the opportunity.

13 ) matt / usa
29/01/2014 20:24
of course this version is the most truthfull. right?

14 ) @ Palestine-3 / Life, Truth, & Intentions
29/01/2014 20:36
The Intentions of the dead man were "Cold-blooded Murder and massacre" (if possible) of Jews, and
-1- the Israeli soldiers simply prevented him from succeeding, and
-2- the Israeli people live (not by blood, but) by strength and defense of their military, used against would be "killers - the Palestinian people", and
-3- the Israeli people prosper by hard work and ingenuity, rather than begging for international donations, like "the Palestinian people",
for the last 65 years !!!

15 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
29/01/2014 20:55
Let us call a spade a spade. The IDF recovered a gun and bullet casings from fired bullets next to the body of the dead Palestinian. The IDF has posted a picture of the gun used by the Palestinian. There was no handheld sign. The Palestinian was killed while he was attempting to carry out an act of terrorism. He was a fool. Resistance is futile and only harms Palestinians.

16 ) mac.neill / UK
29/01/2014 21:52
When will the world wake up to the illegal occupation of Palestine and the epidemic inhuman cruelty inflicted on the indigenous people by the Zionist state

17 ) The Vic / Canada
29/01/2014 22:04
them IDF terrorist are very brave against unarmed victims sons of Zionist whores ! أبناء القحبة الصهيونية used Google translator

18 ) West Banker / Palestine
29/01/2014 22:15
3/4 of the articles on this website might as well have been written by Zionists, this one included.

19 ) moi / there
30/01/2014 00:25

20 ) Israel / Israel
30/01/2014 00:38
Strange , Always israely crime, Every army/Law forces kills TERRORISTS! It's not a crime. To be a terrorist is a crime.

21 ) Soufian Lamrani / Morocco
30/01/2014 00:54
This is not Syria nor are the zionists trigger happy. We in Morocco have come to trust information given by the zionist radio. If they wanted they could kill hundreds, do they? So stop with your BS and focus your attention to the events taking place in Syria.

22 ) Vincent / USA
30/01/2014 02:11
MURDER is Murder and too not stand behind the truth makes one complicit.

23 ) Ray Packham / UK
30/01/2014 10:10
I find it hard to believe that even the most deranged "terrorist" would walk up the middle of a road toward an Israeli watch-tower, brandishing a rifle. There is more to this than the photograph and comments would have you believe..... I wonder what ?

24 ) Brian Cohen / Palestine
30/01/2014 12:09
#23 Sometimes its as simple as a couple of bored soldiers indoctrinated from birth to hate Arabs looking for a reason to pull a trigger...and the commander who has to go in and clean up their mess by planting evidence to make it look like a terrorist attack. Not the first time that this has happened. Not by a long shot.

25 ) Sue / UK
30/01/2014 19:06
No. Far from the first time; remember the 14-year-old girl who was shot? The commander walked to where she was lying injured, emptied his magazine into her and then 'confirmed the kill'. They didn't even try to claim that she had a gun, or a bomb strapped to her innocent young body. Of course, the commander got away with it. Bored soldiers, being taught to hate Arabs and then joining the army after a visit to Auswitcz is the most likely scenario. He was working on the roads, was he not?

26 ) Robert / Uk
30/01/2014 22:05
Oh yes, he is going to stand in the middle of the road to shoot at a bunch of Zionist killers. I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
31/01/2014 22:08
to Robert. It would not be the first time that a Palestinian essentially committed suicide trying to attack Israelis.

28 ) Rami / Palestine
31/01/2014 22:49
#25. Yes, he was working on the road, directing traffic for a construction company that had already passed the ultra rigorous USAID vetting process. There is no way that this guy was a terrorist and no way in hell did he have a weapon.

29 ) Elsa Collins / UK
01/02/2014 03:20
Israeli soldiers , your barbaric actions are despicable, Israelis like you need to be re-educated to live in a civilised society.

30 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/02/2014 06:49
To @ #14: '-3- the Israeli people prosper by hard work and ingenuity, rather than begging for international donations, like "the Palestinian people", ' You forgot 80% of the US foreign aid budget, additional billions in private donations, and lavish diplomatic and even military support. Yup. Pullin' yourself up by your own bootstraps. You wouldn't last six months on your own, and you know it. However, you're welcome to prove me wrong. Please...

31 ) Colin Wright / USA
01/02/2014 06:51
To Rondo Mondo #27: ' ...It would not be the first time that a Palestinian essentially committed suicide trying to attack Israelis.' Yup. In fact, I imagine if we just took Israel's word for it, it would shortly turn out that they'd collectively marched themselves into gas chambers.

32 ) @ Colin-30 / USA too
02/02/2014 00:59
Either YOU exaggerate/LIE greatly, OR you are JUST IGNORANT: 1- The vast majority of US aid to Israel is military, which is more a stimulus for US companies, with 70% being spent here in the US, and this vast majority is only about 2% of Israel's $200 billion GDP. 2- The US aid results from Arab aggression and terrorism, and 3- Israel would easily last six months (& another 6 decades) on it's own, while "PALESTINE WOULDN'T LAST SIX" DAYS, without US and EU aid, "and you (& they) know it" !!!

33 ) US COP / USA
02/02/2014 23:53
Suicide by soldier/policeman. We have this all the time in the USA. Someone wants to die and they make sure a policeman (or in this case, a soldier) does the job. Firing on passers-by is a sure method. Check his psychological background.

34 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 00:46
To @ #32: ' 3- Israel would easily last six months (& another 6 decades) on it's own' Go for it. Please.

35 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 20:58
To US Cop #33: 'Suicide by soldier/policeman. We have this all the time in the USA.' I'm trying to think of a single example. Drawing a blank. Help me out here. A dozen cases from the last month? It's a big country. Shouldn't be too hard -- since it happens 'all the time.'
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