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Report: Hamas pulls back forces preventing rockets against Israel
Published Sunday 02/02/2014 (updated) 04/02/2014 11:10
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The Hamas movement has allegedly pulled back hundreds of gunmen previously deployed along the borders with Israel in order to prevent other Palestinian factions from firing homemade rockets at Israeli towns, according to an Israeli report released on Sunday.

The Hebrew language news site Walla reported on Sunday that according to Palestinian sources Hamas had pulled back 600 gunmen who had been deployed in border areas to maintain a ceasefire with Israel by preventing gunmen from other militant factions from firing rockets.

The reported move comes a day after Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon threatened to launch attacks against the Gaza Strip if rockets continued to be launched towards the Israel, saying that they would pay a "heavy price."

Hamas' move gives other Palestinian factions a green light to fire rockets at Israeli targets across the border, according to Walla. The move allegedly came in response to an Israeli airstrike on Thursday.

The Walla report highlighted that Hamas is still exerting pressure on other Palestinian factions to maintain a ceasefire, which has been in place since it was brokered by Egypt after the last Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip in 2012, which killed around 170 Palestinians and injured thousands.

The report comes amid a major uptick in Israeli attacks on Gaza in recent weeks, which have injured dozens of civilians, as well as a number of incursions into border areas.

Additionally, Israeli forces have opened fire on numerous Palestinian protests in border areas, which Israel maintains as a "buffer zone" that has turned 17% of Gaza's total land area and 35% of its agricultural land into a no-go zone according to UNOCHA's 2010 statistics.

Palestinian militants, meanwhile, have fired an increased number of rockets toward Israel, which have all landed in unpopulated areas with no injuries reported.
1 ) Julie / USA
02/02/2014 13:03
it needs to be made known that the rockets launched into izrael from gaza are a RESPONSE to either: 1) the continuous izraeli breaches of the ceasefire agreement or 2) numerous direct attacks by izraeli forces against gazans (e.g. extrajudicial assassinations; shooting/murdering/injuring civilians). NEVER has a rocket been launched from gaza that was not in response to izraeli offense first. also, ARMED RESISTANCE is LEGAL against izrael's ILLEGAL occupation per INTERNATIONAL LAW.

2 ) southparkbear / usa
02/02/2014 15:09
this time around Egypt will have no reason to jump and save hamas or gaza. the constant attacks in sinai perpetrated by palestinians as well as the allegtions that palestinians were involved in the murder of an army general lately back this assertion. for sure at the initial stage we will see 10 more tunnels going down

3 ) Outlier / USA
02/02/2014 15:15
If true, removes the "deniable reason" card.

4 ) Bulgar Wheat / Bulgaria
02/02/2014 16:00
Julie, let these Arabs fight amongst themselves and kill each other as they do in their neighbouring Arab/Moslem countries. In order that the Juice intelligentsia can create agricultural, medical and technical expertise in peace, for the betterment of mankind.

5 ) Yousef / Gaza
02/02/2014 16:16
Subhana Allah, why was it not acceptable to Hamas when Arafat and Abu Mazen wanted rocket launching to stop? Hypocrisy ineed Hamas!

Go back to the jokes they were told in Palestine when Hamas won the 2006 elections

6 ) @ Julie-1 / Peace, Not Ceasefire
02/02/2014 16:17
The Cause & Effect/"Response" does NOT "need to be made known." !! Instead, ** THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED, and: -1- The often repeated HAMAS-style ceasefire agreement, (without any intention of leading to a signed peace agreement) ** WILL NEVER BREAK THE CYCLE, Long-Term, AND -2- The often repeated HAMAS-style "Hamas pull back" allowing rockets against Israel" WILL RENEW THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE, Short-Term, and likely VERY SOON INDEED.

7 ) @ Julie-1 / USA too
02/02/2014 16:27
In the real world, THE TRUTH of what "needs to be known" IS already KNOWN: - Hamas fires many "extrajudicial" rockets every year, and - The PRC "shoots & murders" civilians last year, and - Islamic Jihad, PFLP, etc., etc. all about the same, and - all of them fight among the Gaza civilian population, so that - Israel is blamed (for civilian deaths) for Self-Defense !!!

8 ) gail / Poland
02/02/2014 17:14
Instead of Soda Stream drink makers, they manufacture rockets.

9 ) Mel / USA
02/02/2014 17:59
#1:Julie/USA:Agreed! Resistance vs persecution,racism,bigotry &expansive occupation is an inalienable human right.Ask Jewish resistance which retaliated against Nazism.Or any ethnic group discriminated against-in their OWN land-by brutal "chosen","divine right" invaders(too many to count historically).Hamas & all PAL factions MUST unite now &use international laws as their 'arms',as well as defending Gaza,locally,from Israel's disproportionate attacks/war crimes,labelled "Israel's security"!

10 ) Tobias / USA
02/02/2014 18:03
- GAZA CHOOSES To Live By THE SWORD (on Hamas' Flag) and though - RAMALLAH continues the pretense of peace talks, it CHOOSES To Live By THE RIFLE & Hand-GRENADE (Fatah's flag), and - ISRAEL CHOOSES PEACE & GOD, and - The Rewards of each choice is clear in the world today, where the first two bleed in poverty, and the last grows stronger & more prosperous !!!!

11 ) Johnny benson / USA
02/02/2014 18:09
Julie is right...with a inverse reasoning...the Arabs have been at war with the Jews for the last hundred or so yrs...because they can't bring themselves to admit defeat...and because of the thousand to one population advantage they press on in any way they can...and the Jews fight back...since every casualty suffered at the hands of a Jew..gives the Arabs a propaganda victory in the anti Semitic world ..they press on...so by losing they are winning...

12 ) Yaakov / USA
02/02/2014 18:12
It should be known Julia that people that read Ma'an are usually aware of Israel's offenses. It never reports Gazas offenses. And if you think Gaza is always right and Israel is always wrong, you are just a blind, stupid, hater. These arguments can go back and forth depending on your perspective. When was the last bus blown up by a suicide bomber in Gaza? When was the last time Israeli terrorists came to Gaza and stabbed a baby? They never happen in Gaza. Only the other way.

13 ) Reality / Truth
02/02/2014 18:33
The time when One-State was possible ended decades ago, and can Never return !! A time when Two-States could still be possible is ending rapidly, which leaves only The time for the State of Israel, the Authority of Palestine (in many isolated West Bank urban Arab areas), and the "Hamastan" of Gaza !!

14 ) Malone / Hfx
02/02/2014 19:02
#1...you are delusional :(

15 ) Abdullah / KSA
02/02/2014 19:27
Arabic Maan says that Hamas has removed its troops from the border area, because of the Izraeli shelling (bombing) last week, so maybe Hamas is trying to protect its forces from being in the line of fire. It also states that Hamas is still trying to maintain the truce. Maybe Hamas could give a clearer statement as to what the logic is for this, as it is unclear & sources are vague. Without clarity, an uneasiness clouds Gaza, as to whether Izrael is planning to strike or uneasy peace will prevail

16 ) Robby / USA
02/02/2014 19:54
Wow, HAMAS putting the health and welfare of the citizens first. Glad to see it.

17 ) ABE / USA
02/02/2014 19:54
So Julie if you are correct the next "incident" will be an ISRAELI bombing, extrajudicial assasination, shooting/murdering/injuring civilians, correct? So lets wait and see.

18 ) Maureen / Australia
02/02/2014 20:19
#1 Julie You are right, Zionists want the remaining Palestinian shoreline and all of its marine treasures.

19 ) Dave / Boston
02/02/2014 23:02
If Hamas stops the rockets then Israel will stop retaliating.

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
03/02/2014 00:06
Watch what happens. Eventually a rocket will hit something. Then the story will be that those poor innocent Israelis hadn't done nuffin.' They were just trying to live in peace -- and the fierce bad Palestinians attacked them without provocation. The score shot without provocation by Israeli snipers and the children injured or killed in airstrikes will just vanish down the memory hole.

21 ) Imael / USA
03/02/2014 01:17
Julie, Julie, Julie, so... aiming rockets at Israeli children is legal? Did you get your degree at the University of Hamas? Give peace a chance.
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