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Four Israeli soldiers injured in tear gas accident in Bilin
Published Friday 07/02/2014 (updated) 10/02/2014 11:51
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(MaanImages/Hamde Abu Rahma)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Four Israeli soldiers suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation on Friday afternoon after an accident near the central West Bank village of Bilin.

The soldiers were injured after tear gas canisters exploded inside a military vehicle.

At the time of accident, the vehicle was chasing village youths amid clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers, Palestine 24 quoted media coordinator for the Popular Campaign Against the Wall in Bilin Rateb Abu Rahma as saying.

"The tear gas began to spread inside the vehicle, leading to their suffocation because they were unable to get out quickly enough," Abu Rahma said.

"The soldiers then got out of the jeep and threw their weapons on the ground, before another military patrol came to their aid and treated them on the spot."

"After that, they continued chasing local youths," he added.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said that during the course of "a violent riot ... a border policeman was injured due to a malfunction in his gear," without elaborating.

Dozens of youths are regularly injured by excessive tear gas inhalation during weekly clashes in Bilin, which have been ongoing since 2005.

Villagers have protest against the Israeli separation wall that runs through their village on land confiscated from local farmers.

Previous protests by Bilin activists have forced the Israeli authorities to re-route the wall, but large chunks of the village lands remain inaccessible to residents because of the route.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice called on Israel to stop construction of the separation wall within the occupied West Bank.

When completed, 85 percent of the wall will run inside the West Bank.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

1 ) Colin Wright / USA
07/02/2014 21:57
Pleasant images. Still, not as good as the own goal last week when that Israeli soldier shot and killed an IDF Standartenfuhrer.

2 ) wayne / NZ
07/02/2014 22:02
Gosh, shame about that Bet that upset the soldiers

3 ) Donna Schwarz-Nielsen / Turkey
07/02/2014 22:11
They finally get a taste of their own medicine - how does it taste?

4 ) Robert / US
08/02/2014 03:13
Lol. .. probably propaganda, but funny...suck it boys

5 ) Jason kareem / germany
08/02/2014 03:58
These Israelis got 0.01% of what they dish out to the Muslims. If the Muslims gave back only 10% if what they do, the Jews would be crying massacre, come save us from the MUSLIMS!

6 ) RudyM / USA
08/02/2014 04:57
Awwww. Poor dears.

7 ) Robert Awwad / Palestine
08/02/2014 07:48
That's a good example of karmasutra.

8 ) One day Israel will lose / patience
08/02/2014 08:51
and start acting like syria or lebanon or egypt then you will have something to gloat about.

9 ) Rami / Palestine
08/02/2014 09:24

10 ) Mel / USA
08/02/2014 17:28
LOL! Choking on his own'medicine'.
Now he knows what he does to civilians NOT wearing full wepped-up riot gear &gas-masks.
They should put that video in the new IOF recruitment ads.
BTW? Are those slings strong enough to hurl the tear-gas cannisters BACK at the occupiers?
1-2-3-4 Fascists are Degel ShaHor!

11 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
08/02/2014 21:12
An operational error. Not a big deal. Israel on a daily basis continues to interdict Palestinian terrorists by arresting Palestinians night after night. Along with the Palestinian Authority security forces, the IDF and border police are keeping the lid on Palestinian violence. Did you note that the PA arrested the followers of a political Islamic group for distributing a flyer criticizing Abbas.?

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
08/02/2014 21:16
To One day #8: 'Israel will lose / patience and start acting like syria or lebanon or egypt then you will have something to gloat about.' ? Israel already does act like Egypt -- and it's far worse than Lebanon. As to Syria, when Israel reaches that point, what would you say its prospects are?

13 ) Brandy / Usa2
09/02/2014 00:03
..."An Israeli army spokeswoman said that during the course of "a violent riot.." - Definitely a slight exaggeration as regards the "violent riot" bit, however the video clip was good overall. The sling shot certainly enables the stones to travel a fair distance. Maybe those Palestinian boys could consider entering for the next Olympics, I'm sure they'd have a good chance of winning the 'shot put'. Thinking about it, I think that the "excessive tear gas" statement was also an over statement too!

14 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
09/02/2014 14:05
You guys are pathetic - especially you Yanks who have no idea of the reality on the ground here. You love to chortle out loud anytime Israelis are killed, and make ignorant statements showing you've never been here. The weekly Bilin show is like all of your comments - farcial at best. Same rehearsed show every week for gullible foreigners like you. Staged "peaceful demo" for 20 mins followed by queued violence spurred by violent Pals hurling rocks at the troops. Meet you there this friday?

15 ) Carson / Canada
09/02/2014 18:02
@ Colin the liar #12: Israel acts worse than Egypt?? Interesting, I didn't know Israelis were killing each other by the hundred during riots ..

16 ) Barbara, England / England
09/02/2014 21:24
Brian! Oh Brian....... (Blows raspberry)...

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 22:12
To Brian Cohen #14: 'You guys are pathetic - especially you Yanks who have no idea of the reality on the ground here. ' Even if I didn't have all too good an idea of the 'reality on the ground' in Palestine, reading the posts of you and the other Zionists here would be entirely sufficient. You don't realize what you are. You're Nazis. Really. It's just a statement of fact.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 22:13
To Brandy #13: 'Maybe those Palestinian boys could consider entering for the next Olympics, I'm sure they'd have a good chance of winning the 'shot put'.' The problem with that is that Israel keeps Palestinians off its Olympic team. That includes Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.

19 ) Abu Rai / Germany
09/02/2014 23:08
This is THE Video of the year. Now at least a few soldiers know the taste of teargas, they daily shoot over the Palestinians. Soldiers go home!

20 ) Mimi / Kabul
10/02/2014 00:45
The Global Campaign for Palestinian Prisoners have got this as 'photo of the week'. Now there's an accolaide!

21 ) Maureen / Australia
10/02/2014 17:37
Zionist soldiers are so clever when it comes to self injury. The greatest self injury is how they portray themselves to the world - the Zionist apartheid, occupation forces terrorising Palestine! Australian TV ABC Four Corners last night - Israeli soldiers arresting, interrorgating, imprisonment of Palestinian children!

22 ) Re:14 - Brian Cohen / Palestine
11/02/2014 08:10
I bet you've never even set foot in Bilin or Nabi Saleh much less any Palestinian village or town for that matter. The only reality you're aware of living in Israel is the one that the government allows you to see. You have no idea what the reality is around here. I'll call your bluff. Come meet me in Bilin. In fact, point out any location in the West Bank. I'll be there. You don't have the guts though. You won't show up unescorted by your big bad IDF thugs. You're full of hot air.

23 ) Robert / US
12/02/2014 03:39
#22 your spot on !!! Brians kind are cowards, thief's and down right bastards. .

24 ) Dimi / Germany
12/02/2014 15:12
Ple3ase do me a favour and stop dealing the matter like this. I am convinced the young Israel soldiers follow the orders of the government only as all solders in the world. It is not a pleassure for them to attack and being attacked every day. Blame the government of Israel and you will find me at your side.

25 ) ian / australia
15/02/2014 05:08
#14 "The weekly Bilin show is...farcial at best. Same rehearsed show every week..."peaceful demo" for 20 mins followed by queued violence spurred by violent Pals hurling rocks at the troops." Well, of course, it's the same thing every Friday, Brian. It's a regular demonstration and has become ritualistic. And of course it's for "foreigners". Who else...it's not a military operation.) But what's your point? That the villagers of Bil'in have NOTHING to demonstrate about? That they're imagining

26 ) ian / australia
15/02/2014 05:10
(contd.) the threat and disruption caused by the Wall? That they should just suck it up? Admit it, Brian. The protest is valid. The Wall is for land theft NOT security. Soldiers in full riot gear are in NO danger from slingshots (only equipment "malfunction") though Palestinians ARE (see "5 Broken Cameras" and heartbreaking death of gentle giant, "Elephant", the martyr Bassem Abu Rahmeh may his soul rest in perfect peace.) You're obviously not such a bad guy, Brian. Surely THAT made you

27 ) ian / australia
15/02/2014 05:11
(contd.) shed a tear.
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