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Israeli airstrike on motorcycle injures 2 men in central Gaza Strip
Published Sunday 09/02/2014 (updated) 11/02/2014 01:59
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GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israeli warplanes targeted a motorcycle in the central Gaza Strip early Sunday, injuring two young Palestinian men, a medical official said.

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for Gaza's Ministry of Health, told Ma'an that two Palestinian men were taken to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital after an Israeli military aircraft fired a missile at their motorcycle in Deir al-Balah.

Medics said one of the victims was critically wounded and the other sustained moderate injuries.

An Israeli army statement identified the target of the strike as Abdullah Kharti, who was described as a "key Popular Resistance Committees operative" involved with "numerous incidents of rocket fire towards Israel."

The statement added that Israeli forces had "operated in order to eliminate an imminent threat to the lives of Israeli civilians," without further detail.

The Popular Resistance Committees is a Gaza-based militant group that opposes negotiations with Israel.

Recent weeks have witnessed an increase in tensions on the Gaza Strip, as Israeli forces have repeatedly opened fire on Palestinian protests near the border and launched a number of airstrikes.

Israeli forces killed six Palestinians and injured 41 in attacks on Gaza in January, al-Qidra said in early February.

Palestinian militants, meanwhile, have fired dozens of rockets toward Israel, all of which have all landed in unpopulated areas with no injuries reported.

The Gaza Strip government is under Hamas control. While Hamas itself does not routinely fire rockets, Israel says it holds the group, which seized power in Gaza in 2007, responsible for such attacks.

Hamas and Israel have maintained a fragile ceasefire since November 2012, when Israeli forces launched a major assault that killed around 170 Palestinians.
1 ) Israel smart bombs have / reached 100%
09/02/2014 10:29
accuracy no more innocent bystanders--only the culprits die. And they NOWHERE TO RUN OR HIDE!

2 ) Paul / Kenya
09/02/2014 13:45
If only these Gazans would seek peace, this all would stop, but obviously these people have a deep death wish.

3 ) Kathy P / USA
09/02/2014 15:04
Surround them.... Fenced in... Compress them together by "buffer zones".. A cattle feed lot... But starve them.. Shoot them from a distance.. Bombard them.. Try out new experimental weapons... And cry self defence..... Such a sick and perverted society...

4 ) @ Kathy-3 / USA too
09/02/2014 15:45
There are Over A Million of "Them", and that are "Fed", Housed, and Educated by UNRWA for Over 65 Years, and Only the "sick and perverted" that support terrorism, and attack civilians are "Shot or Bombarded from a distance" !!

5 ) @ Paul-3 / USA
09/02/2014 15:46
You are correct that Peace begets Peace, while Those that "Live By The Sword, Die By It Too !!

6 ) Paul / Kenya
09/02/2014 16:02
To Kathy P. Have you honestly asked why they fenced in. The borders could be open, the economy could boom, unemployment would be a thing of the past, goodwill & friendship between Israel & Gazans could flourish. Peace would be great, but all these Gazans want is killing of Israeli's, shooting rockets at Israeli civilian populations, suicide bombings & the complete destruction of Israeli society & nation. So can you blame Israel putting a fence up & containing these people ? Let Hamas make peace.

7 ) E / usa
09/02/2014 16:23
Good job IAF! to #3 its great is in it? you have to test you weapons on something, might as well be on gaza terrorists

8 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/02/2014 16:28
Gaza's Militants should commit to stopping the Sun from rising, since -1- It is No More Likely than the destruction of Israel, and at least -2- It does Not assure a continued Status Quo for Palestine's statehood, and continued poverty/begging for donations of it's stateless people !!

9 ) Uzi / Israel
09/02/2014 16:33
Sand-nazis kaput!

10 ) Arnold / Canada
09/02/2014 17:32
Kathy #3

11 ) Johnny benson / USA
09/02/2014 17:59
They sure look well fed....a lot fatter then the so Sudanese who in the millions who have been hacked raped maimed and killed by the Arabs from the north...why pray tell no tears or even thoughts about those poor folks....

12 ) Mel / USA
09/02/2014 18:53
"...Popular Resistance Committees...Gaza-based militant group...opposes negotiations with Israel."? So,apart from being a small militant group in blockaded Gaza,their opposition to negotiations with theHEAVY military,racist/bigotted Zionist occupation of 67yrs,generally,reflects the same opposition as the majority of UNGA&international law! #2:Paul/Kenya:"these Gazans"?U mean peaceful human beings,like African blacks/American Indians who endured 200yrs of Zionist-like brutality.Your in denial!

13 ) Crepe Suzette / France
09/02/2014 22:03
This was no ordinary Palestinian gunman, but serial bad boy Abdullah Harouti, 29, a high-profile operative of the al Qaeda-linked Sinai-Gaza-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis

14 ) Bosie / Belgium
09/02/2014 22:05
@3 Do you realise that, Harouti was wanted for the attack from Egyptian Sinai eighteen months ago on an Israeli bus carrying soldiers and other vehicles on Rte 12 to Eilat. When six Israelis were killed and 40 injured. He is also connected to recent Absar Bayt al-Maqdis missile fire from Sinai against Israeli targets, including the resort town of Eilat.

15 ) Jakeing / Sweden
09/02/2014 22:15
Harouti was a serial murderer, and as such only deserves to be able to leaf through that well thumbed catalog, of the seventy two virgins. Hope the motorbike is repaired.

16 ) Billy Bragg / UK
09/02/2014 22:24
No doubt Shaath and the Palestinian Authority, will address the issues relating to the newly dead members members of the Fatah movement in Gaza, and especially to Abdullah Harouti's family whoin the next few days will now receive the allowances for the "martyrs".

17 ) Carolina / Spain
09/02/2014 22:28
Abdullah Harouti, is he dead yet?

18 ) @ Kathy-3 / Honesty
09/02/2014 22:40
Honestly, neither of us can possibly have the facts, and again Honestly, it is likely that the two dead motorcycle-riding militants: -1- had just completed "trying out their new experimental weapons", and -2- In doing so, their targeting of civilians in in the state of Israel is a war crime, that only a "a sick and perverted society", like that of those calling themselves "Palestinians" would accept, much less encourage !!

19 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/02/2014 22:55
One has nothing to do with the other, though unity (if it ever happened) would make Palestinian statehood even less likely, but though Fatah may hold more talks with Hamas, but there will be No Unity, just as Fatah may hold more talks with the state of Israel, but still: -1- There Will Never Be A Comprehensive Peace Agreement, so -2- There Will Never Be A Palestinian Ever Created either, so -3- Arab & World leaders should start pushing the next best option !!!

20 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 23:09
To Israel #1: 'accuracy no more innocent bystanders--only the culprits die. And they NOWHERE TO RUN OR HIDE!' That's okay -- I'm sure Israel will still manage to kill lots 'n lots of innocents. Don't fret.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 23:11
To Paul: 'If only these Gazans would seek peace, this all would stop, but obviously these people have a deep death wish.' Yup. This has been noted about people struggling for freedom before. It's a human trait, you see.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 23:13
To Kathy P #3: 'Surround them.... Fenced in... ' Don't forget the thinly disguised gloating from its partisans. This really is the realization of the Zionist dream. A boot stamping a human face for all eternity.

23 ) Norma / Hungary
10/02/2014 00:13
Oh, so the Israelis have shot the man behind the bus bombing on August 18, 2011, when terrorists opened fire at an Egged No. 392 bus.

24 ) Wardah Abd Al Hadi / Oman
10/02/2014 00:29
More attempted assassinations by Isreal, another two lives changed forever by this dreadful act. More families harmed. The comments from 1 and 2 are clearly made by Zionist propagandists, who either get paid to write such nasty remarks, or who just have a sadistic streak of their own. Where is the world, why is this destruction allowed to continue. So sad.

25 ) Carson / Canada
10/02/2014 03:11
@ Kathy: Israel isn't crying self defense. They are just killing Palestinian terrorists who attack Israel. Do you see anything wrong with that?

26 ) Outlier / USA
10/02/2014 19:49
Mel and Colin, vitriol is no substitute for intelligent comment. You two should try the latter.
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