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In video: Settlers beat Israeli activist protecting Palestinians
Published Sunday 09/02/2014 (updated) 13/02/2014 10:02
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A screen shot from the video shows a settler beating the activist.
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Footage released by a rights group on Saturday appears to show Jewish settlers beating an Israeli activist as he tries to defend Palestinian farmers while Israeli soldiers look on.

The videos released by joint Israeli-Palestinian human rights group Ta'ayush show an Israeli activist who has accompanied Palestinians to their farm lands in the village of Khirbet Shuweika in the South Hebron Hills being assaulted by Jewish settlers.

The videos, which could not be independently verified, also show that after the settlers have beaten the activist, an Israeli soldier approaches the settlers but pats one of them on the back and does not attempt to detain or reprimand them in anyway.

According to Israeli alternative news website +972, the assault occurred around 11 a.m. on Saturday.

An Israeli activist affiliated with Ta'ayush had accompanied local Palestinians after they had been prevented from reaching their lands numerous times in recent weeks by local settlers, even though Israeli authorities recognize the area as private Palestinian land.

The Jewish settlers were from the nearby Eshtemoa outpost, and according to an activist affiliated with the group, none of them were detained by Israeli forces.

Following the attack, the activist went to the Kiryat Arba police station and Israeli authorities said an investigation would be launched into the incident.

Israeli news site Haaretz quoted an IDF spokesperson as saying that the video was "tendentiously edited," and that Israeli soldiers on the scene had acted to "distance" the settlers and call on police to investigate the incident, as per protocol, according to +972.

In 2013, there were 399 incidents of settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

In the last week alone, hundreds of olive trees across the West Bank have been chopped in a number of incidents targeting Palestinian farmers' livelihoods.
1 ) Robert / US
09/02/2014 13:35
I hope the Israeli activist is ok and only gets stronger in the beliefs that they have, wishing you well

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
09/02/2014 15:06
So what? In 2013 there were 1,271 recorded attacks by Palestinians against Israelis. Double that to get the actual number since many incidents of rock throwing, molotov cocktail throwing and bullets fired at cars that miss are not included. The Palestinians win the numbers game. They have carried out more suicide bombings and car bombings that Israel. They have hijacked more planes and murdered more Olympic athletes than Israel. So what? Counting numbers does not make peace.

3 ) Henri / France > Israel
09/02/2014 16:34
And where are the Arab activists trying to protect Jews when attacked by Arabs? Where is the one who protected the Fogiel family? Where is the one who protected the two Israeli soldiers slaughtered in Ramallah police station?

4 ) Donna Schwarz-Nielsen / Turkey
09/02/2014 17:08
Brian Cohen I'll see your 1,271 and raise it to 13,131 - idiot! http://www.globalresearch.ca/summary-of-israeli-violations-of-international-law-in-2013/5366646

5 ) Maureen / Australia
09/02/2014 17:18
Zionist criminal squatters are carrying on the tradition of the Zionist terrorist gangs; Irgun, Haganagh, Stern Gang, heaping shame on all of Judaism!

6 ) Jason / UK
09/02/2014 18:46
Brian, it's true that simply comparing statistics won't achieve peace, but they ARE still important because every statistic involves a person. A family. A livelihood. Whether Israeli or Palestinian. It matters because everyone gets affected by each others actions, whether directly or indirectly. It matters because these stories concern real people. It matters because if this story concerned me or you getting beaten up, I'd want someone to raise their voice on our behalf too.

7 ) Robert / US
09/02/2014 20:08
#2 Brian, did you read the article ?. Again you go off spewing stupid ignorant rants, hence the name I gave you," Idiot "and you agreed with it, remember ?.. again I wish the Israeli activist the best !.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/02/2014 21:56
To Brian Cohen #2: 'So what? In 2013 there were 1,271 recorded attacks by Palestinians against Israelis.' Poor Brain. Leaving aside the accuracy of your claim, what's the relevance. This is about Jews crushing dissent among themselves -- not about them attacking Palestinians.

9 ) re: Brian Cohen / US
10/02/2014 01:54
Brian Cohen, Palestinian resistance (ex: throwing rocks at Israeli troops who are ethnically cleanse their homeland) is not equivalent to racist settlers beating up a peace activist. In any case, the last time Israel suffered a suicide bomb attack was back in 2008, and one Israeli died that year from the attack. I'm sure if the Palestinians were civilized like Israel they would use white phosphorous, cluster bombs, and f-16s to defend themselves, like when Israel routinely commits mass murder.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
10/02/2014 02:45
Re Brian Cohen #2: 'So what?' That really is pathetic.

11 ) jan / poland
10/02/2014 05:35
these are small details in comparison to the real crimes perpetrated by the Ahkenazi/Kazar and other converts to Judaism. It is unbelievable how easily the Zionist/Communists brainwashed so many people and made them believe in their fantasy story. Just remember LIES NEVER LAST, you can defend them but eventually they will surface.

12 ) Amaranta Tamarix / Italy
10/02/2014 22:48
Poor man, being kicked and beaten with a stick for standing up for Palestinian rights. It takes a brave person to do that, especially when they are Israeli, knowing they will be shunned by their own community. Look at the Israeli soldiers standing by, seemingly congratulating the perpetrators of this cowardly act. Shameful, inhuman behaviour. Activists like this are worth a million Brian Cohens.

13 ) Chimo / USA
11/02/2014 03:02
#11 is from Poland, hence the ignorant post about the ashkenasi/kazar bull sh!t. Too bad the useless polacks thought that by siding with the nazis and delivering their jewish countrymen to the train stations or by just rounding them up and burning them in their synogogues that they could curry favor with the Nazis. It didn't work, and the polacks were beaten down within 2 weeks of the initial blitzkrieg. 70 years after all that, jan proves that polacks don't get smarter with time!

14 ) Pierre / France
11/02/2014 07:59
#13 You are one to speak. You're American. What's your ethnicity? No really. Where was it imported from?

15 ) Mel / USA
11/02/2014 17:34
Congratulations Israel! How do you like your neo-fascist Jews? Reminds me of the colonial white-supremacists in the America's,Africa,India,Australia,Tasmania etc,who also thought they had 'divine right'to persecute/pillage innocent people.Israel's very own Jewish-Ku Klux Klan lynch mob eh?And,wearing a "FOX"logo hoodie too,lol! A wonderful example to set,post HolyC &Nazi pogroms! To the courageous Israeli activist,you're welcome in my home,any time!Bravo!

16 ) Johnny benson / USA
12/02/2014 00:48
No polish person has the right to complain about Israel...nor any German or French or most euro trash....the blood on their hands isn't even dry....nor anybody else for that matter....to hell with all of you bellyaching idiots.....Israel is forever...go suck on that fact......

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/02/2014 02:28
To Chimo #13: '#11 is from Poland, hence the ignorant post about the ashkenasi/kazar bull sh!t...' While obviously your bigotry and general viciousness is heartfelt, the sheer ignorance of your post does much to reduce its impact. The 'history' reminds me of the old 'fractured fairy tales' cartoon.

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/02/2014 03:33
To Amaranta #12: 'It takes a brave person to do that, especially when they are Israeli, knowing they will be shunned by their own community. ' I think the reality is that in Israel, there is not 'a community' but multiple communities. This guy will probably be a hero in his -- and quite indifferent to the opinion of pathologically bigoted Mizrahim or neo-Nazi settlers. One of the problems here is that Israel can only be a nation so long as there is an enemy.

19 ) Rami / Palestine
12/02/2014 09:15
#16 I'm curious, Johnny Benson. What do you get out of your unwavering devotion for Israel, a country in which you obviously do not live. "The blood on their hands isn't even dry"...really? WW2 & the holocaust ended well over have a century ago. Are we still playing the whole "Jews are the eternal victims" card while ignoring that the state they've created in response has victimized others for far longer than the holocaust even existed?

20 ) Pom colonial settler / Australia
12/02/2014 14:06
@15 I realize you have had an inadequate education, perhaps because of your allegiance to your US government and fighting in her wars. But someone should explain to you that Tasmania despite being an island off Australia, is indeed also Australian territory.

21 ) ian / australia
15/02/2014 12:13
#20 "...someone should explain to you that Tasmania despite being an island off Australia, is indeed also Australian territory." Yes, well spotted, 'Pom colonial settler', if a bit on the mean side. But Mel's itemising of Tasmania makes sense because during the period the tiny captive aboriginal population was being wiped out due to the European presence, Van Dieman's Land WAS a separate British colonial entity and there was no such thing as Australia. And wouldn't you refer separately to,

22 ) ian / australia
15/02/2014 12:14
(contd.) say, Hawaii, in the context of colonial devastation, as distinct from the generality, America (or the USA) and also be kind of pissed off to be accused of "inadequate education" by a condescending pedant informing you sneeringly that Hawaii is part of America? Hmmm?
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