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Thousands pray at police checkpoints after Aqsa restrictions
Published Friday 28/02/2014 (updated) 02/03/2014 11:25
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Thousands of worshipers performed Friday noon prayers in front of police checkpoints after Israeli forces imposed restrictions on Palestinian worshipers seeking to access the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The Al-Aqsa Waqf and Heritage Organization said that worshipers who had been unable to enter the area held prayer services in Bab al-Amoud, Wadi al-Joz and the Ras al-Amoud area near al-Aqsa.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers were deployed in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa and dozens of checkpoints were erected while a helicopter hovered over the area, the waqf organization said.

Only a few thousand worshipers managed to enter the compound to pray due to Israeli restrictions announced on Thursday barring Palestinian men under the age of 50 from entering the Aqsa compound, which is a holy site for Muslims.

Israeli authorities said the restrictions were put in place to prevent "plans for unrest," amid a debate on extending Israeli sovereignty over the compound that has provoked outrage across the region and led the Jordanian premier to call for the review of the country's peace treaty with Israel.

The Al-Aqsa compound is located in East Jerusalem, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. According to a 1994 peace agreement between Israel and Jordan, the compound is under Jordanian custodianship.
1 ) Mel / USA
28/02/2014 19:02
Strange how it's only the Islamic faith worshippers who are targetted by Zionism/Judaism. The minority sects are all allowed to prayer/worship freely & access their sites of worship.albeit still occupied &guarded by soldiers outside.
Is this how Jordan's King(custodian)wants Zionism to treat fellow Muslims? And I won't even bother asking the "custodians"of Mecca&Medina for their(blatantly obvious)opinions on this hypocrisy.

2 ) Arnold / Canada
28/02/2014 20:35
Mel/ USA- What is strange are the no comments that Christians in Syria are being forced to pay gold to the Islamic militants in order to keep them safe. And as well Christians are being told by the same Islamic militants not to do any improvement to their churches or to show their Christian crosses. Where are you on that Mel?

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/02/2014 20:51
To Mel #1: 'Strange how it's only the Islamic faith worshippers who are targetted by Zionism/Judaism. ' It's only strange if one mistakes the nature of Israel.

4 ) Greg / UKR
28/02/2014 22:04
Mel - it is not strange: only palestinian terrorists are prohibited to enter the mosque.

5 ) Wardah Abd Al Hadi / Oman
28/02/2014 23:21
All the earth belongs to Allah & may He bless those who were able to pray inside Al Aqsa & those who were forced (by the Zionist Occupation Forces) to pray outside. The day will come when Al Quds will be free in shah Allah. What a wonderful day that will be, when people from all over the world (except Izreel) will be able to visit Al Quds, and see the mosques & churches, and pray together there.

6 ) Mel / USA
28/02/2014 23:33
#2:Arnold:On Syrian Christians "forced" to pay gold,blah,blah?You ought to ask our US Congress re that,seeing as they're BFF's with Riyadh's Wahhabi oil sheiks who're FUNDING ISIL,AQ,Al Nusra et al.That's 'strange'of our Congress,no? D.C./CIA letting Riyadh arm-again-the SAME extremists(as indirect&direct proxies respectively)as attacked the West on 9/11,7/7,etc?Remember where ISIL gets its chutzpah,dude!That's criminal 'strange'. #3:Col:No mistaking Nazism. #4:Sure!And all Jews are fascists??

7 ) Bob / uk
01/03/2014 00:14
Mel: don't worry, these knobs commenting are likely on the habara payroll. Or they get kicks/succour through self-delusion.

8 ) ian / australia
01/03/2014 01:05
#4 "...only palestinian terrorists are prohibited to enter the mosque." That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it, Greg? "Palestinian terrorists" are hardly likely to stage an "attack" on the Haram or in their neighbourhoods on the way to and from. So why ban them? And it's common sense that if Israeli soldiers kept a low profile, acted with restraint (or better yet, stayed home) Friday prayers would pass without incident. IF on the otherhand, the intention was to goad, bully, humiliate,

9 ) ian / australia
01/03/2014 01:07
(contd.) enrage and generally piss off Muslims, radicalising moderates and incensing the not-so-moderate with impotent rage...in short, CREATE "terrorism", THIS is the way to do it. So could it actually be the plan to PROVOKE violence on the Aqsa so Israel can step in to restore order...prior to annexation (read: theft) under the guise of concern for the "security" of Israel and Israelis? Could they be THAT devious? And cynical? Could they? Your call, Greg.

10 ) Jibril / UK
01/03/2014 04:37
Funny Arnold, this story is about Israel, not Syria. Nice try. But I am a Muslim, and I will tell you this much, if the story about Christians in Syria is true, then shame on the so called "Muslims" who insist to behave contrary to Islamic teachings. Mind you, the ones who hold the keys to the Church of The Holy Sepulchre, located in Jerusalem, PALESTINE, are a Muslim family who gladly lock and unlock the doors every day for Christians.

11 ) Rami / Palestine
01/03/2014 07:22
#4 Right Greg, you make complete sense. Every single one of those thousands of people standing in front of the checkpoint, praying in the street, are "terrorists." Every single one of 'em. That's why they're not allowed to enter the mosque, a holy plays for Muslims but a right-wing pro-genocide settler Israeli MK can tra la la la la through the Aqsa compound all he wants as long as there are big burly security guards to keep him out of contact from those evil diseased A-rabs, right?

12 ) Hamza / Palestine
01/03/2014 13:42
#4 Greg, It seems you did not read the article. All Palestinian men under the age of 50 were not allowed to the Mosque. Are you saying that all Palestinian under 50 are terrorists? I hope you do not mean that.

13 ) Missionary Chuma Nnabuihe / Nigeria
01/03/2014 23:11
I have a wish and my wish is that my muslim brothers will organise a forum and invite me to address them on things they dont know concerning al aqsa. The bone of contention isn't the mosque building but the rock of foundation inside it. If Israel destroys the mosque today the human race will go on flames, not because of the mosque building but the rock. The rock too is what Israel wants under it's control. cfountainoftruth@gmail.com

14 ) ian / australia
02/03/2014 11:58
#12 "Are you saying that all Palestinian under 50 are terrorists? I hope you do not mean that." I don't think Greg really put much thought into it, Hamza, but I suppose he means that by keeping out ALL men under fifty, they're keeping out ALL "terrorists". (Of course, a large number of NON-terrorists are also excluded but, what the heck, better safe than sorry.) My thought is what's the big deal? Why not let in a few "terrorists"... it's the LAST place they'd stage a "attack".

15 ) ian / australia
02/03/2014 11:59
(contd.) But the way to achieve a peaceful Friday prayers is so obvious, i.e. remove or scale down the IDF presence, something else is going on. Without soldiers, prayers would just be prayers: peaceful, traditional, NORMALISED...a NORMAL Friday in Arab East Jerusalem, which it would appear is the LAST thing Israel wants.

16 ) ian / australia
02/03/2014 12:15
#13 "The bone of contention isn't the mosque building but the rock of foundation inside it." I'd get my facts straight first, 'Missionary Chuma Nnabuihe'. The Foundation Stone is in the Dome of the Rock not al Aqsa Mosque. That's why it's called the Qubbat al-SAKHRA. And it's not a mosque; it's a shrine. And yes, Israel DOES want it under its control (with everything else in Jerusalem) so, go crazy.
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