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Israeli soldiers 'shoot, critically injure' Palestinian teen
Published Friday 14/03/2014 (updated) 16/03/2014 19:49
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli soldiers shot and critically injured a Palestinian teenager during a protest in Beit Ummar north of Hebron on Friday, medics said.

Medical sources in al-Ahli hospital in Hebron told Ma'an that Mohammad Abu Ayyash, 16, was shot with a live bullet near his ear which penetrated his head.

He is said to be in a critical condition, medics added.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said "approximately 70 Palestinians hurled rocks at security forces, who responded with riot dispersal means. A main instigator hurled an explosive device at the soldiers, and they fired at his lower extremities."

She added that the teenager was "lightly injured" and reports of him being shot in the head were "wrong," but was not aware of which hospital he was being treated in.

Beit Ummar has been a site of tension in recent weeks due to Israeli forces' closure and erection of barriers along the town's main road, preventing locals' abilities to travel.

On Monday, Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank shot dead at least two Palestinians.

Saji Darwish, 18, was killed after being shot near Ramallah, while Raed Alaa Addin Zieter, 38, was shot dead at the Allenby Bridge crossing with Jordan.

Another Palestinian was killed during a car accident in disputed circumstances near Tulkarem on Monday, with Palestinian security sources saying that Israelis opened fire on the car prior to the crash, a claim the Israeli military denied.

Israeli military forces routinely use "unnecessary, arbitrary and brutal force" against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, with some killings amounting to war crimes, Amnesty International said in February.
1 ) Violence & Self-defense / Perspective
14/03/2014 19:35
- In the USA we call VIOLENCE, what Palestinians call "Protesting", and
- In the USA we call SELF-DEFENSE, what Palestinians call being "shot & critically injured", and most importantly
- Palestinians are Not shot & critically injured when they are peaceful.

2 ) Kathy P / USA
14/03/2014 20:25
So... If I understand the facts correctly.. An invading force of heavily armed solders.. Burst into a restive civilian village.. Where unarmed civilians defended themselves in the best way possible... And were shot at with high powered assault weapons... And again, the carnage continues, unabated.. Just to show the goy, who is the more powerful... Such a sick and perverted society...

3 ) JoeUSA / USA
15/03/2014 01:39
#1 Nobody cares what the USA definition of anything is. The USA is the Only western country that vetoes all UNSC resolutions to protect Israel. I would like a foreign army occupying Chicago and telling people what to do . I am sure the Americans would be peacefully protesting and they should accept being shot at , because if they are not protesting , they will not be shot.

4 ) Mel / USA
15/03/2014 17:06
"I think there is not much time left...Everyone has left the room now. I can see a serious look on everyone's face,so serious that I have never seen anything liike this before". The last diary entry of 19yr old Furkan Dogan,US-Turkish citizen/passenger on the Mavi Marmara,before he went to the deck with a camera & Israeli 'soldiers' put a bullet in his leg,foot,back & then 4 BULLETS point-blank into his face as he lay on the deck bleeding.In the face of Israel Zionism,I'm PROUD 2B a Goy&'Other'.

5 ) @ Kathy-2 & Joe-3 / USA too
15/03/2014 17:15
It does Not Seem like you two understand anything: -2- There was NO "Bursting in" or "restive civilians". Instead, - ARABS COME out, and they do so VIOLENTLY, and - Israel DEFENDS with tear-case and rubber-bullets, and -3- When Americans are "peacefully protesting " they do NOT throw stones !!

6 ) Outlier / USA
15/03/2014 18:49
In an ideal world decades ago, Israel would have made a peace agreement with Jordan and the Palestinians would be contesting their existence with a different country. Sadly, that didn't happen. Now the land is under Israel's administration, which handles security in non-autonomous areas. If Palestinians WANT a county, they have to negotiate one with Israel. Weekly protests which no one but the participants and their families care about won't cut it.

7 ) Martin / UK
15/03/2014 20:48
Negotiations are a 20 year old farce. If you believe that a human right has to be negotiated for you've failed to understand the concept. It's past time that America rediscovered their own values and stopped making excuses, and vetoes, for Israel

8 ) Mel / USA
15/03/2014 21:26
#6:Outlier/USA:"...no-one but...participants...families..."? So,as the UNGA votes & global BDS grows,& shame of,&hatred toward,Zionism mounts,among ALL nations & faiths(& none)across the planet,you really think that Zionist-led Israel is the world's BFF,& can get by alone,without other nations taxes,patronage,unconditional support,regardless of BLOWBACK on PATRONS? No!Zionism has ghettoized Israel,instilled an irrational state paranoia&fascist hatred,that will be the SOLE demise of Israel.

9 ) The future / USA
15/03/2014 22:13
Mel, you are correct, however, this is what is going to happen. The peace talks as usual will go nowhere. Israel will annex whatever it wants of the West Bank, being sure to take all the resources, water, arable land, Jordan valley, etc. just like they did with the Golan Heights. Then they will withdraw from the rest and leave it like Gaza, a blockaded ghetto. This is what Netanyahu and the Zionist Nazi's will do and the US will stand behind them as usual. A shame.

10 ) Outlier / USA
16/03/2014 01:35
8., Actually, none of those things will make much difference. Israel is too intrenched in the world economy and the Palestinians are too unintrenched to make any of those issues critical to Israel's future. Negotiations - and some very hard concessions - are the only way Palestinians will get a country of their own.

11 ) @ The Future (#9) / The Present
16/03/2014 14:54
- Israel already has what it wants of the West Bank (Jerusalem, and the other 60% of the land, with only about 2% of the Palestinians), which is rather poor in "water resources & arable land", but rich in security value, and - Israel already has "withdraw from the rest", the Oslo Accord Areas A/B (West Bank Arab cities, towns, and suburbs) and Gaza, and - "This is what already happened".

12 ) Mel / USA
16/03/2014 19:53
#10:Outlier:"Israel is too entrenched in the world economy"? No. Israel is still a welfare state(proxy)reliant on US/EU economies &export of blood-products to a growing BDS & shrinking customer-service economy,west & east.USG sees Zionist Israel as a BURDEN,& thorn in its ALREADY fragile foreign relations,trade & diplomacy.As does EU/UK!As long as Israel stays"entrenched"in brutal Zionism,more global customers will BDS its BLOOD-products & Israel becomes "unintrenched"in WIDER world economies!

13 ) Outlier / USA
17/03/2014 17:16
12., Mel, Yes Israel takes some US aid, but its economy and innovation - the engines that enable it to make and sell goods - is far superior and far more irreplaceable than the Palestinians'. Neither west nor east see Israel as a significant economic burden, but they see the Palestinians as one. While you take a much needed and hopefully extended reality check, negotiations remain the best way for Palestinians to achieve statehood.
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