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Amid rage, thousands lay Jenin men to rest
Published Saturday 22/03/2014 (updated) 24/03/2014 09:46
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JENIN (Ma'an) -- Over 10,000 Palestinian mourners on Saturday marched behind the coffins of three militants who were shot dead by Israeli forces overnight in Jenin refugee camp.

Palestinians marched from Jenin's public hospital to its largest mosque, carrying the bodies of Hamza Abu al-Haija, 22, Mahmoud Abu Zeina, 17, and 22-year-old Yazan Mahmoud Basim Jabarin.

After performing the funeral prayer, the mourners marched to Jenin camp's cemetery led by officials of the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad.

During the procession, mourners shouted slogans urging Palestinian militants to take revenge and calling on the PA to immediately end peace negotiations with Israel and focus instead on reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.

Masked Palestinian gunmen at the front of the crowd of thousands fired gunshots in the air, expressing rage and readiness to retaliate against the Israeli army.

Meanwhile, youths distributed candies as the funeral procession approached the cemetery.

Abu al-Haija, Abu Zeina, and Jabarin were killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers who raided Jenin camp overnight.

In a joint statement, Hamas' military wing al-Qassam Brigades, Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades threatened a "painful" retaliation against Israel.

The statement also accused the Palestinian Authority of complicity in the killings.

A spokesman for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas denounced the killings, describing them as part of "systematic Israeli policy aimed at destroying everything."

Nabil Abu Rdeina said that Israel escalated its "attacks against citizens." He urged the US administration to take action before peace talks collapsed.

1 ) Pretending / Truth
22/03/2014 15:35
The Truth is that the three militants lived by the "sword", and died the same way, and since "Officials of the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, and Fatah, marched" with Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and masked mean carrying rifles: -1- We can stop pretending that a reconciliation is needed, and -2- We should stop pretending that peace negotiations are Not already end, since neither the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, Nor Fatah has spoken with any Israel officials in a very long time !!

2 ) Mel / USA
22/03/2014 18:38
"...oppression is oppression,occupation is occupation,and crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity,whether they are committed..in Warsaw or in Gaza."(brave Yonatan Shapira;Israeli ex-IAF pilot who refused,& reconnected with his conscience &soul,instead of following Zionist dishonor).In all indigenous Arab village/refugee camps in Palestine honorable Jews are held in great respect as the REAL Israeli's who'll turn Israel away from the black-hole of Zionism&bring Israel back to SANITY!

3 ) Mel / USA
22/03/2014 18:50
p.s. Israeli Jews must overcome the indoctrinated FEAR & paranoia so carefuly planted/perpetuated by Zionist 'Fear-monger-in Chief's,since Nazism's Jewish genocide.Germans with conscience knew Nazism was evil & FEARED the SS,like Russians feared the Stasi/KGB & now Israeli Jews see(or ignore)Israel's own oppressors,Zionism,Shin Bet,abductions,assinations,death-squads? Wake up Israel.You're disgracing the Holocaust!

4 ) Abu Salaah Eddine / Jordan
22/03/2014 18:55
The Truth is that the said martyrs lived with swords , and that one day all Palestinian people will do so , because this is the only language that coward Israelis understand...not the negotiations...No peace will prevail in Palestine except with the total liberation of every inch of Palestine...Days will show you how this can be done...

5 ) Me / England
22/03/2014 19:08
Israel doesnt want want peace, it wants to murder and steal from the Palestinians. God Bless Palestine.

6 ) @ Saladin-4 / Certainty
22/03/2014 20:40
-1- Almost certainly Saladin would Disapprove of the actions of modern terrorists, and he would condemn the dishonesty of PLO diplomats too, & -2- It would be a great day when "all Palestinian people will (do so)", honestly "live with swords", instead of Pretending to seek peace, -3- For on that day, the conflict would end, with a million plus dead "martyrs", who would all be killed justifiably in Self-Defense, instead of hiding in refugee camps, & building bombs to murder civilians !!

7 ) @ Me-5 / Honesty
22/03/2014 20:55
1- Honestly, the world may never know whether or not "Israel wants peace", because the Arab/Muslim world has never made that an option ( Not in 1948, 1967, 1973 invasions, and Not in 2 Lebanon & 2 Gaza wars, all 4 started by Islamic militants' rockets, endless terrorism, etc.) !! 2- The "murdering and stealing" is done primarily By Palestinians (Not to them), and 3- God's will for the Land of "Palestine" (promised to the "Seed of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob Forever") has been clear for 65 years.

8 ) Maisie / UK
22/03/2014 21:26
@5) England. Yes, God Bless Palestine. However, as in the case of any oppressed people, God could use more people at the coalface to support the Palestinians. The Israeli Government is doing all it can to provoke everyone in the occupied territory. While it has succeeded, it is a somewhat Pyrrhic victory as such provocation is beginning to unite Hamas and Fatah - at least to combat the occupation forces. Yes, GOD BLESS PALESTINE.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
22/03/2014 23:40
Hamas policy and Hamas doctrine is war, not peace. We will take the war to Hamas everywhere and anywhere until Hamas accepts peace talks and says it will live in peace. According to Hamas leaders - there is almost no chance of Hamas accepting the peace process, and they say war and martyrdom are their motto. Ok - that's what they want, that's what they get.

10 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
22/03/2014 23:42
Mel: "...oppression is oppression,occupation is occupation,and crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity,whether they are committed..in Selma Alabama or Wounded Knee." Are there any honorable Americans who will offer to divide America and give half of it back to its native owners? Are you one of those, Mel? Or are you just full of hot air?

11 ) jabe7 / canada
22/03/2014 23:47
Each day more settlements, more Palestinians killed, more dehumanization. How much more can Palestinians endure? What more has to take place before new leadership emerges, leading Palestinians to large scale peaceful demonstration, boycotting, no longer being complicit in this occupation, and refusing to be bought out by Western money?When will Palestinians discontinue helping Israel's occupation by allowing the division between Hamas and Fatah to continue? When??

12 ) Peter Barrie / Uk
23/03/2014 01:26
Unfair, what does one say or do.? Three young men have lost their lives, what is needed to bring peace?

13 ) ABE / USA
23/03/2014 08:01
#3 Get a grasp of reality! Man oh man you love to hear yourself talk don't you! You speak in tongues man. This is dog eat dog. No side is willing to "compromise" So war and death is inevitable. The Zionists aren't going anywhere by choice and Hamas is not going to give anything on their side by choice, it is a bloody world. All your words are falling on deaf ears! I guess it makes you feel better . But see the real world.

14 ) American Realist / USA
23/03/2014 09:44
Violent resistance doesn't win. Cameras and video exposure sways world and US opinion.

15 ) @ Realist-14 / Realist too
23/03/2014 14:40
You Have Been Out Of Touch With "Reality" For Years & Decades, since: -1- World opinion is very swayed against the Syrian war, and Iran's quest to develop nuclear weapons, but both are continuing for Years, and -2- No state has more UN resolutions condemning it than Israel, so World opinion has been swayed for Decades without any real results !!

16 ) Outlier / USA
23/03/2014 20:50
Live by the sword, die by the sword. They should not have expected a different outcome.

17 ) Tiger Lily / Malaysia
24/03/2014 15:56
This situation is very sad. Some of the words on this page make me want to spit, trust me., I will say something soon you may not like very much.

18 ) siobh?n / Italy
24/03/2014 23:20
I am from Ireland originally. I have lived thru the 'troubles' & what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is almost exactly what the loyalists have done to Catholics. What Israel is doing is also what happened in SA...apartheid. Colour it anyway you want..but apartheid is what it is.

19 ) Concepta Flynn / Eire
25/03/2014 20:31
@18 - siobhan, I agree, apartheid is not very nice, but some people choose it because it's easier than having to live with people different from themselves. I try to be kind to all people, having been entered into our Roman Catholic church at birth, but not everyone can see us as worthy people, as I'm sure you are aware.
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