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Ashrawi: Stagnant talks with Israel 'too costly for Palestinians'
Published Saturday 29/03/2014 (updated) 05/04/2014 22:34
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Hanan Ashrawi (MaanImages/File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A member of the PLO's Executive committee said in a statement Saturday that "stagnant" negotiations with Israel have been "too costly for the Palestinian people," pointing at a long list of Israeli "aggressions" since the talks began.

"The 'peace process' has cost us the lives of many Palestinian civilians, an unprecedented theft of land and resources, and the increase in settlement activities, among other measures of ethnic cleansing and apartheid carried out by the Israeli government," Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement.

"These include the political, economic, social, and cultural siege of Jerusalem and its periphery by means of forced displacement, home demolitions, checkpoints, apartheid walls, and settlements," Ashrawi said.

She called these policies by the Israeli government "collective punishment" against the Palestinian people, and said that the policies violate "fundamental rights and freedoms, ... institutionalize racism and incite hatred."

Sixty Palestinians have been killed and at least 941 injured in "extrajudicial operations" by Israeli forces since talks began, the statement said.

Israel has also conducted at least 3,767 military raids in Gaza and the West Bank, and arrested more than 3,061 Palestinians.

"It is high time that Israel pays the price for its war crimes against the Palestinian people, and adheres to international and humanitarian law," Ashrawi said.

"We call on the international community to act quickly to end the prolonged occupation of Palestine before Israel succeeds in plunging the entire region into a permanent spiral of violence and destruction," she concluded.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.
1 ) gabe / usa
29/03/2014 17:31
Palestinian existence in the world too costly for the world

2 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
29/03/2014 17:49
Why is not Ashrawi the President of the Palestinian people? She is intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable and diplomatic, highly educated and has paramount knowledge of the internal and external political, social, cultural and economic daily life of a Palestinian. Are the Palestinian people struck with blindness that can no longer recognize a leader when they see one?

3 ) emily / south africa
29/03/2014 17:52
My heart is with every human being facing these challenges . I was twice in Isreal and all I could say whatever happens must come from the heart . I think all the people need a change of heart then they will be sincere . We all need our feedom but when we free we are still struggeling with all the issues that we face over the 40 y .i

4 ) Sander / The Netherlands
29/03/2014 18:15
Mrs. Asharawi is right. These useless talks (endless peaceprocess) has to be stopped now ! waste of time. They didn't brougt Palestinian people 1 step further in a right direction. In stead of that collective punishment, land theft, occupation, settlements, killings, misery etc. has increased. PA & International Community; Bring Israel to International court of justice for their continued crimes against Palestinian people, don't wait longer !.

5 ) j / usa
29/03/2014 18:50
Yeah blame israel, like palestinians are totally innocent. No wonder they have no state. They just have fingers to point

6 ) So start another / INTIFADA and
29/03/2014 20:02
see how far it takes you

7 ) Outlier / USA
29/03/2014 21:16
For once, Ashrawi is correct. Time is not the Palestinians' friend and never has been. However, the Palestinians must be realistic; they will not get everything they want in a peace settlement. Some long-held dreams - like full right of return, full return of East Jerusalem and 1967 borders - will have to be relinquished if the Palestinians want peace and their own state. They - and not the international community - must make those choices.

8 ) Correct, But / Only Half-True
29/03/2014 21:23
- Ms. Ashrawi is correct for once, "stagnant talks Are too costly for Palestinians, but - She should also admit that stagnant talks have essentially No Cost to Israel, and that Palestinian efforts to circumvent Israel, at the UN will both fail, and greatly increase the costs for Palestinians, and * THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS PEACE ON ISRAEL'S TERMS, with "No Refugee Return, No 1967 borders, and No East Jerusalem capital, or forever stagnant talks, and thus Palestinian statehood !!!

9 ) Bob / USA
29/03/2014 22:17
There will be no peace. Land claims will be settled by war.

10 ) @ Ashrawi / Only Two "Too Costly" Options
29/03/2014 22:49
- Since Israel can ignore UN resolutions (for another 4 decades), just like Iran, Syria, & Russia, the PLO's more UN resolutions goal is certain to fail. - Israel economy ($200 Billion GDP) and military are strong, so the BDS and "Resistance" goals are equally certain to fail, which leaves * ONLY TWO "Too Costly" OPTIONS: -1- Stagnant talks with Israel, and thus NO STATE, OR -2- SURRENDER to Israel's terms* for peace/statehood. * No 1967 lines, No East Jerusalem, & No Refugee Return

11 ) Julie / USA
29/03/2014 23:09
stop 'calling' on the international community, they have done and will do nothing. it's long time overdue for the PA to take their own action and prosecute izrael at the ICC.

12 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/03/2014 00:31
They got the headline wrong. It should really be "Stagnant Fatah leadership 'too costly for Palestinians'"

13 ) Paul / Canada
30/03/2014 01:40
Absolutely right Mrs. Ashrawi. It is impossible to negotiate with Israel in good faith because the Israeli side will never be an honest negotiator. What the Palestinian side has to do now is to take its case totally and completely to the U.N and it has to resist all the pressure that will be forced upon it to return to talking to the Israelis. The Israelis will NEVER give you your state. How many more years of proof do you need?

14 ) Johnny benson / USA
30/03/2014 02:52
If the Palestinians run to the UN...then Israel needs to run them out of the West Bank...all of them...they need to go,once and for all..there are 22arab nations..as more Muslim countries ..and Norway ,Sweden and Ireland..since they love the Arabs so much...give them settlement money...I would donate plenty,.the Jews could match what the gulf states would put up...then the EU and the states could pony up...the Israeli Arabs would likely stay put..so it's doable...settle this once and for all

15 ) Joseph Effiong / nigeria
30/03/2014 06:28
Israel and palestine, who rejected peace ? To tell israel 'yes ' you are a Jewish homeland is so difficult for Abbas. You want your capital in Jerusalem and all refugees returned to israel . Arabs and muslims want to destroy palestine and not Israel.

16 ) Jack / France
30/03/2014 09:41

17 ) Johnson / Nigeria
30/03/2014 14:47
Israel will stand forever and Jerusalem will be her capital city and the city of David.

18 ) zionista never keep their word / USA
30/03/2014 17:15
you can not negotiate with criminals

19 ) the kosher peace team / USA
30/03/2014 17:17
usa supplied 2 jews, the Zionist 1 jew, the Palestinians 1 Palestinian......

20 ) Rabiah / Gaza, Ps
30/03/2014 18:02
#12 - For once you are right Brian, am I feeling ok? Until Hamas joins the discussions, nothing will really change. Gaza will remain forgotten & its people, condemned to live in this open prison. Resistance is existence, and resistance is valid. More needs to be done to encourage unity, so that a just and lasting peace can be established for the sake of the children growing up under occupation and siege. Everyone needs to move forward on this. The leadership has been negotiating alone too long .

21 ) Hamas Fan / Ard Rabbina
30/03/2014 18:11
@2) Mitri, I'd like to see someone like Ismael Haniya as President, but then I'm biased. A Palestinian state will only come about, when all sides commit to bringing that about, putting past injustices behind them. I would like to see my brothers in Gaza recognised for their commitment to preserving the dignity of Palestine, without the constant blame & recriminations. I believe my brothers will commit to bringing about a just peace in the right circumstances for the sake of Allah swt. Lets see.

22 ) Idealist Thinker (sometimes) / Greece
30/03/2014 18:41
I am not a existentialist, so I would not go so far as to say true freedom can be achieved. However, I would say that once a premise we hold to be true is challenged or more premises are added, we can move forward & build other arguments from it. This is part of the learning process, as is the changing of beliefs over time, because belief is not necessarily truth, although I do believe ultimate truth exists. We construct worlds based on our belief structure, self identity is more complex for me.

23 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
30/03/2014 20:19
Hey Paul, tell us how you negotiated in good faith with the Algonquin and Ojibway and Huron before you took all of their lands. I'd love to hear your "proof" of your innocence, given that you are an illegally occupation colonist squatting for hundreds of years on somebody else's country. You and the American and Aussie know-it-all's can go take a hike until you offer to divide your settlements and give your aborigines their own independent state.

24 ) Robert / US
30/03/2014 22:55
Hey dum dum gabe , your being lied to. But hey wtf, huh...

25 ) red / usa
31/03/2014 00:21
Palestinians pay the price and America pays the bill: there will never be peace as long as Israel exists as a Jewish state.

26 ) Esmerelda / France
31/03/2014 00:21
Sincerity comes from examining ones own beliefs, and being open to oneself and the 'other' as to what those beliefs are. Sincerity cannot be imposed by the 'other', it has to come from within the 'self'. Beliefs can change, that is the nature of belief, as opposed to true knowledge. However if X wants Y to change belief 'a' for belief 'b', Y can only change belief 'a' if when given belief 'b', Y believes belief 'b' is true. That said, Y will keep up discourse & learning with X & see the result:)

27 ) Endure Or Surrender / No Freedom & No State
31/03/2014 00:55
THE PA SHOULD "discuss prisoner release" and Palestine's creation, and -1- REALIZE THAT RECOGNITION OF A JEWISH STATE IS THE ONLY ROUTE TO THE PRISONER'S FREEDOM, just like -2- SURRENDER of other PLO demands (E. Jerusalem & 1967 lines) IS THE ONLY ROUTE TO PALESTINE'S CREATION.

31/03/2014 01:50

29 ) Holding All The Cards / Israel
31/03/2014 02:16
* THE ONLY WAY to remedy Palestine's Stagnation * IS to SURRENDER, to Israel's demands for Jewish recognition, borders, capitals, refugees, etc., and trying to avoid Israel's demands by either * ARMED RESISTANCE, OR UN RESOLUTIONS WILL * ONLY MAKE PALESTINE'S STAGNATION WORSE, since Israel is Holding All The Cards, and can easily retaliate (through reduced movement & jobs, or increased water & electricity prices), and there is really nothing the international community can do about it.

30 ) little johnny benson zio in US / USA
31/03/2014 05:14
you need to be run out of USA zio spy

31 ) Outlier / USA
01/04/2014 01:37
Lots of name calling and sweeping generalizations in the comments. Just saying...

32 ) ian / australia
01/04/2014 07:14
#7 Can't exactly see what you think you lie outside, Outlier (decent society perhaps) but you DO realise all you're proposing is that if a thief is strong enough, they get to keep what they stole regardless of how the law views it and the rights of the victim of the crime. Like in the jungle. Is that it basically? I'm no Alan Dershowitz but haven't we evolved a tad past that? Or should aspire to? And if YOU got robbed of all YOUR stuff, faced with the cold, hard reality of your stuff being gone,

33 ) ian / australia
01/04/2014 07:15
(contd.) would you sanguinely accept that it belonged to the thief, that it was now HIS stuff, while YOU looked on powerlessly as he USED it? Or would you be all like "Wah! That's not fair! That's against the law! Give me my stuff back! Wah!!!"

34 ) Outlier / USA
05/04/2014 00:32
32,33, Actually, Ian, you are commenting under a misapprehension. Israel did not "steal" anything; the land in question came under its control in a war it did not want but was forced - by aggressors including Jordan - to fight. Since then, Palestinians got several proposals from Israel to achieve statehood and peace, and rejected them, hoping for a better "pie in the sky" deal. That better deal won't happen, those previous proposals are gone and the Palestinians remain in self-inflicted limbo.

35 ) ian / australia
06/04/2014 03:17
#34 "Israel did not "steal" anything; the land in question came under its control in a war it did not want but was forced...to fight." You have a weird sense of law, Outlier, primarily something you invent freely to make a point. Not since Germany tried it on in the '40s has it been lawful to acquire territory by war, applying equally to aggressor and victim. See preamble to UNSC Res 242. Think about it. Was it really a LEGAL option in 1945 for America, as victor, to claim Japan as sovereign

36 ) ian / australia
06/04/2014 03:19
(contd.) US soil because Japan was the aggressor...and lost? Does that sound right to you? That the defeated Japanese could have been compelled by LAW to accept that their country was now, and in perpetuity, the 51st state? (52nd if you count Canada?) That would amount to collective punishment, without end, of an entire population, inc. those not yet born, and is rightly proscribed in LAW.

37 ) ian / australia
06/04/2014 03:23
#34 "Israel did not "steal" anything..." No? Consider Ariel, Outlier, created in the 70s, a vast, charmless fortress deep in the OCCUPIED West Bank. Every legal opinion in forty years has held Israel is a legal entity up to the Armistice line and that beyond it is a military occupation and subject to the Fourth Geneva Convention. How is building a great, butt ugly, walled citadel in the middle of enemy territory and importing hordes of Russians to settle there, permanently, NOT theft? Hmmm?

38 ) ian / australia
06/04/2014 03:24
(contd.) The exact status of the territory may have been indeterminate in 1978 but it was certainly clear the owners of the land were Arab, that it had been acquired by conquest and that it WASN'T Israel!

39 ) ian / australia
06/04/2014 03:28
#34 "Since then, Palestinians got several proposals from Israel to achieve statehood and peace, and rejected them..." Yeah, blah blah blah...proposals as crappy and perversely indifferent to the LEGAL entitlements of Palestinians as the one Abbas has just resoundingly rejected. The West Bank, Outlier, inc. occupied East Jerusalem is NOT Israel's to dole out or bargain with (for reasons above). So back to law school 4u. Still a bit premature to hang out the shingle.

40 ) Outlier / USA
07/04/2014 00:14
36-39, Ian, the 2000 Camp David proposal included a Palestine made up of 91% of the West Bank plus 1% of Israel in a land swap. It was rejected. Today, I think Palestinians would accept the proposal instantly, but 2000 is gone and so is the proposal. Oh, and a reality check - Israel controls East Jerusalem and the West Bank, so those ARE theirs to swap in a peace accord. Bravado, arrogance and hubris are nice, but they won't give Palestinians a state.

41 ) ian / australia
08/04/2014 02:41
#40 What weird moral bubble do you live in, Outlier? Why should Palestinians give up al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, their 1,400-year-old shrines, to a newly arrived bully because it "controls" them, as the famously "generous" Camp David offer required them to? Of course, Israel "controls East Jerusalem and the West Bank"...that's the whole point. They're OCCUPIED...illegally, held by force, STOLEN. In what moral universe does THAT make them "theirs to swap in a peace accord"?

42 ) ian / australia
08/04/2014 02:42
(contd.) The rest of the world rejects the legality of the settlements and the "unification" of Jerusalem. On that, Israel is alone and friendless and what protection it DOES receive from law and global condemnation is essentially extorted. "Bravado, arrogance and hubris" certainly got ISRAEL a state, but justice and common decency will realise a free Palestine, which is clearly what (along with logic) you lie outside.

43 ) Outlier / USA
08/04/2014 15:35
41, 42, Ian, why? Because it is in the Palestinians best interests to do so. The Palestinians are attempting to claim an East Jerusalem that was never theirs in the first place - it was Jordan's. As for Israel, bravado, arrogance and hubris had very little to do with its founding, though courage and pragmatism did. If the Palestinians want a country, they will need to negotiate with similar courage and pragmatism. Otherwise, they will have to settle for the current situation.

44 ) ian / australia
10/04/2014 11:45
#43 Sheesh, Outlier. If you acknowledge "it was Jordan's", (i.e. the West Bank inc. East Jerusalem) surely you have to accept that Jordan ceded it formally to the Palestinian people represented by the PLO and relinquished all claim to it. If you don't...you have to admit you cite "law" and brute force as political reality arbitrarily depending on what suits your "argument". So whose is it? It's certainly not Israel's, however you slice it. Though Israel "controls" it, illegally, by brute force.

45 ) ian / australia
10/04/2014 11:45
(contd.) But that's not the point. It belongs to the Palestinians because they LIVE there and have a RIGHT to self determination in their homeland. Israel has no such RIGHT (in the WB inc. EJ) beyond trumped up mumbo jumbo about the ancient Land of Israel and the "return" of the Jewish "people" to it. And isn't there something absurd about counselling Palestinians on their "best interests" and how they need to "negotiate" with "courage and pragmatism" when the opponent is as wily, ruthless

46 ) ian / australia
10/04/2014 11:50
(contd.) and greedy as the one, for their sins, they're lumped with? And if the 20th century tells us anything, it's that oppressed people, whether in South Africa or Algeria, Australia or Alabama DON'T have to "settle for the current situation" as their oppressors have invariably counselled them before their liberation or the full attainment of their rights.
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