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Minister: Over 1,500 Palestinian children killed since 2000
Published Saturday 05/04/2014 (updated) 07/04/2014 12:02
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- Over 1,500 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces since the year 2000, the Palestinian Authority minister of social affairs said Saturday.

Marking Palestinian Children's Day, Kamal al-Sharafi said in a statement that 1,520 Palestinian children have been killed and approximately 6,000 injured by the Israeli military in the past 14 years.

More than 10,000 have been arrested, al-Sharafi added, and 200 are currently being held in Israeli prisons.

"Protecting and supporting children should be a national responsibility," he said, calling upon the Palestinian Authority to ratify a law for the protection of minors.

Palestinians mark Children's Day on April 5 each year.

The United Nations Children Fund said in a 2013 report that 700 Palestinian children aged 12 to 17, most of them boys, are arrested, interrogated and detained by the Israeli military, police, and security agents every year in the occupied West Bank.

In the report, UNICEF said it identified examples of practices that "amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention against Torture."
1 ) Kathy P / USA
05/04/2014 15:10
I guess it can all be explained away.. The fact that heavily armed soldiers, killing unarmed civilian children... But it looks bad.. Perhaps they didn't scatter fast enough? Just caught in the way? It is only the most vile culture that is so callous as to kill off anothers' children.. Reprehensible.. Sick..

2 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
05/04/2014 15:35
And all their killers are walking free. How sick can you be torturing children, I hope they will keep you awake every night the rest of your life.

3 ) Three Truths / Not One
05/04/2014 16:05
A PA Minister (essentially lies) speaking Less that Half-Truth, where: 1- Yes, "Over 1,500 Palestinian children were killed", but NOT the other two thirds of the Truth, of 2- Over 15,000 Palestinian children threw stones and attacked soldiers, & 3- Most of those "children" killed were almost 18 years old, and because of their actions, in many countries they would be considered "adults".

4 ) Pamela Mkhaimer / US
05/04/2014 19:27
Well if anyone thinks that children or even adults throwing stones compares to night raids on homes, stealing property, destroying nature, dropping bombs on unarmed innocent people is all right then I guess you are guilty as well. Evil Zionists will never know peace, joy, or love. Anyone who believes this is on the rocky road to HELL

5 ) Mel / USA
05/04/2014 20:07
#3:If YOUR children were also under a BRUTAL,MILITARY OCCUPATION by foreigners who wanted to exterminate you,I'm darn sure they would RESIST TOO,&throw whatever they could at their oppressors.The Jewish kids in the ghtettoes resisted the Nazis's.Or is that different? And lest we forget,the Israel army & evil Shin Bet carry out OPPRESSIVE NIGHT RAIDS on Pal homes,arresting kids as young as 12-13-14yrs,detaining,torturing them to obtain FALSE confessions.Sleeping in their BEDS is a crime to NaZion

6 ) George / USA
05/04/2014 21:14
# You are sick and a liar. Children in many countries do not live under brutal military occupation. Pregnant mothers have been killed, new-born children of ALL ages have been killed and you defend the killing. How typical of murderous Zionists!!

7 ) Lonely Rico / Canada
05/04/2014 21:22
@ Three Truths 2- What were the heavily armed robot-soldiers doing there pray tell ? ILLEGALLY occupying the towns and villages and countryside, threatening and abusing and destroying everything and anything they consider "other". 3- "almost 18 years old" ! So that makes it alright does it ? Kathy P gets it right: "Reprehensible.. Sick..." The whole world is appalled by Israeli theft, violence, criminality and murderous repression of the Palestinians.

8 ) @ Mel-5 / USA too
05/04/2014 21:57
- First: The "Brutality & Want To Exterminate" started with Arab Invasions And Endless Terrorism, and what Arabs receive in return (tear-gas & rubber-bullets) for their actions is both less brutal, and Without a Desire To Exterminate them, and - Second: I would Not send Any "Children" to fight - Period. In this Country, we know that peaceful civil disobedience has worked, and In that "Authority", they should know after 65 years, that Violence & Throwing Stones Has Not And Never will Work !!

9 ) Mel / USA
05/04/2014 22:22
"...someone came inside your home....they kill your father...brother...uncle....everyone except the children...That is the condition of Palestine.That is all they can do,throw stones,face tanks....rocks to throw & the HEART(my capitals)to face tanks.....that is an act of honor(by the children)".Listen VERY carefully to every word(below)coz we KNOW the difference'tween Israel &Zion(the latter is a MYTH!).Israel is waking up to its occupier...ZIONISM!

10 ) Maureen / Australia
05/04/2014 22:23
Revisionist Zionism is an off shoot of Nazi mind set! Jabotinsky would have made Hitler proud...

11 ) @ Lonely-7 / TRUTH
06/04/2014 01:09
- The "soldiers" are lightly armed, carrying non-lethal anti-riot gear, so as to minimize the loss of civilian lives, which is something you can not say about soldiers of many countries in the region, and - The soldiers where there to stop Arab rioters, at the border of the Palestinian areas, before they attacked Jewish civilians !! * NO STONE-THROWING, and No Violence, MEANS NO SOLDIERS. * USING CHILD-SOLDIERS MEANS DEAD CHILDREN, and * PEACE KEEPING IS WHAT "MAKES IT ALRIGHT".

12 ) Colin Wright / USA
06/04/2014 02:15
Chutzpah points for #3. Impressive even by Zionist standards. Maybe Brian will show up and tell us about the rabbits.

13 ) Rami / Palestine
06/04/2014 08:19
In case you'd like to know the names of every single one of these children, how they were killed, where they were killed, how old they were, etc...go here: http://rememberthesechildren.org/remember2000.html

14 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
06/04/2014 09:56
The Israeli army has not a leg to stand on - food for prosecution under international standards. Hopefully, lawyers have been working on it for years behind the scenes. All the facts are there, between Defence Children International, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and UNICEF.

15 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
06/04/2014 11:59
No need to, Colin. For every Palestinian war crime you seem to pull zionsist dirty laundry out of your hat. There's not convincing you at all Colin, because your mind (and others posting here) was made up years ago. You simply don't care. Truth be told when Palestine joins the ICC you should expect to see most Palestinian leaders on trial for war crimes. Palestinians have dirty laundry too, Colin. Lots of it. By your standards there should not be peace, just war. Keeps you happy and posting.

16 ) ronen / israel
06/04/2014 12:15
1. a seventeen year old palestinian can stab an 18 year old israeli soldier in the back and get shot and the arabs/supporters will scream that "heavily armored israeli soldier shot in cold blood a palestinian child" 2. the events of 2000 are yet another war started and lost by the arab side with the casualties blamed on the defending side. trying to convince people that sharon's visit to a place that is sacred to jews is a legitimate reason for senseless violence will only work on the biased.

17 ) Bob / Canada
06/04/2014 13:56
The Israelis should be complemented on keeping this number to such a low figure given the state of terror Israelis are experiencing. In any other normal situation the number would be much higher. Thanks to HAMAS and the fact that Arabs care very little about human life which is shown by the fact that these children are used to incite Israelis. In 14 years only 1,500 is quite impressive and the IDF should get a medal.

18 ) Lonely Rico / Canada
06/04/2014 17:49
The moral blindness of the defenders of the ILLEGAL occupation and brutal military presence is to weep. The Palestinian resistance to this ugly criminality brings to mind Avraham Burg - "Israel, having ceased to care about the children of the Palestinians, should not be surprised when they come washed in hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of Israeli escapism" (2003). @Bob - "In 14 years only 1,500 is quite impressive" - This is odious, sick.

19 ) Johnny benson / USA
06/04/2014 19:08
How many baby's did the Hamas guys put into the line of fire?....in the last war?...how many children..how many innocents.....the blood stains are on the Arabs...

20 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
06/04/2014 19:08
Hey Mel #5, are you telling us that you support native Americans throwing bricks throught your windshield while you are doing 60 mph on the highway? Or how about throwing a molotov cocktail through your window while you're driving with you grandchildren in the back seat. Do I think that little Mohawk and Navajo kids have the right to smash your skull? No I don't. Why do you think Pal kids can kill me with impunity?

21 ) Maureen / Australia
06/04/2014 19:51
#17 Bob What exactly do you call, "any other normal situation?" The colonization of Canada/Australia for instance or the Western invasion of Iraq, Afghanista... etc.etc?

22 ) @ #11 TRUTH / Canada
07/04/2014 02:27
" ... lightly armed, ... so as to minimize the loss of civilian lives. Yeah ? 18 - 20 Palestinian civilians dead since Jan. 1, 2014 ! The glorious and ethical army of (illegal) occupation. Perhaps a bit "lighter" when you aim, than when you get hit. As for #17 Bob - "only 1,500 is quite impressive and the IDF should get a medal." - words seem unable to describe the moral corruption behind such claim. Vicious, malignant, disgusting . . .

23 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
07/04/2014 05:49
Bob is a very sick human being as he brags of Israels killing of over 1500 children. Only a Zionist can sink so low, I thank God every day of my life I am not a Zionist, nothing more vile exists in this world.

24 ) Rami / Palestine
07/04/2014 09:47
#17 in any other "normal" situation....there is nothing "normal" about Israel's situation. Normal countries wouldn't be massacring certain populations b/c they're the wrong ethnicity or consistently denying them their rights. But then again, what do I know? Or actually, what do you know being that you're in Canada and we're here in the reality of this conflict. If you think the deaths of 1,500 children in 14 years is "impressive", you seriously consider intensive psychotherapy.

25 ) traducteur / Canada
07/04/2014 13:01
Killing Palestinian children is quite all right, as the Zionists see the matter, because, in the first place, "a million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail," as a rabbi has memorably put it, and in the second place, it is regarded as a useful means of "encouraging the goyim to emigrate", along with confiscating their land, sluicing off their water, demolishing their homes, destroying their olive and almond trees, denying them employment, education and health cared, and the like.

26 ) Outlier / USA
08/04/2014 02:37
The question for Palestinians now should rightfully be, "How do you prevent such deaths in the future?" The answer is you keep your children out of harm's way and the best way to do so is to negotiate peace with Israel.

27 ) ian / australia
09/04/2014 05:22
#20 Yes, Brian, they're awful acts but WHY were they committed? You never ask or answer that. And how are they different to the King David Hotel bombing which killed 91 people? Or Baruch Goldstein's Hebron rampage? It's ALL terrorism in the service of a goal, which is either moral or not. The goal of Irgun and Goldstein was conquest and dispossession, the wresting of control of a land from its rightful owners. The goal of Palestinians hurling bricks at moving cars is to drive the invaders out

28 ) ian / australia
09/04/2014 05:23
(contd.) (even if they ARE driving around with their children) and win it back. The means are ALL violent (and ruthless and shocking) but which is the moral end?

29 ) Alana Turing / UK
10/04/2014 16:00
Many of the comments here relate to a question I have been struggling with for some time; the justification of Palestinian resistance movements (who use violence) and their subsequent demonization those who (whilst complicit in the occupation) deem them to be terrorists. Resistance in warfare is normally deemed justified, yet Western Governments, complicit in the both the founding & perpetual continuation of the State of Israel, deem such resistance in the case of Palestine unjustifiable (cont)

30 ) Alana Turing / UK
10/04/2014 16:03
This is presumably due to their own inglorious past of imperialism, colonisation, & empire building, in which the indigenous people of the conquered countries were deemed inferior. The State of Israel did not create itself, by itself, it had help, almost certainly because those countries (seen in the light of the time) didn’t want the ‘Jewish Problem’ on its doorstep, and as Palestinian Arabs were seen as even more inferior than Jews, there was no real issue with them losing their land. (cont)

31 ) Alana Turing / UK
10/04/2014 16:04
An injustice was served to the Palestinian people, which no one wishes to acknowledge or apologise for. The State of Israel will remain, propped up by successive Western governments. As current generations of Israeli Jews cannot be held accountable for the actions of their forebears, one hopes that finally peace can come to both sides. However as an individual I find myself continually on the side of the Palestinians, I find cannot condemn violent resistance, although I myself do not like (cont)

32 ) Alana Turing / UK
10/04/2014 16:06
violence, because the sheer injustice that has been meted out to them, makes it somehow justifiable. I do however recognise that there are Israeli thinkers brave enough to write alternative historical narratives and deconstruct Zionism. That brave Israeli’s & Jews all over the world demonstrate and speak out against the actions of the State of Israel. I am trying to embrace this fount of knowledge, and hope for a paradigm shift in my own thinking. However the moral question remains; (cont)

33 ) Alana Turing / UK
10/04/2014 16:09
'Is violent resistance justifiable? There are certainly enough justifications for justice in warfare, so if we are able to justify war, we should be able to justify violent resistance (as an option).

34 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 01:39
#29-#33 "Is violent resistance justifiable?" Isn't it pretty simple, Alana? No soul-searching required. Self-defense is lawful. It has to be because the alternative is passive acceptance of ANY aggression. And the level of violence you resort to is dictated by the violence of the aggressor. It's justified if it's proportional. I can't blow you away with an Uzi (or fire a tear gas canister at your head) for parking in my spot. Though if you're armed and dangerous, on my property and constitute

35 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 01:39
(contd.) a clear and present threat, I can. The Israeli occupation is essentially war and ALL the rules are codified in law, in the conventions the Palestinians have applied to join. That's why Brian's latest idee fixe about Palestinian leaders on trial for war crimes if they join the treaties (#15) is nonsense. West Bank settlers and the soldiers protecting them, are armed invaders and a clear threat to the Arab population. So resistance, with proportionate violence, is lawful self defense.

36 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 01:40
(contd.) Even Udi Fogel's horrible end. He was armed and settled the fam on stolen land in a war zone. I mean, what WAS he thinking?

37 ) Nur / Tunisia
12/04/2014 20:50
A lot of interesting comments here, merci beaucoup. It is good that people take the time to discuss the issues, however thought provoking or distressing they may be.

38 ) mike / uk
03/06/2014 11:00
Those who are helping the killing in Palestine are equal to Zionists..

39 ) jonpon / Palestine
30/06/2014 23:19
If anyone justifies the murder of over 1500 children with " well, they did throw stones at the occupying forces". I say this, give us your gun, your hellfire missiles your Black-hawks and your 3 billion dollar US aid and we won't throw stones at you.
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