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Jimmy Carter backs PLO move to sign treaties
Published Monday 07/04/2014 (updated) 06/05/2014 16:17
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Former US President Jimmy Carter on Monday expressed support for the PLO's move to seek membership in international organizations.

"The decision by the Palestinians to exercise their right to join international organizations should not be seen as a blow to the peace talks," Carter said in a statement.

"I hope that, on the contrary, it will help to redress the power imbalance between Israelis and Palestinians, as we approach the 29 April deadline set by Secretary Kerry."

The Elders, an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace, said Monday they are "deeply worried" by the current impasse in negotiations, but noted that President Mahmoud Abbas' decision to sign letters of accession to 15 treaties is "consistent with the UN non-member observer state status obtained by Palestine in November 2012."

Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and deputy chair of The Elders, said as a UN non-member observer state, Palestine is "entitled to join international bodies."

"This move opens the way to more inclusive and accountable government in the West Bank and Gaza. It has the potential to strengthen respect for human rights and provide ordinary Palestinians with essential legal protections against discrimination or abuses by their own government," he said.

"In global terms, it will also increase their ability to enjoy, in practice, the protection of their basic rights granted to them by international law."

The Israeli government's March 29 failure to release the agreed-upon fourth round of Palestinian veteran prisoners -- jailed before the 1993 Oslo Accords -- has brought the US-brokered peace talks close to collapse.

The PLO responded by applying for membership to 15 international treaties.
1 ) Jimmy Carter is the GREATEST / PRESIDENT OF USA
07/04/2014 18:11

2 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
07/04/2014 20:30
Jimmy Carter also believes that some settlements will stay in Israel !!! Yes, Jimmy Carter went to the settlements and said it right into the tv camera - he believes that some areas of the west bank are indeed part of Israel.

3 ) Mel / USA
07/04/2014 21:09
Bravo Jim!You're a champ!You were put through the WhiteHouse'establishment' wringer &managed to rinse off all that crud & shackles of corruption &hypocrisy!If Israel TRUELY believes in democracy,NOT JUST Zionist Jews-only demographics(in'good ole'minority colonial apartheid,hafrada fashion)MILLIONS of indigenous Palestinians(Muslims&Christians)would be making the Holy Land BLOOM,along with Jews,instead of destroying it,as Zionism has/is! BDS racism& bigotry! No violin-players for OPPRESSORS!

4 ) Big Jim / USA
07/04/2014 23:22
This old piece of is feeble of mind. Stupid enuf to be a Palestinian!!

5 ) Ollie / Poland
07/04/2014 23:54
God bless you President Carter. A true American president!

6 ) Carlos / usa
08/04/2014 19:52
Jimmy Carter was truly the best President in my 60 years. The rest were a bunch of warmongers who fed the military industrial complex. If Jimmy Carters policies would have been allowed to stand we would have been able to be less dependent on oil, the US would not have invaded Panama, there would have been no Nicaragua Contra conspiracy. Thinking was not strength of the other presidents.

7 ) Jonathanbrandon / USA
09/04/2014 00:17
Excellent comment by a great humanitarian

8 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
09/04/2014 12:32
History did not begin in 1967. Carter drove to Gush Etzion on roads shared by Palestinian drivers, past fields cultivated by Palestinian farmers, all in defiance of the propaganda lies spread by the Palestinian lobby. There he said: "This particular settlement area is not one that I envision ever being abandoned or changed over into Palestinian territory." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5sJ4ppJ3uM

9 ) JHoward / USA
09/04/2014 18:00
Bibi's bark and finger-pointing are those of a cornered desparado who now knows that his time has come, that his subterfuge fools no one but perhaps some of his own people. Abbas, for all his shortcomings, is playing the only cards he has left, appealing to the international community to take a stand and officially recognize Israel's ongoing criminal oppression of his people. Bibi must surely see that in Kerry he is dealing with a warrior, a former politician, a diplomat if not a statesman.

10 ) Colin Wright / USA
10/04/2014 05:25
To Brian Cohen #8: 'History did not begin in 1967...' Indeed it didn't. There are no lies, crimes, or atrocities that Israel is committing now that she didn't commit from the first. It's hell trying to live a lie, isn't it, Brain? Are you sure you're up to it?

11 ) sylvia / UK
10/04/2014 18:33
PLEASE JHoward (USA) call Netanyahu by his name - Bibi sounds "cosy" which he is NOT. Bravo for Jimmy Carter - only the yanks didn't realize what a good guy they had as President.

12 ) JHoward / USA
11/04/2014 21:43
Regarding "Bibi," point well taken Miss Sylvia, although I''m sure he comes across as a perfectly ordinary person, warts and all, to those in his inner circle with whom he is able to relax his politico-ideological persona. Was it Hannah Arndt who commented on the banality of evil? As for Jimmy Carter, there is a man for the historians to chew on for decades to come. Not unlike Obama, he came to the office before seasoning as a politician, basically as an outsider.

13 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 11:28
#2, #8 "Yes, Jimmy Carter went to the settlements and said it right into the tv camera - he believes that some areas of the west bank are indeed part of Israel." I really don't see why you think that's such a big deal, Brian. Anyone reasonable understands that Israel would keep some (even all) of the large settlements in a peace deal. The concept seems to be that if ALL trace of the Arab character has been removed, as it has in the big, antiseptic settlements, then Israel can keep it because

14 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 11:30
(contd.) it's no longer "Palestinian" (like it WAS when it was stolen) and that the eviction of Jews living there NOW (who didn't actually STEAL it) seems a bit hard on them. And fair enough. But conversely, areas which are ENTIRELY Arab in character should stay in Palestine for precisely the same reasons. So, Brian...walked up Salah Al-Din Street lately? Or around Sheikh Jarrah? Or (if especially brave) Silwan? Or the Muslim Quarter? Or the Aqsa mosque? THEY are Arab areas which should be in

15 ) ian / australia
12/04/2014 11:32
(contd.) Palestine, indeed, in the capital, East Jerusalem and I'm sure ex-POTUS Carter would agree. I'm also sure Palestinians, in the WB AND Gaza, given the chance to forfeit Ariel and Gush Etzion for the Jordan Valley and the Aqsa...and a state finally rid of violent, feral nutcases attacking them and checkpoints and trigger-happy soldiers, would vote overwhelmingly to sign the deal.
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