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4-year-old Israeli child killed by mortar fire in Nahal Oz
Israel, PLO still at odds as US reviews peace push
Published Tuesday 08/04/2014 (updated) 09/04/2014 22:38
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A protester waves a Palestinian flag towards the Israeli border
fence during a protest marking Land Day at the border between
Israeli and Gaza Strip on March 30, 2014
(AFP/File Mohammed Abed)
RAMALLAH (AFP) -- Israeli and Palestinian negotiators remained at odds on Tuesday on how to salvage teetering peace talks as Washington prepared to review the scale of its involvement in the troubled process.

The two sides met US envoy Martin Indyk late on Monday and are to meet him again on Wednesday, a Palestinian source told AFP.

But amid growing US frustration at the reluctance of either side to compromise, Secretary of State John Kerry was to discuss with President Barack Obama whether to continue investing the same amount of time and political capital in a peace effort being undermined by the actions of both sides.

"There are still differences between the Israeli and Palestinian positions, and the Americans are making great efforts to overcome the difficulties," a Palestinian source close to the talks told AFP.

A US official confirmed the latest meeting. "Gaps remain but both sides are committed to narrowing the gaps," he said.

Senior US officials have rejected the idea that Obama intends to pull the plug on the peace push, saying he deeply appreciates the intensive shuttle diplomacy Kerry has invested in it over the past 15 months.

But equally, Obama may need to be convinced that Kerry's intense focus on the initiative is merited given, its apparently slim chance of success and deepening crises crying out for US attention elsewhere in the world, mostly recently in Ukraine.

Despite Kerry's efforts, the talks have made no apparent headway since they resumed in July with the stated goal of agreeing a framework peace deal by April 30.

With recriminations and tit-for-tat moves multiplying on both sides, the prospects of their continuing beyond that date look increasingly unlikely.

At the end of March, Israel refused to release a final batch of Palestinian prisoners the PLO had been expecting to be freed under the terms of the talks resumption.

In response, the PLO applied last week to adhere to 15 international treaties.
1 ) Rasha / Palestine
08/04/2014 14:54
The Americans need to recognize the fact that they are no more in a position to warn Russia...as the US has exceeded the double standars level to a point that it lost ist respect worldwide.

2 ) Tomato / Ketchup
08/04/2014 15:45
Kerry better off to stay home, ride yacht, put more ketchup on his burger and forget about peace process between Israel and palestinians for a while. And all of us will be better off if he stays home - he would do less harm, he has done enough harm already. Just put more ketchup on the burger.

3 ) Mel / USA
08/04/2014 16:01
What a total load of White House Bovine excrement,LOL! I can't believe We The (tax-paying)People PAY these Zionist-collaborator JERKS to spew such double-speak hasbara,LOL! Look at who the"peace","negotiators"are? Absolutist Zionist-led Israel(Class 1 colonial serial killer).Unilateralist USG(Class 1 colonial BRUTE,TAKER, & provider to foreign despots&techno-puppets)&the PA;Israel's proxy'good Arab'in the Ramallah feifdom/Bantustan whosePASF protects SHIN BET,& brutal Jews-only colonists! PUKE!

4 ) Mitri I. Musleh / Canada
08/04/2014 17:36
To negotiate peace on a complex issue as that of the Israeli-Palestinian case, both sides have to think outside the box. Israel’s demand on being recognized by the Palestinians as a Jewish state is ludicrous and the Palestinians demanding the release of few prisoners is also ludicrous. Borders, refugee compensation package, water rights, Israeli settlements, East Jerusalem, Israel’s separation wall and end to occupation are more stressing issues needed to be addresses in order for peace to preva

5 ) Tobias / USA
08/04/2014 17:51
-1- The State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority of the PLO
-2- The the USA should have reviewed peace push decades ago,
and realized that neither side will ever accept the other's vision,
for the status of the existing state, and creating a second state. And,
-3- Since no "push" can be forced upon either side, the USA (EU & UN)
should move on to other world problems that can actually be fixed !!!

6 ) Mel / USA
09/04/2014 02:28
What has there EVER been to salvage(from Israel's perspective)? They want non-Jews in SLAVERY or expelled totally(alive or dead).That's not a salvage operation that's called ethnic expulsion and LAND THEFT! The ONLY thing to salvage is PALESTINE & what has been stolen occupied,blockaded since 1947 onward! The only thing to salvage on Israel's part is the MEMORY of the Holocaust,currently being buried by racist Zionism,under a mound of brutal hypocrisy&xenophobia! GET REAL D.C.!

7 ) Now & / Forever
09/04/2014 04:08
-1- The State of Israel and the PLO/PA will be "AT ODDS" FOREVER, regardless of the UN, the EU, and the "US reviewing a peace push," and -2- It is time the UN, EU, and US all come to terms with the fact, that: * Israel will never give up the secure post-1967 borders, just as * Russia will never give up the Crimea !!

8 ) yaacov / zion
09/04/2014 05:40
You have earned nothing, thus you will get nothing

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
09/04/2014 07:05
Technically... 'In response, the PLO reneged on their own undertaking to refrain from pursuing alternative avenues for recognition of its promised state, applying last week to adhere to 15 international treaties...' If Israel had already violated the terms of the agreement, then Palestine didn't renege. If I rent an apartment, and you tear down the building, I'm hardly late with the rent if I stop giving you money. Palestine stopped abiding by the agreement only after Israel had torn it up.
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4-year-old Israeli child killed by mortar fire in Nahal Oz
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