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Israelis kill Palestinian in protest in Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem
Hamas calls for end to PA security coordination with Israel
Published Wednesday 09/04/2014 (updated) 12/04/2014 11:51
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A Palestinian protester hurls a rock during clashes with Israeli
soldiers in the West Bank city of Kafr Qaddum on Jan. 17 2014
(MaanImages/BenGe Photography)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Hamas said on Wednesday that Palestinians in the West Bank should "give full rein" to resistance against the Israeli occupation and end security cooperation with Israel.

The moves comes hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered government officials to stop cooperation with Palestinian officials as part of a round of sanctions on the PA as peace negotiations between the two sides stalled in recent days.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoun said PA President Mahmoud Abbas should take advantage of Netanyahu's decision and end all aspects of security coordination with Israel.

Abbas should let resistance "deter the Israeli occupation and defend our people, our land, and our holy places," Barhoun said in a statement.

He said Abbas should end negotiations and recruit regional and international opposition to the occupation.

The failure of the the peace talks so far proves that Hamas was correct in its view that negotiations with Israel only have a negative impact on the Palestinian people, the statement said.

Barhoun also urged Arab countries to support regional and international divestment from Israel.

Netanyahu's decision to cut coordination with Palestinian officials comes in response to the PLO's decision to apply to join 15 international conventions.

Palestinian officials say the decision to apply to the international conventions was in direct response to Israel's failure to release a fourth and final round of veteran prisoners as agreed.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.

Israel's government has announced the construction of thousands of settler housing units and its army has killed 60 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the negotiations began.
1 ) jabe7 / canada
09/04/2014 20:11
As an outside observer, am not sure what ramifications would result from such a withdrawal. However, have always felt these security arrangements made Palestinians complicit with the Israeli occupation.

2 ) Tibi / Tubas
09/04/2014 20:37
-1- Both Sides should stop pretending that they are ever going to be anything close to "friendly", and acknowledge they are likely to remain enemies essentially forever, and
-2- The Palestine-Israel relationship should become like that of the
Iran-Israel relationship, without coordination, visas, import/export, etc.
-3- The PLO should return to terrorism, and
-4- Israel should blockade Area A, just like Gaza,
unless a peace agreement is reached !!!

3 ) Maureen / Australia
09/04/2014 22:06
#2 What kind of "peace agreement" - one that would allow Israel to continue its terrorist activities it has carried out in Palestine for most of the past 100 years?

4 ) Jay / USA
09/04/2014 22:44
Hey Maureen.??You need a lesson in history really badly. If the Palestinians would have just accepted the Partian Plan in the 40's, they would have had a state now like Israel for the past 60 years. But NO!!! They chose RESISTENCE. Bad decision. I bet they would like a do over.

5 ) Mel / USA
09/04/2014 23:56
#4:Jay/USA:And you forget that the disproportionate partition plan essentially gave the indigenous&new arrival minority Jews the MAJORITY of the land,following Zionism's hasbara that it was a land W/OUT a(worthy)people.If 3 squatters moved into your house Jay & demanded 75% of it,you would RIGHTFULLY RESIST too. Palestinians had/have every right to be suspicious,while all they own was/is taken(under USG consent)whether they resist,or not.Zionism always intended to take all."Bad decision".

6 ) Seraphina Gabriel / Wales
10/04/2014 02:05
It's time for the PA (Fatah) & Hamas to jointly change the game and unite, with the aim of taking Palestine forward. The coming days will tell whether peace negotiations will continue or not, however it is imperative that some form of unified strategy is achieved. Jointly the PA & Hamas are in a much stronger bargaining position & can reach out to both the Arab & International Community. Forget past issues, even consider postponing elections for now, but go forward jointly to achieve resolution.

7 ) Dave / UK
10/04/2014 02:10
Palestinians certainly have the legal and moral right to use force to resist foreign colonization of their land, but it may be a battle they cannot win. I advise no cooperation whatsoever with Israel, worldwide boycott of everything "Israeli" and call for a tribunal. Sue for property theft in 47-48 first, war crimes after. The "Jews" owe 1trillion in damages which they cannot pay and have proven they cannot govern a state, so they must forfeit. US takes over, new Marshall Plan, problem solved.

8 ) @ Maureen-3 / Peace Without Attacks
10/04/2014 03:00
The easy answer is the "kind of peace agreement", where: -1- Area A does not attack Israeli sovereignty, so Israel stays out, and Palestinians within the Area never even have to see an Israeli soldier, and -2- Israel does not attack Area A, so Palestinians stay out, and Jews within Israeli sovereignty never even have to see a terror attack, or -3- In Simple Terms, the "kind of PEACE agreement," where both * PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT MILITARY & TERROR ATTACKS.

9 ) Very / Smart
10/04/2014 03:00
Good idea - almost as good as other palestinian ideas: let palestinian to restart terror in West Bank. The result is easy to predict - palestinians will be defeated, 1/3 of palestinian terrorists will be killed, another 1/3 will be prisoned and last 1/3 will be ejected to Gaza and outside of the West Bank - to Jordan, Tunisia where they came from and other nice destinations. And as all other smart palestinians ideas, it will bring them nothing but more misery.

10 ) Robby / USA
10/04/2014 07:29
How brave all of you to encourage what everyone knows will be a blood bath (surely many Palestinians will die) from the comfort of your own homes in the West, thousands of miles from danger. Keep pounding your chests.

11 ) Rami / Palestine
10/04/2014 10:58
I agree with Hamas. Why are we coordinating with our enemies? The ones who continue to kill and murder our brothers and sisters, who steal our land, who destroy our crops, deny us access to water, electricity, land, sea, and air borders, etc. The Settler population has increased, settlements have gotten bigger. Just in the first few months of this year alone, we've had 60 innocent civilians MURDERED by the Israelis. Dissolve the PA and let Israel be burdened with the real cost of the occupation.

12 ) Dave / UK
10/04/2014 15:49
Robby - correct, it is never a good idea to fight a battle you cannot win. Notice that I said 'they have the right...but it may be a battle they cannot win', and then I suggested taking the matter to court, as in a special tribunal. Germany had N?rnberg and Israel certainly deserves to face the same scrutiny. The property theft alone should be valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, plus prosecution for war crimes leaves Israel a bankrupt, illegitimate state. Buh-bye, back where you came from

13 ) Tell the / Thruth
10/04/2014 20:07
Rami #11 - you are 100% wrong: at least half of those 60 Palestinians killed in 2014 were not "innocent civilians" even if they were your brothers and sisters - they were terrorists launching missiles into Israel. And second half were also terrorists, who were trying to dig tunnels, breach border fence, plant explosives etc. Very few - may be 5 or 10 from those killed 60 were innocent bystanders. And again, if Palestinian terrorists would not try to attack Israel, those 60 might still be alive.

14 ) Robby / USA
11/04/2014 00:26
Despite what you read there is quite a bit of cooperation by both sides, just not anything people want to read about. You stated "I advise no cooperation whatsoever with Israel" - so you want all Palestinians to stop working for Israeli companies and entities? What about those who rely on Israeli medical treatment? Should they just stop using shekels? BDS sounds great from afar, but not so practical for the Palestinians. Have you ever stepped foot in the WB or Israel?

15 ) Outlier / USA
11/04/2014 03:15
Hamas has no real dog in this fight, but is doing this in an attempt to become relevant. The PLO should be very concerned that any act on its part on this matter will cause unintended consequences.

16 ) Robby / USA
11/04/2014 16:41
12 ) Dave / UK Despite what you read there is quite a bit of cooperation by both sides, just not anything people want to read about. You stated "I advise no cooperation whatsoever with Israel" - so you want all Palestinians to stop working for Israeli companies and entities? What about those who rely on Israeli medical treatment? Should they just stop using shekels? BDS sounds great from afar, but not so practical for the Palestinians. Have you ever stepped foot in the WB or Israel?
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