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New Israeli legal campaign accuses Abbas of 'terrorism'
Published Saturday 12/04/2014 (updated) 14/04/2014 19:14
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JERUSALEM (Ma'an) -- Right-wing Israeli political parties have begun a campaign to sue president Abbas for "war crimes" at the International Criminal Court in response to the Palestinian Authority's recent decision to join international conventions and treaties.

The campaign comes amid a near breakdown in ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and the PLO, and seeks to file legal procedures against Abbas accusing him of supporting "terrorism" and aiding to terrorist organizations.

Beginning on Friday, Israeli newspapers and websites have published advertisements calling on Israeli lawyers to join the campaign led by the Israel Law Center to sue Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas on charges of supporting terrorist organizations.

One of the prominent leaders of the campaign is chairman of the Jewish Home party Naftali Bennett, who has been a vocal critic of peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

An ad in the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth features president Abbas behind bars with a phrase in Arabic reading, "We will terrorize him in The Hague."

Palestinian officials, however, have downplayed the move, pointing out that Israel cannot pursue legal action at the international court due to its own failure to sign the treaties.

Palestinian minister of justice Ali Muhanna told Ma'an that the Israeli government had "lost balance both politically and legally."

Their response, he said, reflects the degree of rage in Israel towards the PA for attempting to join international conventions.

Muhanna confirmed that Israel "cannot engage in any legal action at the ICC because Israel is not a signatory to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court."

"Such legal proceedings are submitted through the ICC's Attorney General or through the UN Security Council."

"Abbas' move isn't a war crime. But the ongoing Israeli settlement construction, confiscation of Palestinian money, killing and detention of children are war crimes," he added.

The campaign comes amid a growing crisis in peace negotiations between Israel and the PLO.

Palestinian officials applied to join 15 international conventions last week after Israel failed to release a fourth batch of veteran prisoners as previously agreed upon.

The move angered Israeli authorities, who have since called for an end to coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.

Israel's government has announced the construction of thousands of settler housing units and its army has killed 60 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the negotiations began.
1 ) Mira / France
12/04/2014 18:09
Don't say we did not warn him......

2 ) Sander / The Netherlands
12/04/2014 19:19
Isra?li government has lost not only balance of polical and legal but also lost sence. Time to get Israel to ICC for it's daily crimes against occupied Palestinian people.

3 ) Mel / USA
12/04/2014 19:26
LOL!"terrorism"?That's funny coming from Yisrael Beiteinu fascists &their Yair Lapid,Jewish-Home neo-nazi,racist mobs filled withKahanist-Kach-kooKKK-ers.Bennett calling Palestinians"terrorists"? When he wants ALL Palestinians dead or merely alien residents,under FULL white-Jewish control!He's RACIST APARTHEID,period! This is a guy who hates Mizrahim,Haredim,Hasidics just slightly LESS than Palestinians.Just because he sucks Bibi's &Lapid's d***,he thinks he's "King of the Jews"? Pleeez!

4 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/04/2014 20:06
Just goes to show: it's impossible to appease Israel. I don't particularly feel like ragging on Abbas this morning -- but if he's not enough to satisfy her, no one ever will be. Put it that way.

5 ) Colin Wright / USA
12/04/2014 20:10
If any Palestinian leader has explored the path of appeasement and attempting to negotiate with the ravening beast, it's been Abbas. This is like Nazi Germany demanding that France replace Laval with somebody more acquiescent.

6 ) Outlier / USA
12/04/2014 20:43
As I keep warning, beware of unintended consequences.

7 ) Maureen / Australia
12/04/2014 21:34
Ya gotta believe it, right - wing Zionists are sick comedians! The whole world can see Israel's deplaurable inhumanity to Palestinian people and still Zionists attempt to reverse the true picture!

8 ) Palestinians Can Not / Can't Have It Both Ways
12/04/2014 22:04
Now that you have signed the Conventions of War, * YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR Every Act Of * TERRORISM, whether by rocket, mortar, bomb, or bullet, * THAT TARGETS CIVILIANS, and comes from Areas A/B, or Gaza.

9 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
12/04/2014 22:22
Foolish and naieve Palestinians think that they can scare Israeli leaders by joining signing some papers that they think will make Israelis fear and tremble. Quite the oppositie - the minute they are legal non-Israeli NGOs are ready to file papers to charge Palestinian leaders and officials with war crimes. It's really a no-brainer, given the long and bloody self-confessed history of Palestinian terrorist crimes.

10 ) d'Arc / USA
12/04/2014 22:29
Israel just wants to appoint its surrogates no run the PA. And win a propaganda campaign, sort of a BDS in reverse. Whoever gets the job will bee seen as Israel's surrogate if they push it that far. This is, however, just an intimidation tactic.

11 ) Todd / Canada
12/04/2014 22:50
That is the double edge sword of the UN, while joining might give Abbas a platform to try previous leaders of Israel, he is the only leader of the pa since Arafat and can still stand trial

12 ) Maureen / Australia
13/04/2014 05:44
#8 & #9. It is your drunk with power, Zionist war criminals who are shaking in their boots and you know it! Otherwise why all the fuss if Palestinians jpoin international conventions and treaties? BTW, how many international conventions and treaties has Israel joined?

13 ) gabi / australia
13/04/2014 05:51
It's a bit rich, isn't it, Israel carrying on so much about terrorists. Still, I guess they recognise terrorism well enough - seeing Israel was created out of terrorism. And continuing . . .

14 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
13/04/2014 09:08
Interesting analysis by Guy Bechor on the illegetimacy of Abbas and the Palestinian leadership; http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4508901,00.html It's probably ditto and worse for the Hamas dictators in Gaza, who will never again hold elections now that they are in power. Yet so many Maan readers support brutal Arab dictatorships, praise them, want them in the UN, and want their leaders empowered. What for? Clearly so they can continue to steal money and suppress the Palestinian masses.

15 ) Daniel Herzog / New York
13/04/2014 09:32
Maybe the remaining holocaust survivors should be investigated and put on trial if they were found to have aided or been part of the underground fighting Hitler. They were terrorists right?

16 ) Cashief / South-Africa
13/04/2014 16:00
I hope there will come a time that the leaders of Israel will stand trail for killing Palestinian children. For the last decade they killed more than 1000 Palestinian children. Are a America going to protect this murderers?

17 ) Daniel Herzog / New York
13/04/2014 23:19
#14 Brian Cohen: No one is going to read your stupid ynet shit articles. So shut your trap.

18 ) Shalom / Canada
13/04/2014 23:39
#14 - Well Brian, based on the analysis in the article you mentioned, it looks like it's going to be all fun & games when it transpires that no one has any authority to sign or do anything very much. (Unless of course US/UN turn a blind eye to that, in the spirit of getting a deal after so long).

19 ) King David / FLA / USA
14/04/2014 03:24
It is unbelievable that the Israelis, who have illegally consumed the Palestinian lands in the West Bank for a generation, to consider calls for war crimes against their leadership. While true that the door swings both ways and the the Palestinians have to honor their commitments to the world and international law, when signed, the Israelis certainly take the cake (olive groves and anything else that they can ransack of Palestinian wealth) by ignoring a generation of theft by their government.

20 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
14/04/2014 09:52
It's a bit rich, isn't it, the Aussies carrying on here about Israeli "terrorism" and "occupation" while they simply can't escape the fact that they are colonist settlers on stolen aboriginal lands. Gabi and Maureen's great great grandparents brought a host of plagues that almost wiped out the Aborigines. Good thing, since it made it easier to steal the entire continent and its riches, while pusing the Aborigines into a tiny minority they could ignore with impunity. Might is right for Gabi.

21 ) Colin Wright / USA
14/04/2014 20:43
Judging by how loudly Brain is squealing, Abbas' latest tactic must be the right move.

22 ) Colin Wright / USA
14/04/2014 20:54
Re Brian #14: 'Interesting analysis by Guy Bechor on the illegetimacy of Abbas...' Brain tries to sound intelligent. Kinda blows it when he misspells 'illegitimacy.'

23 ) Daniel Herzog / New York
14/04/2014 21:35
#20, Nice of Brian to mention all the great historical injustices in order to justify what Israel does. But its strange that he does not also use Nazi Germany's effort to create a pure Aryan nation as an example as well. This would actually be the closest example to what Israel is doing in trying to create a pure Jewish state. So next time a German comments, Brian, be sure to mention that they also did the same thing. Your a smart boy Brian arn't you.

24 ) John Costello / USA
15/04/2014 05:58
Brian Cohen takes defense of Israeli apartheid to its inevitable polemic conclusion, justification on the basis of the major power’s post – Columbian, pre – 20th century world war colonialism. Zionists must reject international law and UN treaty as surely as laissez faire capitalists must continually wage war against the unwonted progressive tendencies of representative democracy. Brian is crude and obvious but right in tune with the US and Israeli right wings.

25 ) Criminals & / Courts (ICC)
17/04/2014 18:30
The ICC will Not look into past decades, before Palestinians signed UN Treaties & Geneva Conventions, and even if it would, detention of violent, terrorizing individuals is an internationally accepted practice, so
though Israel should expect No ICC complications,
* PALESTINIANS are still firing bullets, mortars, and rockets at Israeli civilians & villages, and "Leopards can NOT change their spots", so they
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