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1 killed, 2 injured in Israeli shelling on Khan Younis
Official: PLO members consider disbanding PA
Published Saturday 19/04/2014 (updated) 21/04/2014 11:04
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The PLO has been considering the option of disbanding the Palestinian Authority in response to the apparent failure of the current round of peace talks with Israel, a Palestinian official said Saturday.

PLO Executive Committee member Hanna Amira told Ma'an that there were "scenarios ... that could lead to the disbandment of the PA."

"The future of the PA has become unclear because when it was established, it was meant as a temporary stage leading to the establishment of a Palestinian state," Amira said.

"Thus, if the PA doesn't lead to statehood, things should be reviewed."

Amira's comments come after the Israeli daily newspaper Maariv quoted Abbas as threatening to disband the PA.

"I don't need Netanyahu. I don't need a chief of staff. Give me a junior officer or even a lieutenant and I will deliver the PA keys to him. Here you are, take charge and I will leave in an hour," Maariv quoted Abbas as saying.

Amira said that Abbas' words reflect the fact that the idea of disbanding the PA is being discussed among PLO committee members.

Separately, Amira told Ma'an that the PLO Central Council would hold an important meeting next Saturday.

"It will be a decisive session because it comes only two days before the agreed-upon nine-month round of talks (with Israel) comes to an end," he said.

Some critics of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations say that 20 years after the Oslo Accords, it is time to dismantle the PA and force Israel to take full responsibility for the territory it occupies.

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were relaunched in July under the auspices of the US after nearly three years of impasse.

Israel's government has announced the construction of thousands of settler housing units and its army has killed over 60 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza since the negotiations began.
1 ) Sander / The Netherlands
20/04/2014 00:18
That's a wise consideration of the PLO !

2 ) d'Arc / USA
20/04/2014 02:41
Preliminary steps: Repeal tax laws, formally abrogate monetary union and all other PA agreements. If Israel is to resume its role as exclusive occupier, it should have to do so at Israeli taxpayer expense. If Israel wants schools, they establish and pay for them. If they want traffic police or security, they do it themselves of hire their own at their expense.

3 ) Mel / USA
20/04/2014 03:02
Well,seeing as the PA is actually a Zionist-created &sponsored entity & NOW seems to be getting to big for its Zionist-paid 'britches',that means Israel MSUT be thinking of stopping the checks to PA,disowning it &looking for a NEW occupation passive 'Good Arab' proxy? Oh,that's reminds me! Where is Fatah-strongman Mohammed Dahlan? Oiling up his Merkava tank?

4 ) Careful What You Ask For / UN General Assembly
20/04/2014 03:21
* THE PA DID LEAD TO "the establishment of * A PALESTINIAN STATE", just not the desired state with Israel returning to insecure borders, and destabilized with Arab refugees !!

5 ) Tibi / Tubas
20/04/2014 03:22
If the PLO "disbands the PA", and as they've said in the past, by "throwing the keys to PA offices over the Security Fence", Israel will either just ignore them, or play along for a while and "throw them right back over".

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/04/2014 09:09
Oh get real, people. It's not going to happen. There is no such thing as a bunch of thugs who willingly give up on their monopolies and sources of income in return for some cheap ideology. Breaking up the PA means the Euro-billlions will get cut off, same with the Amero-aid-bucks and ditto for Japanese funding. The Israelis aren't stupid. They'll simply close the fence and wait. Some new Pal leaders will get pissed off soon enough and seize power in order to turn the money taps back on.

7 ) Lynx / Palestine
20/04/2014 10:06
A step in the right direction, in the direction of the one, indivisible Land of Palestine, a plural land, a diverse history, and a proud nation.

8 ) Jafar M. Ramini / UK
20/04/2014 14:52
I hope that this scenario is translated into reality soon. This is what we Palestinians who care about the future of our land have been calling for for many years. Dissolve the PA and put the burden of the occupation squarely on the shoulders of the occupiers. Unite all Palestinian factions under one banner to face our many enemies; start a world-wide referendum amongst all Palestinians to establish once and for all what every Palestinian's hopes and aspirations are. It's about time.

9 ) Sam / Australia
20/04/2014 15:20
About time Israel annexed Judaea and Samaria as it says in UN Resolution 242 and the Mandate for Palestine. It was always intended for two States an Arab one and a Jewish one. Jordan/Palestine an Israel

10 ) Rafael / USA
20/04/2014 15:54
So Israel will then apply Israeli law to about 62% of the West Bank. This is where all the Jews live and very few Arabs. The question is then what happens to the rest. Kedar has a plan for creating Arab emirates (city-states) in the 7 Arab cities Nabulus, Jericho, Arab- Hebron, Tulkram,etc) which will be ruled by the large local clan. Gaza is already self ruled.

11 ) @ Careful-4 & Brian-6 / USA
20/04/2014 16:46
- Palestine became a (non-member observer) "state", by UNGA resolution 67/19, in 2012, and its governments (PA & Hamas) have sovereignty in Areas A/B and the Gaza Strip, so PALESTINE IS A PALESTINIAN STATE". - It is no more difficult imagining the PA giving-up money/power, than to imagine the PLO fighting the "resistance", becoming the "occupation" force (a Political Suicide), when - There is "No Chance of Israel returning to Insecure Borders & accepting a destabilizing Arab refugee" return !!

12 ) Tobias / USA
20/04/2014 19:07
One of the requirements of UN Statehood is being able to enter into international agreements, and if "Palestine disbands" its government, then it will not be able to do so, and become even less of a "state" !!

13 ) @ Rafael-10 / USA too
20/04/2014 19:17
- Essentially, "Israel already applies Israeli law to 62% of the West Bank, or everything but Palestinian cities (Area A) and suburbs (Area B), and - The Answer is Nothing "Happens (or Changes) to the Rest" (Areas A/B), where Arab terrorism (rockets, bombs, bullets, etc.) will continue, and thus Jewish security measures (blockade, checkpoint, fence, etc.) will also continue, and - The Only Thing that may change is reduced funding for the PA, making the poverty situation even worse !!!

14 ) Outlier / USA
20/04/2014 21:26
Of course, all those PA officials will continue to draw their salaries.

15 ) ringo / uk
21/04/2014 00:53
if Israel takes over all responsibility for the Palestinian territory, THAT MEANS MORE US TAX PAYER CASH TO PAY FOR IT. When are the American people going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. there are millions of Americans living in poverty, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

16 ) Tobias / USA
22/04/2014 02:14
The PA receives $400 million annually in US aid, and If the PA disbands: -1- It will lose the $400 million every year, and -2- It will lose the good will of the US government, that has invested so heavily in Palestinian state-building, and -3- Many other international donor states probably feel the same !!!
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1 killed, 2 injured in Israeli shelling on Khan Younis
US accuses Israel of targeting Abu Khdeir family
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