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Kerry says Israel risks becoming 'apartheid' state
Published Monday 28/04/2014 (updated) 29/04/2014 16:12
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A general view shows a section of Israel's controversial separation
barrier in the West Bank village of Al-Ram on the outskirts of
Jerusalem on December 7, 2012.(AFP/File Ahmad Gharabli)
WASHINGTON (AFP) -- US Secretary of State John Kerry told a group of senior international officials that Israel risks becoming an "apartheid" state if it does not make peace soon, a US news website reported.

Kerry made the remarks at a closed-door meeting of the influential Trilateral Commission on Friday, The Daily Beast news website reported Sunday.

The Daily Beast said a source at the gathering provided them with a recording of Kerry's remarks.

"A two-state solution will be clearly underscored as the only real alternative. Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state with second class citizens —- or it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state," Kerry said, according to The Daily Beast.

"Once you put that frame in your mind, that reality, which is the bottom line, you understand how imperative it is to get to the two state solution, which both leaders, even (Thursday), said they remain deeply committed to," he reportedly said.

The online publication said that US, Western European, Russian, and Japanese senior officials and experts were at the event.

The term "apartheid" is a reference to South Africa's 1948-1994 oppressive and racially segregated social system.

While both Kerry and President Barack Obama have refrained from using the term when speaking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, former president Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) titled a 2006 book that he wrote on the subject "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid."

Kerry also insisted that the peace process was not dead.

"The reports of the demise of the peace process have consistently been misunderstood and misreported. And even we are now getting to the moment of obvious confrontation and hiatus, but I would far from declare it dead," Kerry said, according to the news website.

Israel said on Thursday it was halting peace talks with the PLO following a unity deal with the Hamas movement, which rules Gaza.

On Sunday, Israel indicated it would freeze 19 Palestinian construction projects in the occupied West Bank in an apparent effort to impose sanctions on the Palestinian Authority in response to the Hamas-PLO deal, Israeli media reported.

Israel has announced plans for thousands of settler homes in the occupied West Bank and killed over 60 Palestinians since peace talks began in July.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report
1 ) Sarah / The Netherlands
28/04/2014 12:12
To late Kerry, they already are for many years.

2 ) Homer / US
28/04/2014 13:07
Risks? It already is!!!!!

3 ) Rami / Palestine
28/04/2014 13:15
I'm sure that drives a stake through Netanyahu's vampire heart.

4 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/04/2014 13:30
Naw, we're just trying to be a successful colonial occupier like you, Homer. Face it, if we stick to your American plan for the next 200 years then we'll be successful like you Homer, or Shirley in Australia or other successful occupiers who comment on Maan. However, I don't think we'll shove the natives on to reservations like you did, Homer, or wipe out the natives with disease and poverty like Shirley did Down Under. We'll give them their own state eventually, unlike Homer the Yank colonist.

5 ) Constance / USA
28/04/2014 13:44
Would love to hear from Kerry why he doesn't think Israel is already an apartheid state. What, in his mind, would they have to do to cross that line?

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
28/04/2014 14:01
Because, Constance, by any proper definition of the word Israel is less of an "apartheid" state than you are in America. Face it, Constance, you are simply a successful occupation colonist who lives in an illegal settlement built on stolen native American land. Yet instead of handing control back to America's rightful owners, you continue to rape the the stolen lands, reap the profits, and preach at us. Shame on you and your fellow squatters. You crossed the line 400 years ago.

7 ) gold / phil
28/04/2014 14:17
shame to kerry,israel is already an apertheid state

8 ) Willaim Wallace / Scotland
28/04/2014 14:20
Well judging by what I've heard and read, he must have a very high tolerance level to have not spoken out before.

9 ) AKeenReader / UK
28/04/2014 14:49
Americans have the tendancy to spill the beans out in drips and drabs. Therefore it wouldn't be long unless they privately view that it is already an apartheid state. What more evidence do these western countries including US need!!!! If they haven't seen it for over two decades then they need their eyes tested.

10 ) Rami / Palestine
28/04/2014 15:03
Brian's comments used to atleast be amusing. Now they've been whittled down to "wahhhh, you guys did it before us, so shut up about us doing it now." Which illustrates to you how really unhinged he is. His argument is no argument. His defense is not even a defense. In fact, its a common characteristic displayed by many zionists when confronted with facts: "point fingers, blame someone else, steer the topic away from Israel." Bravo, Brian. You're predictable. I'll at least give you that.

11 ) Rami / Palestine
28/04/2014 15:04
#9 By this rate, atleast another 65 years.

12 ) Truth Conquers / Nonsense
28/04/2014 15:16
- Palestine's Arabs have a state of their own (Gaza & Areas A/B), and responsibility for their rights lies with their own state & governments, while
- Israel's Arabs are NOT even remotely treated like South Africa treated the Black South Africans, where they are equal citizens, doctors, lawyers, and even serve as elected government officials and Kenesset law-makers, so

13 ) @ Sarah-1, Homer-2, etc. / Three Things
28/04/2014 15:27
- FIRST, You shouldn't believe that Kerry even made such an "Apartheid' remark, just because Maan writes it, since it is not like Maan never lied or exaggerated before.
- SECOND, All of Israel's citizens have equality rights, whether they be Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouin, Bahai, Samaritan, etc., and
- THIRD, If Palestinian citizens are oppresed where they live, must address the issue through their own governments, whether they be in Gaza, Ramallah, Amman, Damascus, etc. !!!

14 ) Homer / US
28/04/2014 16:40
@ Sara 13 it's you we shouldn't believe with your lies. Muslims and Christians don't have equal rights, freedom of expression, education or self determination in Israel that's solely for the Jews so enough with your BS!

15 ) Homer / US
28/04/2014 16:41
Brian my mother is Native American so watch your language! YOUR THE SQUATTER AND THIEF NOT ME!

16 ) Mark / USA
28/04/2014 16:42
Sure are many that deny the truth in Israel!

17 ) jesse / usa
28/04/2014 16:49
Israel is the ONLY apartheid state, with members of all denominations elected to government.

18 ) Ari Lesser / Israel
28/04/2014 19:51
People say Israel's an Apartheid state But I can't relate to that baseless hate It's not really fair to try and compare A racist regime with the war on terror Using common sense against violence Israel had to build up the border fence And if you think that's Apartheid it's because You don't know what Apartheid really was.

19 ) Chimo / USA
28/04/2014 20:21
Israel is not an apartheid state, but the 57 Muslim Countries in this world are all dictatorships or Islamic Theocracies where non majority citizens like Jews and Christians are not allowed to worship as they please, this is especially true in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Israel is 20% arab Muslim and Christian, they have full representation in the Knesset, and they want NO part of living under Abbas or Hamas, just ask them, they will tell you. Homer is full of merde they do have freedom of expression

20 ) Mel / USA
29/04/2014 19:59
#15:Homer:Bravo! Some of my closest friends are Holocaust survivor Jews who STILL refuse to go to Occupation Israel,on principle.And many of my Blackfoot,Crow&Nez Perce Native American friends/neighbors have ancestry going back 5,000 yrs,prior to our Holocaust on them.It's all a mirror-image of Zionism's wannabe eradication of Palestine,since 1940's.Zionism is filled with Eichmann's!Abbas should say,"I claim a right to live on my land and accord you the privilege to return to yours."(Chief Joe)
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