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UN's Falk urges companies worldwide to boycott settlement products
Published Saturday 10/05/2014 (updated) 10/05/2014 22:18
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RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- A UN official on Friday called for solidarity with Palestinians though boycott and divestment from companies that benefit from settlements.

In a report published in Arabic on the UN's website, Richard Falk, special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, urged organizations and companies around the world to join the "increasingly international solidarity movement against Israeli occupation."

"Now is the best opportunity for the Palestinians to achieve self-determination through pressures at the grassroots level" and "nonviolent resistance," Falk said.

He expressed disappointment over Israel's continued settlement expansion throughout the US-brokered peace negotiations that lasted from July 2013 to April 2014.

"The last round of talks created false hopes once again and fed frustration," Falk said in the report, which was not translated into English.

Additionally, the official warned UN member states against complicity in Israeli human rights violations in occupied Palestine.

Falk, a Princeton University international law professor who has labelled Israel's 2008 offensive against Gaza as "war crimes" has been met with harsh US and Israeli criticism for supporting the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, especially targeting Israel's settlement enterprise.
1 ) juan / phil
10/05/2014 14:59
kudos io falk for being a lamp in an island of darkness.the world must unite with BDS

2 ) fourbytwo / United Kingdom
10/05/2014 15:03
Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, is just another waste of space, and yet one more anti-Jewish sentiment.

3 ) Sander / The Netherlands
10/05/2014 15:14
You are a brave, wise and honorable professor. Thank you Mr. Falk !.

4 ) Arnold / Canada
10/05/2014 15:47
Truly disgusting that with all that is going on worldwide that Faulk and by the same token the UN continually finger point at Israel. If that is not a prime example of anti Israel and anti Jewish bias then nothing is real anymore.

5 ) Mel / USA
10/05/2014 16:52
Bravo Prof!Ever present,as an international law professor& loyal to the law & moral,ethical&humane principles.More than can be said for Mr.'Harv.Law School Prof.of Constitutional law,civil rights &community organizer',Barack Obama! My,he soon forgot-or sold out-his previous promises & principles on Israel's Occupation when handed the"crown".All our cowardly POTUS's always postpone dealing with Israel's war crimes/abuses,even when it effects our own political science & foreign relations,deeply!

6 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
10/05/2014 18:26
Boycott is the socially responsible response to Apartheid, for individuals and organizations and nations! We people of conscience, individuals and members/owners of organizations and citizens of nations , all over this beautiful world, can all learn so very much from the South African Apartheid experience! Boycott is the right and just and righteous and moral response to Apartheid!

7 ) Paul / Kenya
10/05/2014 21:04
Self determination of a people on their historical and religious land is NOT apartheid. I lived in South Africa for many years and I know first hand what true apartheid is. Please stop lying about Israel.

8 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/05/2014 02:49
Fourbytwo, Arnold, and Paul only manage to demonstrate the continuing truth of a basic proposition. If Zionists say it's wrong, it's probably right.

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/05/2014 02:50
To Arnold #4: 'If that is not a prime example of anti Israel and anti Jewish bias then nothing is real anymore.' Would denouncing Nazism have been an example of anti-German bias?

10 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
11/05/2014 03:11
Paul, You seem to have your facts all wrong. The people with the lawful right of self determination under international law are the Indigenous Palestinian people. And the Apartheid Regime are the Zionist Colonial Occupiers of Palestine.

11 ) Golden Dome / USA
11/05/2014 06:48
Boycott not bullets! As the Hollywood establishment did to the Sultan of Bruni's Beverly Hills Hotel, they boycotted the hotel to show solidarity with what they see as oppression to women and gays. The settlements and the Occupation are directed at the entire population of Palestinians and other Christians.

12 ) Philly / Sweden
11/05/2014 08:40
To Paul from Kenya: the freedom fighters of apartheid south africa, desmond tutu and nelson mandela have not only said that what is going on in Palestine by Israel is apartheid, but tutu even said that in some aspects its even worse than the apartheid he witnessed first hand in south africa, so Paul. The only liar here is you, i doubt you have ever set foot in either South Africa or Palestine to have the slightesr clue of what you're talking about. Another foiled hasbara attempt.

13 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/05/2014 10:52
'yet one more anti-Jewish sentiment,' ' a prime example of anti Israel and anti Jewish bias' ...and there will no doubt be more in the same vein from our doughty brigade of Israel-supporters. The comic bit here is that Richard Falk is himself Jewish.

14 ) Dimi / Germany
11/05/2014 10:58
, If I understand matters well a high number of those earning money in/around settlements are Palestinians,conssequently, they are running into the risk to lose their jobs if people start boycotting the products etc.

15 ) Heather Glenn / Scotland
11/05/2014 17:21
There are certainly conflicting issues in the notion of BDS. The question we need to ask is do the Palestinians want us to do it? Palestinians working for Israeli companies, who are at risk of being unemployed, need to be helped if they become affected by the BDS movement. It is already tragic, that they by necessity rather (in most cases) than choice have to work in the occupation sector to feed their families. Providing provision is made for such cases (maybe a fund) I agree with Richard Falk.

16 ) Tobias / USA
11/05/2014 17:31
BDS has failed against Israel, just as it fails against Iran & Russia, and where Israel will continue as a prosperous democratic & Jewish state, while this old anti-semite will be buried & forgotten soon enough !!

17 ) Colin Wright / USA
11/05/2014 17:51
To Dimi #14: ', If I understand matters well a high number of those earning money in/around settlements are Palestinians,conssequently, they are running into the risk to lose their jobs if people start boycotting the products etc.' Curiously, the previous apartheid regime employed this exact same argument.

18 ) Carol Scheller / Switzerland
11/05/2014 20:42
For a perspective on Mr Falk's call to support the BDS (boycott, disinvestment and sanctions) movement, initiated by 171 Palestinian non-governmental organisations in 2005, watch the film "Road Map to Apartheid" by South African Ana Nogueira and Israeli Eron Davidson.

19 ) Tom / USA
11/05/2014 21:57
Dummi14 - losing a job is small potatoes compared to having a fascist boot lifted off your neck. People work in settlements because their genetic make-up leaves them "unsuitable" by zionist's dark lights to travel to and work in occupied Jerusalem, or occupied Haifa. It's beyond Jim Crow. It's beyond apartheid. Zionist physical expression is just plain disgusting.
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