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Watch: Israeli forces kill 2 unarmed teenagers at Nakba rally
Published Tuesday 20/05/2014 (updated) 24/05/2014 20:52
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A screenshot from the video footage.(MaanImages/DCI)
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian human rights group on Monday published video footage showing the moment two teenage boys were shot dead by Israeli military forces on Nakba Day last week.

"The images captured on video show unlawful killings where neither child presented a direct and immediate threat to life at the time of their shooting," said Rifat Kassis, executive director of DCI-Palestine.

"These acts by Israeli soldiers may amount to war crimes, and the Israeli authorities must conduct serious, impartial, and thorough investigations to hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes."

Israeli military forces have killed four Palestinian children in 2014. Over 1,400 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since 2000, according to DCI-Palestine.

Amnesty International condemned Israel's military forces following the killings, saying the army has "repeatedly resorted to extreme violence to respond to Palestinian protests against Israel’s occupation, discriminatory policies, confiscation of land and construction of unlawful settlements."

In February, Amnesty released a report entitled 'Trigger-happy,' which found that Israeli forces display a "callous disregard" for human life, with near total impunity for the killing of Palestinian civilians in cases examined since 2011.

The report said that some killings, including the murder of Samir Awad, 16, in Jan. 2013, could amount to war crimes.

1 ) Ben Alofs / UK/Netherlands
20/05/2014 15:35
Murder plain and simple. Yet another Zionist war crime.

2 ) Mel / USA
20/05/2014 16:22
It's not just a Zionist war crime.It's also a USG(aided&abetted)war crime,because without the expropriation of our US taxes to Zionist Israel for the last 1/2 century(more since 1967),Absolutist Zionism couldn't perpetuate these crimes in pluralistic Palestine.
BDS Israel all the way,until it divests itself from the TOILET of Zionism!
No sweet "Golden palace" in Israel(pre-67)while the stink of racist-supremacist Zionist sticks to nostrils EVERYWHERE! Just liike the stench of Nazism!

3 ) Colin Wright / USA
20/05/2014 18:24
To take a leaf from the Zionists' playbook, obviously this calls for extensive and indiscriminate air strikes against Jewish population centers to ensure that the Zionists refrain from such behavior in the future.

4 ) Johnny benson / USA
20/05/2014 19:19
They send their young out to make trouble...then false tears ..these boys lost their lives...for what?....so Mel.colin,and others in the world who hate Israel,can get their juices flowing...nothing could have been accomplished by those poor boys...just cannon fodder...Mel and Colin...your hate needs to be shared on the parents and leaders of Palestine...they also are to blame,along with the shooter

5 ) it is a FAKE MOVIE / and YOU KNOW IT
20/05/2014 21:08
Watch the kid fall on his hands-- NOT TRUE. Watch him roll over and then lift his hand The IDF shot rubber bullets from 100 meters away --- THEY CANNOT KILL FROM THAT DISTANCE!!!!

6 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
20/05/2014 21:25
Actually, just go on to youtube and search for "fake palestinian video" and you find lots of examples. I'm not saying the two youths are not tragically dead. I am questioning the video. In fact, I'm questioning Ben and Mel and Colin who have nothing to say about videos of Palestinian war crimes - mass murder of Israeli civilians on buses and in restaurants - hundreds of dead and thousands of wounded. Yet you three support these war crimes and even encourage them. Makes you accessories.

7 ) Tobias / USA
20/05/2014 21:55
- Israeli soldiers have orders not to shoot unless threatened,
and know they will be punished for not following orders, and
- Palestinian activists have orders to get such pictures,
that make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world, so
- Since there is no proof of who actually did the shooting,
it is possibly (if not probably) that Palestinian activists did the shootings,
just was suspected in the Sept. 2000 al-Dura shooting in Gaza !!!

8 ) Fred blogs / Jerusalem
20/05/2014 22:01
This is absolutely shocking and needs to be in instated and the culprits brought to justice as soon as possible. However, could I please ask that you refrain from calling them children. They are. It children, they are not youths either. They are teenagers, in most countries in Europe you accepted into the Military at 16.

9 ) Palestinian Pride / PALESTINE
20/05/2014 22:35
May you both and all who died shuhada (martyrs) rest in peace. Allah yirhamkom.

10 ) Maryanne / Ireland
20/05/2014 23:27
The clip shows separate scenes of two figures falling to the ground in long shot - one holding out his arms to support himself. There are no sounds of shots or evidence of shooting. Not even the "victims" faces were shown to reveal their identities..

11 ) Where are the / IDF Soldiers??
20/05/2014 23:29
I don't see any. Let me guess, they're not on camera?? HAHAHAHA. You pro Palis, AKA PaliNazis are so deluded and feeble minded. You will believe anything as long as it vilifies Israel.

12 ) Rafael / USA
20/05/2014 23:54
Look at the video objectively. It does not who did any shooting. It shows no blood and in fact it proves nothing. It is an allegation. It is obviously edited as words are superimposed on it and interview is conducted for desire affect. Has anyone one objective checked it to see if it has been doctored (obviously it is edited). Are their any forensic tests to show what alleged weapons were use. Were the people who went down even shot? The video does not prove this.

13 ) Human Being / World
21/05/2014 00:00
Cowardly Zionist trash shooting unarmed children in the back. Nazis, pure and simple.

14 ) Wilhelm / Sweden
21/05/2014 00:05
Have never seen an individual consciously trying to slow his fall after being "killed".

15 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
21/05/2014 01:54
And the Academy Award for fake shootings goes to our friends the Palestinians. Another production of Pallywood Inc. One guy gets shot and braces himself for a fall. There is no blood or blood spatter seen. Second guy is shot in almost the same spot and again there is no blood or blood spatter.

16 ) JoeUSA / USA
21/05/2014 03:41
It is amazing that even on the Haaretz site , the talkbackers are coming out to defend the IDF and all claiming that this video is edited. Unless they can prove that , they need to at least shut up.

21/05/2014 08:48
the second "dead" actor is raising his left arm Why not his RIGHT ARM? He is trying to protect himself from the kids that are RUNNING towards him, lest one of them falters and falls on him/ HE KNOWS that they are coming from LEFT SIDE because the whole thing is STAGED!!!!!

18 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/05/2014 09:40
More importantly, the New York Times et al has admitted this happened. 'Video Renews Questions on Death of Young Palestinians By JODI RUDOREN In the video, released by a human rights group, neither teenager appeared to be engaged in provocative behavior when they were shot by the Israeli military.' They'll probably pull the story down with indecent haste, but still...

19 ) Rami / Palestine
21/05/2014 14:08
You idiots that are calling this fake, have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously the video has no sound. Its a security camera put up by the owner of the store from where it is being filmed. Its fixated on the FRONT OF THE STORE. Obviously it's not going to zoom out towards the street to capture what you want it to capture. And if this is fake, explain why there are two dead kids buried in a cemetery right now. If this is fake, then they're alive, right?

20 ) ian / australia
24/05/2014 14:43
The people calling this "staged" leap on the argument as their automatic default which they then try, with chutzpah and cunning, to prove. But virtually any filmed atrocity esp. on grainy CCTV can be discredited by the allegation it's faked. It's a process of scanning for "anomalies" to create doubt. Like the first teenager breaking his fall and moving his arm. But ONLY if he was killed INSTANTLY would he not instinctively put out his arms or shield himself from people running towards him.

21 ) ian / australia
24/05/2014 14:43
(contd.) The scenes are actually a gift because they look EASY to fake. One guy falls over and a big group runs in. But are they? The giveaway in the first shooting is the INSTANTANEOUS reaction of EVERYONE there, at least ten people, to the SOUND of the shot fired, the split second the young man falls. How do you fake THAT, in one take, with a non-professional "cast", for a fixed security camera?

22 ) ian / australia
27/05/2014 03:09
#15 "Second guy is shot in almost the same spot..." Why wouldn't he be? It's the spot the sniper can get a good, clean shot. "...and again there is no blood or blood spatter" Well, it isn't Hollywood, Rondo Mondo or a Quentin Tarantino film or wherever you get your information about what gunshot wounds look like. There's no geyser or pool if that's what you want. Perhaps it soaked into his T-shirt (or back-pack) and doesn't show up on crappy security camera film.

23 ) ian / australia
27/05/2014 03:10
#6 "I'm not saying the two youths are not tragically dead. I am questioning the video." If the martyrs are dead, Brian, not hiding in a shed until it's safe to come out, as is widely accepted, I can't really see what there could be in the video to question. I mean, if they're dead, the video and the crimes are real.

24 ) ian / australia
27/05/2014 03:10
Isn't the scenario vivid and clear? Culturally? That's a lethal looking slingshot the Palestinian teen is swinging at 13:38 in the first edit and he obviously meant business and USED it (though not shown). Neither shown is the IDF response with tear gas (though smoke is visible later). What we DO see is the REVENGE, by sniper, on ANY Palestinian in range, ARBITRARILY, like a kid with a back-pack, which is the War Crime and the INDICATOR of what the CULTURE of the army has become:

25 ) ian / australia
27/05/2014 03:11
(contd.) racist, hate-filled, vindictive and lawless.
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