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PLO accuses Israel of 'deliberate execution' of teens
Published Wednesday 21/05/2014 (updated) 22/05/2014 12:48
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Israeli border guards fire tear gas canisters during clashes with
Palestinian protesters marking the 66th anniversary of the Nakba on
May 15, 2014, near the controversial Israeli barrier in the West Bank
village of al-Walajah (AFP/File Musa al-Shaer)
JERUSALEM (AFP) -- A senior Palestinian official on Tuesday accused Israel of the "deliberate execution" of two Palestinian teenagers shot dead by border policemen in a clash in the West Bank last week.

"In the strongest possible terms, we condemn the deliberate execution of two Palestinian teenagers who were fatally shot with live ammunition outside Ofer prison last week," the PLO's Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement.

"Both boys were unarmed and posed no direct or immediate threat."

"Israel's use of excessive and indiscriminate violence and live ammunition at non-violent Palestinian demonstrations constitutes war crimes and crimes against humanity under international law," she said.

A senior UN official called on Israel to carry out an "independent and transparent" investigation into the death of the teenagers.

Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, the assistant UN secretary general for political affairs, also urged Israel to ensure that troops "strictly respect" guidelines on the use of force and firearms.

The military said at the time that the border police had used "anti-riot means and rubber bullets" against a violent demonstration by about 150 Palestinians.

Defense for Children International Palestine has released what it said was CCTV footage showing the deaths of 15-year-old Muhammad Audah Abu al-Thahir and 17-year-old Nadim Siyam Nuwarah during Thursday's demonstration near the prison.

The protest was to mark the 66th anniversary of the Nakba -- or "catastrophe" -- that occurred when Zionist militias drove out thousands of Palestinians from their homes and others fled in the conflict surrounding Israel's creation in 1948.

The video is interspersed with an account of events by a Palestinian man.

An Israeli army spokesman told AFP that video footage purporting to show the two being killed without provocation on Thursday had been doctored, a claim shared by the defense minister.

"That film was edited and does not reflect the reality of the day in question; the violence," Major Arye Shalicar, an Israeli army spokesman, told AFP.

The border police contingent was under the army's command at the time.

"As part of our enquiry we have investigated whether there was live fire and we have not found that there was live fire," he said. "We are continuing with our investigation."

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon also spoke of doctored images and told journalists that Thursday's incident was "violent, during which stones and petrol bombs were thrown at police who, feeling threatened, acted as they should have."

But Israeli rights group B'Tselem rejected the army's version and said late Tuesday that two other Palestinians aged 15 and 23 were also hit by live fire outside Ofer prison and wounded.

'Killing was willful'

B'Tselem said it had obtained video footage from four security cameras in the area showing that four Palestinians were shot last week by Israeli troops.

It said it had "strong evidence that live ammunition was used (by the army) and that the fire hit the upper torsos of all four victims."

"The investigation, compounded by security camera footage of the incident, indicates that the circumstances of the incident in no way justified use of live fire. These findings raise grave suspicion that the killing was willful."

Amnesty International has denounced the army's "excessive" use of force in the Ofer incident.

"The Israeli army and border police used excessive, including lethal, force in response to rock-throwing protesters who could not have posed a threat to the lives of the soldiers and policemen in or near the fortified military camp," the rights watchdog said last week.

Ma'an staff contributed to this report.
21/05/2014 10:31
watch the "dead" lifts his LEFT ARM to protect himself from the shabbab flocking on him while he is down Dead people do NOT raise their arms And he KNOWS to lift his LEFT ARM because he knows wherefrom theiy are COMING all staged!

2 ) paolo / Spain
21/05/2014 10:54
The clip shows separate scenes of two figures falling to the ground in long shot - one holding out his arms to support himself. There are no sounds of shots or evidence of shooting. Not even the "victims" faces were shown to reveal their identities

3 ) Rami / Palestine
21/05/2014 13:49
#1 Right. They're staged. Those kids aren't dead. Ramallah hospital didn't conduct autopsies on them and they weren't buried. They're alive somewhere on a tropical island drinking coconut juice with Elvis Presley and JFK. I find it hard to believe that in 2014, in the information age, there are still idiots like you outer there. Bravo, I stand in shock and awe of your sheer immeasurable stupidity.

4 ) Ben Alofs / UK/Netherlands
21/05/2014 15:50
No 3. Rami, excellent post. Attitudes displayed by the first two posters are all too common. Just read the JP or Ynet online. Since the killing of Mohammed al-Dura in 2001 there is a systematic Zionists campaign of denial that Palestinians are being killed and murdered by Israel's army of occupation. This and Nakba denial is identical to the Holocaust denial by anti-semites and nazi-sympathisers. The stupidity, racism and meannes of these Zionist bigots is apalling and shameful.

5 ) #3 Watch the movie / the guy is lifting his
21/05/2014 18:52
left arm You just talk too much. Which has NOTHING to do with the TRUTH!

6 ) Colin Wright / USA
21/05/2014 19:11
To Rami #3: 'I find it hard to believe that in 2014, in the information age, there are still idiots like you outer there.' Be fair. #1 is obviously a Zionist. He doesn't have much to work with here.

7 ) Carlos / usa
21/05/2014 20:07
After watching this I understand why I boycott, divest and sanction israel. Please dont buy computers with Intel processors. I buy my computers with AMD processors.

8 ) ian / australia
22/05/2014 13:38
#3 "I stand in shock and awe of your sheer immeasurable stupidity." They don't care whether it's true or not, Rami. I mean, "paolo / Spain" #2 complains the security camera vision has no sound! And that the "victims" faces somehow weren't shown "to reveal their identities". (It didn't make any more sense when it was posted as "Maryanne / Ireland" on the earlier story.) No-one is THAT stupid but they ARE that cynical. And unscrupulous. The goal is to complicate, confuse, discredit, create doubt

9 ) ian / australia
22/05/2014 13:39
(contd.) and obscure the truth. Also smear the victim...like the MASSIVE effort that went into turning the awful Mohammed al-Dura killing on its head, as Ben points out. And it WORKS because for many, it goes in the too hard basket. They're not as stupid as they're prepared to look but they ARE as evil.

10 ) ian / australia
24/05/2014 14:40
#1 "watch the "dead" lifts his LEFT ARM to protect himself...Dead people do NOT raise their arms...all staged!" If he raised his arm, for whatever reason, he's wasn't dead, he was dying. Now he is dead may his soul rest in perfect peace.
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