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12 killed in Gaza since sunset Friday
Israel searching for 3 missing settlers in West Bank
Published Friday 13/06/2014 (updated) 14/06/2014 11:58
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- The Israeli military said Friday it was searching for three teenagers who disappeared from a settlement the night before in the occupied West Bank.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed earlier reports that the settlers were missing and said an operation was ongoing to retrieve them.

The military had earlier sent a large number of reinforcements to the Hebron district in search of three missing settlers they fear may have been kidnapped.

The settlers were able to contact the army before they went missing but the line of communication was reportedly cut.

Israeli forces raided a number of homes in the Sanjar area of Dura, a city southwest of Hebron, in search of the settlers after they disappeared from the Gush Etzion area.

Locals said that Israeli forces raided a number of private homes in the neighborhood, although it was unclear if there had been any detentions, and a military reconnaissance plane was reportedly flying over southern Hebron.

Israeli forces erected checkpoints at Halhul Bridge north of Hebron as well as in the village of Beit Kahil, northwest of Hebron, locals added.

A Palestinian security official said that a car believed to have Israeli license plates was found on fire last night and that civil forces had extinguished the fire, suggesting that the car, which was a Hyundai A35, was related to the disappearance.

Eyewitnesses said Friday that Israeli special forces who were searching the area inspected the car and removed several objects.

Witnesses added that after prayers ended a number of locals gathered in the area, but that Israeli soldiers pushed them away and warned them to stay away from the vehicle.

Ofir Gendelman, spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the three missing settlers.
1 ) palestinian / occupied palestine
13/06/2014 19:07
israeli TV channels say they are soldiers in the israeli army and you call them teenagers???

2 ) eko / Spain
13/06/2014 19:53
Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas and his unity government are responsible for the fate of the missing 16 year old boys.

3 ) Paul / Kenya
13/06/2014 20:27
No, they are religious students and teenagers, and its a cowardly act by cowardly cowards.

4 ) Adam Neira / France
13/06/2014 20:36
Prayers for the boys. Supreme efforts must be made to secure their release. (Let's hope they have just got lost or are camping out.) All acts of violence in the Holy Land must be condemned. Truth is that the West Bank/Judea and Samaria will be shared. The Jews will not kick all the Palestinians out and the Palestinians will not kick all the Jews out. A co-operative management structure is required. Things in the world and especially the Holy Land are interconnected in incredible ways right now.

5 ) really? / US
13/06/2014 22:02
The PA should adopt Israeli tactics and deny the kidnapping, telling all that obviously this is an act by the three who faked the whole episode just to bring discredit to the PA and incite trouble. There will be settler reprisals, just wait.

6 ) hannah / usa
13/06/2014 22:36
They are NOT soldiers- they are religious students- but I doubt that makes ANY difference to you.

7 ) Maureen / Australia
13/06/2014 22:50
If the three missing "settlers" are Israeli soldiers there is always the possibility they are fed up with being part of Israel's IOF and have decided to go AWOL.

8 ) incorrect / sweden
13/06/2014 23:03
they are not soldiers. they are high school students.

9 ) Gilad / il
13/06/2014 23:14
acording to israeli media, 2 16 y/o (the minimum age for join the israeli army is 18) and another 19 y/o which is not a soldier. if you have a link to your claim, pls add it.

10 ) miri / usa
13/06/2014 23:20
They aren't soldiers - that rumor is incorrect. They are unarmed teenage students attending a yeshiva (religious school), the youngest is 16 (not even old enough to be in the army). It is actually illegal for Israeli soldiers to hitchhike due to the risk of kidnapping!

11 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
14/06/2014 01:23
What they are is illegal settlers living unlawfully on land they have no right to and having no rights or protections under international law whatsoever. It does not matter whether they are age 1 or 99.

12 ) Bob / Canada
14/06/2014 02:30
Th?se were religious high school kids , regardless even if they were soldiers the Palestinians should pay a heavy price for their activity.

13 ) curriecurios/ / scotland
14/06/2014 09:18
Why is it never on the world news about the Palestinians who are kidnapped daily, taken from the security of their homes (temporary homes in the form of a refugee camp). l am not defending anyone who kidnaps but is it a kidnap or another lie. Shame on all the worlds Jewish community who defend the Israeli way of life or who are too frightened to speak out about this apartheid state.

14 ) lochem51 / USA
14/06/2014 09:46
they are all 16 years old... Not soldiers and yes teenagers

15 ) Mel / USA
14/06/2014 17:01
Strange that these'disappearances'of Israeli teens(new IDF recruits?)suddenly occurred when PA/Fatah & Hamas unite & Hamas states that it wants unity,BUT will continue its resistance vs IDF incursions?And Gush Etzion is where many of the Gopstein,Kahanist,'Lehava'(anti-assimiliation)apartheid Zionist thugs are,who ALSO harass good,intelligent,Jewish people(real survivors of Holocaust)locally,who have compassion for Palestinian neighbors! False flag op! Bettya!

16 ) Define Idiocy / Heaven
14/06/2014 23:05
So settlers throw stones at palestinian teens and nobody cares. Then 3 Israeli teens are kidnapped and everybody loses their minds.

17 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
15/06/2014 01:15
Gush Etzion was a pre-1948 block of Jewish communities close to Jerusalem. In 1948 thousands of Jordanian soldiers and thousands of Palestinian fighters of the Arab Salvation Army besieged the Kfar Etzion and massacred all but one of the living persons there after they had surrendered. The orphaned children of the massacred people returned to rebuild the Etzion communities. The former communities housing hundreds of Jews, now house 80,000 who are living on their own land in their country.

18 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
15/06/2014 12:00
Sherri does not get to rewrite international law or the UN's universal human rights statute. Sherri's attempt to dehumanize the kidnap victims is disgusting and verges on support for war crimes. Sherri herself is an illegal colonizing settler on stolen native American land,so what she is saying is that she herself is a war criminal who has no human rights. You and your perverse illogic should be locked up for life, Sherri.
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