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PA 'not responsible' for safety of settlers
Published Friday 13/06/2014 (updated) 15/06/2014 10:57
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- A spokesman for the Palestinian Authority security services denounced Israel's efforts to blame the PA for the disappearance of three settlers in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

Adnan Dmeiri said the PA was not responsible for the safety of settlers and had no way to prevent the possible kidnapping of the teenagers.

He said the PA “is used to accusations from (Benjamin) Netanyahu’s arbitrary government, which does not want to commit to any agreement and wants to damage all relations with Palestinians.”

Dmeiri said the PA had no information about the missing settlers, and noted that Gush Etzion, the settlement from which the teenagers are believed to have disappeared, “is under Israeli security control.”

He added: “And the PA is not responsible for the security of settlers.”

Dmeiri also said he was unaware of any cooperation with Israel in the search for the settlers.

Earlier Friday, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Israel held the PA responsible for the three missing settlers' well-being.
1 ) izzy / usa
13/06/2014 21:00
Hamas, encourages kidnappings. hamas is now part of the PA government. therefore the pa is responsible. unless of course they denounce hamas violent statements

2 ) Outlier / USA
13/06/2014 22:43
The PA is walking onto a very slippery slope here. If they stay on it, the results will very likely hurt Palestinians much more than it will hurt Israelis.

3 ) Sherri Munnerlyn / US
13/06/2014 23:13
We all need to keep in mind every single one of those Zionist settlers in Occupied Palestine, from a one day old to a 100 year old, is there unlawfully, in 100% violation of international law. Since when are unlawful occupiers of any age entitled to any rights or protections from absolutely anyone? Certainly, international law confers upon them no rights whatsoever.

4 ) Arnold / Canada
13/06/2014 23:31
Let them go or face the consequences. I am not a violent man but if these kids are being held for ransom I say time to start carpet bombing Gaza and expelling any Arab out of the West Bank. Low life Arabs kidnap. The IDF will arrest during the day or during the night but their whereabouts are always known by the families. In jail yes but open to communication at least with the Red Cross or direct with the family.

5 ) The Honest / Truth
14/06/2014 00:04
Even if the PLO no longer wants the sovereignty it gained at Oslo, *1- THE "PA IS DEFINITELY "RESPONSIBLE for the safety of settlers", and everyone, and everything else too for that matter, * IN THE OSLO ACCORD AREA A & AREA B of the West Bank (though Israel has shared security responsibility in Area B), just as -2- Israel is responsible for the safety of everyone, everywhere else !!

6 ) Tibi / Tubas
14/06/2014 00:06
- Hamas is Not responsible, and the PLO is Not be responsible, but The PA is definitely responsible, and if Not, then - Israel is Not Responsible for Palestinians either !!

7 ) Bemused / New Zealand
14/06/2014 00:57
There are 196 Palestinian children being detained by Israel - why the big fuss about only three Israelis? Maybe a few Israeli families are now getting a small taste of a small proportion of what THOUSANDS of Palestinian families have suffered over the last 66 years.... not nice, is it. Maybe now you might do something about it, like treat Palestinians how YOU want to be treated.... ie with justice.

8 ) Julie / USA
14/06/2014 01:33
let's make 2 things very clear: 1) settlements are ILLEGAL, thus 2) 'settlers' are criminals. their supposed disappearance would never have happened if the izraeli regime abided by international law, which the whole world knows it does not and will not. the squatters' disappearance is izrael's fault, their safety is izrael's responsibility. very simple logic even for a moron. nothing else need be said.

9 ) Bemused / New Zealand
14/06/2014 03:55
SOLDIERS, not settlers

10 ) betz55 / USA
14/06/2014 08:22
Here, here Palestinians.The illegal settler squats are on on Palestinian land ILLEGALLY. Remove the illegal settlers to Israel proper and get them out of Palestine. Bibi holds Palestine 'responsible'. What a joke - the world holds Bibi the fool responsible for the illegal settler squats, detentions, and night raids on the Palestinians.You want 'security' for the illegal settler squats, GET THEM OUT OF PALESTINE, you idiot fool.

11 ) Sunshine / USA
14/06/2014 10:16
Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Israel held the PA responsible for the three missing settlers' well-being. Let me wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. Seriously ? The WORLD holds holds Benjamin Netanyahu for the expansion of the illegal settler squats and their well being while they beat, kill, threaten, uproot olive trees, spray graffiti and otherwise terrorize the Palestinians. Who is this fool trying to fool. What an arse.

12 ) S.R.H. Hashmi / Pakistan
14/06/2014 10:28
It is absrud for Israel to blame Palestinians for disappearance of three Israeli teenagers from Gush Etzion, a settlement under Israeli security control. Obviously, Netanyahu is upset that Palestinians' refused to renew useless negotiations, and with unity govt. formed, they are making moves towards statehood, which are receiving due support from international community. Being murderous, devious, mean and spiteful that he is, Netanyahu perhaps thought of this ploy to pressure Palestinians.

13 ) Mel / USA
14/06/2014 17:29
That's ironic for the PA to say that!After all,the PA was set up by Israel,to be a"Good Arab" vs "Bad Arab"Zionist proxy, & let PASF do exactly that i.e.keep armed Jews-only colonists "secure"from relatively unarmed,WB Palestinian civilians being harassed/assaulted by said same colonists! PASF was always given shared responsibility of "securing"the occupier from the occupied(rightful)resistance,LOL! Oh but,boo-hoo! Now PA has united with Hamas,it's the"Bad Arab"again!Typical Israel bait&switch!

14 ) Fritz / US
14/06/2014 20:07
3 ) Sherri Munnerlyn So I guess you believe the same is true for illegals from Mexico and Central America that enter the US. Glad to agree with you on that. Only with it were true.

15 ) Yaacov / Israel
14/06/2014 20:31
It's sad how many of you fools start your history lesson so late. We were exiled by the romans 2000 years ago and came back to rebuild our nation. The Palestinians are economic immigrants who flocked in while we started to create a prosperous nation

16 ) Moshe Doshe / Beit Shitit
14/06/2014 21:27
This should happen to all settlers, I have absolutely no sympathy with these thugs and olive-trees-burning land thieves

17 ) betz55 / USA
15/06/2014 01:04
@yaacov - you're hilarious! And who do you think was living on the land 2000 years ago until now. The Palestinians in Palestine. 80 percent of all Jews are Ashkenazim and have no personal ancestry in Judaea, whatsoever. Arabs are Semites, but the Ashkenazim are not. Ashkenazi are the biggest lie this world has seen, they have no connection to Palestine and have violently occupied in the name of religion yet somehow it is the Palestinians fault? Your ilk have no historical claim to anything.

18 ) Esther Levy / Usa
15/06/2014 16:43
Interestingly, 'semeticcontroversies.blogspot.uk', gives quite a few of Herodotus' references to ancient Palestine and I understand the Bible has at least 250 references to what is interpreted to be ancient Palestine too. Access to historical information is becoming more and more accessible now, so some theories about who has claim to what in the modern world are now becoming less valid. I would say the Palestinians are indigenous to the region/land (irrespective of their religious beliefs).

19 ) Mahmud / Gaza
15/06/2014 19:28
Hamas is evil... hope it will be destroyed soon... i just want to work and earn my bread
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