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Israel shells UN-designated shelter in Beit Hanoun, killing dozens
Israel continues search for missing teens
Published Saturday 14/06/2014 (updated) 18/06/2014 22:54
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HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces detained several Palestinian men and women in Hebron in the southern West Bank as a search continued overnight and Saturday morning for three teenagers who disappeared from the Gush Etzion settlement Thursday night.

Palestinian security sources and locals told Ma'an that large numbers of Israeli troops deployed Saturday in the Hebron neighborhoods of Beer al-Mahjar, Ein Sara, Nimra and Ras al-Joura.

In addition, Israeli forces stormed several Hebron-area villages and towns including Dura, al-Samu, Tarqumia, and Beit Kahil. Soldiers also deployed in the main road near al-Fawwar refugee camp south of Hebron.

Israeli forces flew a drone and a number of military surveillance blimps over Hebron while several checkpoints were erected on the ground.

Israeli troops broke into the home of Palestinian journalist Yusri al-Jamal in the Abu Sneina neighborhood of Hebron. Al-Jamal told Ma’an that the soldiers broke open the main door of his apartment using explosives before they inspected the house strictly and detained his brother Yasser.

He added that during the inspection, the soldiers cuffed him and his brother Khamis for about three hours. Al-Jamal highlighted that Israeli troops detained Alaa Abu Zeina and Shadi Abu Zeina after ransacking their homes.

Furthermore, local sources said Israeli forces seized seven Palestinian men and two women in northern Hebron. Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha, Othman al-Qawasmi, Dirara Abu Munshar, Iyad Abdul-Nabi Shabana, Marwan al-Qawasmi, and his brothers Sharif and Bilal were detained in northern Hebron along with two women. One was identified as Ikram Hasan Abu Eisha and the other as the wife of Marwan Saadi Abdul-Afou.

The military had earlier sent a large number of reinforcements to the Hebron district in search of three missing settlers they fear may have been kidnapped.

The Israeli army identified the teens as Eyal Yifrach, 16, Gilad Shaaer, 19, and Naftali Frenkel, 16.

A Palestinian security official said that a car believed to have Israeli license plates was found on fire Thursday night and that civil forces had extinguished the fire, suggesting that the car, which was a Hyundai A35, was related to the disappearance.

Eyewitnesses said Friday that Israeli special forces who were searching the area inspected the car and removed several objects.

Witnesses added that after prayers ended a number of locals gathered in the area, but that Israeli soldiers pushed them away and warned them to stay away from the vehicle.

Ofir Gendelman, spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the three missing settlers.
1 ) falasteen / falasteen
14/06/2014 11:35
maan still calls them teenagers when the israeli occupation army admitted ther are sildiers!!! doesnt your chief editor naser lahham monitor what you write? he himself said on TV that they were soldiers and that the israeli army admitted to that!!!!! its obvious your english reporting is done in a manner to portray the occupation soldiers as "innocent victims" and to suit your funders the europeans and americans and maybe the israelis as well!!!

2 ) abu alah / USA
14/06/2014 17:38
How stupid the terror organization could be...to kidnapp 3 teenagers? Common!!

3 ) Rondo Mondo / Canada
14/06/2014 19:07
The PA security services are helping Israel locate the teens. Other members of Fatah have seized CCTV tape in Hebron to impede the search. Hamas is applauding the kidnapping. Gazans are handing out sweets to each other and firing rockets into Israel. And where is the Unity government? What is Hamdallah doing? Nothing, like usual. Palestinians may be a people, but they are not a nation.

4 ) Outlier / USA
14/06/2014 19:12
Settler got to think twice now!

5 ) miri / usa
14/06/2014 19:18
They are NOT soldiers! And two of them are only 16, too young to be in the army! The palestinian/hamas media outlets calling them judunahu are wrong, and spreading misinformation to try and justify the cowardly kidnapping of three unarmed teenagers. Ma'an at least is posting accurate information here and not contributing to the confusion.

6 ) Shalom / Canada
14/06/2014 19:42
Three young teenagers, living in illegal & radical Israeli settlements, choose (despite being warned not to) hitch hiking. Sounds very stupid to say the least. If they are out there, may they be found safe & well, irrespective of how they came to go missing. However if this is some form of contrived incident to elicit world sympathy and tarnish the new Palestinian Unity Government, then lets hope the world sees it for what it is. Peace needs to finally come to Israel & Palestine, lasting peace.

7 ) E / USA
14/06/2014 19:56
Falasteen they are 16 years old not soldiers

8 ) Mel / USA
14/06/2014 20:26
Come on Ma'an! Stop pushing the 'boo-hoo' settler-victims hasbara! The off-duty soldiers are from around Gush Etzion,one of the busiest "hive"of Gopstein,Bennett,Kahanist occupation,Zionist"bees",in the area(trumped only by Gush Emunim).As if Palestinians haven't got better things to do.The only Israeli taken,has been soldier Gilad Shalit &he was trespassing on Gaza.We shall see?

9 ) A in P / Palestine
14/06/2014 20:34
@falasteen 16 year old kids cannot be soldiers you have to be 18 to serve in the military in Israel. It is likely that the 19 year old was a soldier though.

10 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
14/06/2014 21:16
Sorry #1, but your attempt to spread false info is just that. Israel only drafts soldiers aged 18 and up - and these kids are all 16 years old. The IDF didn't put out any statement otherwise (or if they did, simply prove me wrong by posting the link to the IDF statement - which of course doesn't exist so you can't). Palestinians try to pretend that every Israeli baby they kill is an Israeli soldier and killing babies is thus "legititmate resistance". It isn't. It's a war crime.

11 ) Alex / USA
14/06/2014 21:25
this is why you're scum, and for me this is a capital crime. hope justice comes with a heavy fist!

15/06/2014 12:12
THESE ARE CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN CAPTURED, KIDNAPPED, UNWILLINGLY BY TERRORISTS. Palestinian Authority should stop crying innocent in all of this. Palestinians are celebrating in the streets, while mothers are wondering what have happened to their boys….16 years old. WHERE IS THE MERCY? PRAY FOR THEIR SAFE RETURN HOME.
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Israel shells UN-designated shelter in Beit Hanoun, killing dozens
Quds Brigades say fighters killed 3 Israeli soldiers in southern Gaza
Ambulances having difficulty reaching victims in Gaza border town

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