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Israel warplanes target Gaza after rocket, mortar attacks
Published Saturday 28/06/2014 (updated) 29/06/2014 20:59
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BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel's army launched airstrikes on southern and central Gaza early Saturday after projectiles fired from the coastal enclave landed in the Negev desert, Palestinians and security officials said.

Witnesses told Ma'an that a missile hit a military base south of Gaza City and another in the evacuated Israeli settlement Netzarim southwest of Gaza City.

Warplanes fired a missile at fields north of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip causing material damage.

Israeli helicopters also targeted a field in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

There were no immediate reports of injury.

In an emailed statement, the Israeli military said that its aircraft targeted two "terror activity sites and a weapon manufacturing facility in the central Gaza Strip and a weapon storage facility in the southern Gaza Strip."

The statement added: "Direct hits were confirmed."

Earlier, militants in Gaza fired eight projectiles into southern Israel including two mortar shells, the army said. Three rockets landed in the Eshkol regional council and another hit Hof Ashkelon regional council, it said.

The country's anti-rocket Iron Dome system intercepted two rockets, an army spokeswoman told Ma'an.

According to the military, an explosive device was also activated Friday against forces adjacent to a border fence in northern Gaza, in the eighth such attack this year. There were no reports of injury or damage.

Hours earlier, two Palestinians died and two others suffered injuries when Israel's air force bombed a car traveling near al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City.

The killing was the first targeted assassination by Israel since the formation of the Palestinian national unity government at the beginning of June.

The two were affiliated with the al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees. The PRC is a Gaza-based militant group that opposes negotiations with Israel and frequently fires rockets from Gaza.

Israel's army said it targeted the "terror operatives" due to their involvement in launching rockets at Israel over the past week. Both men were planning further attacks against Israel, it added.

The strike came amid increased tensions in the region as an Israeli military campaign across the West Bank entered its second week.

The campaign, the largest deployment since the early 2000s, has left eight Palestinians dead, more than 130 wounded, and more than 560 detained.

It has included near-nightly airstrikes on Gaza as Israeli forces pound the besieged enclave in response to rocket attacks by militants angry about the West Bank offensive.
1 ) Johnny benson / USA
28/06/2014 03:25
They begged for it .....plain and simple ...now will Mel or somebody why?

2 ) Kol Hakavod / UK
28/06/2014 09:49
The volley of missiles and mortar shells that was directed from the Gaza Strip at Hof Ashkelon and the Eshkol District Friday night, resulted in this measured response. Targeting two centers of terrorist activity, a weapons manufacturing site in central Gaza and a weapons storage site. It's not the civilian children and grandmothers that that are targets, but bases and military installations.

3 ) Look how the crowd is / NOT AFRAID OF ANY
28/06/2014 10:47

28/06/2014 15:13
Boycott Intel Corporation for enabling israeli terrorism. I bought a computer with an AMD processor to avoid the blood of innocent US and Palestinians from oozing into my home. Some US citizens murdered by israel are; Rachel Corrie, Brian Avery, Furkan Dogan, Dr. Khalid Salah and his teenage son Mohammed Salah. The number of US citizens murdered is way higher because of coverups by israel and US government. The US and israel covered up the murder of 33 USN on USS Liberty in 1967.

5 ) @ the Editor / Truth
28/06/2014 16:14
This may be your least biased, and most truthful title ever, where without even reading the article, your readers see that "Israel warplanes target Gaza (ONLY) AFTER ROCKET ATTACKS".

6 ) Mutassim / Palestine
28/06/2014 16:21
Any person in the world wishing to see the Israeli assassination of two Palestinians, can go to Ynetnews.com to see what Gaza's security cameras managed to record - "Video: Gaza cameras catch assassination by IAF - Security cameras in al-Shati refugee camp capture direct hit by IAF on civilian vehicle that killed two Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Friday. Elior Levy Published: 06.28.14, 15:33 / Israel News"

7 ) Kol Hakavod / UK
28/06/2014 19:09
@6 Looks like another accurate hit, thanks for posting the link.

8 ) ABE / USA
28/06/2014 19:13
#6Any video of a pizza parlor being blown up?!

9 ) Colin Wright / USA
28/06/2014 20:02
Re posters #1, 2, 5 and whatever other Zionists show up. Oh please. You people know perfectly well Israel started this round of tit for tat. That's always the case anyway -- but this time, it's perfectly obvious. Try to confine yourself to lies that are at least superficially plausible. And don't try on 'Hamas kidnapped the settlers.' There's no reason to believe that, and Israel has yet to produce any evidence that it's so.

10 ) Outlier / USA
29/06/2014 02:42
9., Colin, nice open mind you have there! All those posters do not know who started this "tit for tat." In fact, you do not KNOW either, but nevertheless are parading your bias - and your ignorance - for all to see.

11 ) ABE / USA
29/06/2014 06:05
Hey #9 "And don't try on 'Hamas kidnapped the settlers' There's no reason to believe that, You must also be a holocaust denier I''m sure!

12 ) Reality Check / The World
01/07/2014 02:47
Hasn't the world seen what radical Islam has done to the Middle East over the last 5 years? Hamas is no different than Al Nusra or ISIL or Boko Haram, or Al Shabab or etc etc. These people and their sick, backwards ideology have destabilized the region, from Africa to Afghanistan and killed more people in 1 year than Israel has since its existence. I say kick em when their down, if Hamas wants a fight Israel should mop the floor with them, all out! No different than wiping ISIL off the map imo.
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