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Israel kills 3 senior Hamas commanders in Gaza
Published Thursday 21/08/2014 (updated) 23/08/2014 14:44
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Palestinians crowd around an ambulance in Gaza City as a
deceased victim of an Israeli strike is removed from the rubble
of a house on August 20, 2014.(AFP/Roberto Schmidt)
GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Israel killed three of Hamas' most prominent military commanders early Thursday in airstrikes targeting a building in Rafah.

The al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement that Muhammad Abu Shammala, Raed al-Attar and Muhammad Barhoum were killed in the al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah.

Abu Shammala was the general commander of the al-Qassam Brigades in the southern Gaza Strip and Raed al-Attar was the commander of the Rafah district.

The two Hamas officials were on Israel's most wanted list, with both men accused of masterminding the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2006.

Their bodies were taken to the Abu Yousef al-Najjar hospital in Rafah while rescue teams continue to search for the body of Muhammad Barhoum.

Witnesses said Israeli warplanes fired at least 12 missiles at a three-story building the men were staying in.

Five other civilians were killed in the attack and at least 40 injured.

Hasan Hussein Younis, 75, his wife Amal Ibrahim Younis, 17-year-old Ahmad Nasser Killab, Nathira Killab and Aysha Atiyyeh were identified as those killed.

In the al-Nuseirat refugee camp, Israel killed two men after targeting a motorcycle. They were identified as Jumaa Matar, 27 and Omar Abu Nada, 22.

In northern Gaza, Israeli shelling killed Surour Tambora and his son Hasan, 13, medical sources said.

Raed al-Attar.
1 ) Brian Cohen / Israel
21/08/2014 12:21
Hamas wants jihad and martyrdom. If you don't believe me, then just go to their website where they say so on every single announcement they make. They do not want peace. They want jihad and their goal is "victory or martyrdom". Victory means the Israel dies, therefore we are giving them exactly what they want - martyrdom. This will only end when either Hamas is destroyed, or they decide that they want peace for Palestine, not war.

2 ) Julie / USA
21/08/2014 13:39
@1 Brian - that you don't realize your hasbara is obsolete is entertaining to the rest of the world. everyone knows the Palestinian PEOPLE of Gaza have claimed they would rather die than continue living under tortured apartheid ILLEGAL conditions izrael forces upon them, decade after decade after decade, which has nothing to do with hamas. spewing your zionist version only makes you feel better, but it's laughably FAR from the truth. you only make yourself look like the idiot fool that you are.

3 ) Rafael / USA
21/08/2014 14:21
How come no has seen Mohammed Dief? Is he not dead also? It would be better for all including Palestinians if Hamas were gone. Perhaps peace could be established in the area and normal co-existence established. With Hamas around this is not possible.

4 ) Carlos / usa
21/08/2014 14:53
israeli sniper, David Ovadia, brags about murdering 13 Palestinian children. A mob of israeli settlers yell "death to Arabs" because a Jewish woman dared to convert to Islam & marry a Palestinian. israeli gunboats murdered 4 Palestinian children on Gaza beach. Palestinian people are made up people because all peoples are made up. israelis are a made up people too. In fact israelis did not exist before 1948. Jews who lived in Palestine before that were Palestinians. israel is murder lies & terror

5 ) Sweet / Poland
21/08/2014 15:07
"...or they decide that they want peace for Palestine, not war." It simply means never.

6 ) Legal Eagle / Australia
21/08/2014 15:10
Such arrogance, Mr Cohen! The victory Hamas wants is to have possession of their own land, and the freedom to live in and work it. 'Israel' is a complete irrelevance... an invention, a fiction - call it what you will, it won't change the facts on the ground, which are that Palestinians have lived continuously in Palestine for thousands of years while Israelis are blow-ins from Europe and North America. DNA test, anyone?

7 ) Farid / Malaysia
21/08/2014 18:12
The demented & twisted Zionists' mind & their supporters are masters in twisting facts & spewing out filthy lies even after official UN reports & statistics show that women(250) & children(500) were deliberately killed of more than 2000 dead not to mention the thousands maimed. Perfect example: Zionist "soldier"(who hides behind the Merkava tank too scared to face his brave enemy) brags killing 13 children with his sniper rifle. Sadistic & cold blooded murderer, product of the Zionist society.

8 ) Levi / USA
21/08/2014 19:26
6) What land did Hamas ever possess, Legal Eagle? Hamas had the freedom to live in Gaza and prosper, yet they chose war and death. Why do you wonder they die now for aggressing a stonger than self, who incidentally left them alone completely in 2005 to manage their own business and not bother the Jews. Their business apparently was to kill Jews, who live in the homeland for millenia now, Mr. Legal Eagle. What kind of history books are you reading or studying in your walkabout, mate?

9 ) Truthy / USA
21/08/2014 20:50
Carlos, 1- David Ovadia did not brag about anything. His account was hacked and the person who hacked it admitted doing so, proudly. Julie, 2- Israel withdrew from Gaza 10 years ago. Any apartheid practiced in Gaza can not be blamed on Israel. Maybe you should look up the word's meaning. Legal Eagle, 3- Hamas admits that they want Israel, from the River to the Sea. Since Israel is not going away, this mentality will only bring the people of the region, Arab and Israeli, only misery.

10 ) Michael / italy
21/08/2014 21:35
PROVES AGAIN that Hamas uses civilian structure as military command centers. I bet Hamas is scared to death -- could you imagine the intelligence and the moles in Gaza it takes to get these 3. Syria must be very, very jealous. Hamas says they love death more then the rest of the world loves life --- so I am happy today.

11 ) Outlier / USA
22/08/2014 21:39
In a conflict, all military are legitimate targets, unless an individual is also the political leader of the country.
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